How Are We Different?

Strong believers that process based planning is the key to reducing the chaos which comes with Indian weddings. We swear by the Baraati Wedding Process- The 3F model, to plan special and significant occasions effectively.

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We love weaving your emotions into a wedding! The Fairytale that you’ve always imagined your special days to be like have to be designed and put into a viable plan. And we are the ones to do it. We strive to make what you desire happen - be it as crazy or simple, you deserve to experience your special days,

The challenge is to make this FairyTale come true – within a budget! We understand that the hard earned money you’re spending needs to be justified. But that has to be done with little or no compromise in your vision. We go the extra mile to ensure lower than market pricing from our various vendors. Working budget backwards ensures we plan and design a wedding suited to your requirements.

Last but most important- running the actual show seamlessly is essential to bringing the dream plan into action. The process of planning now comes to life and each and every aspect of making a wedding happen- and happen right- is taken care of by Team B.Inc. The priority here is, adherence to timelines and the finest details of the event.

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