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Project Description

Hubilo is changing the dynamics of event management and social networking. Hubilo is the newest app on the block that helps organizers, attendees and sponsors to connect on one single platform. Hubilo empowers people to manage and organize several events skillfully and in real-time. It is a mobile application that helps organizers to connect with their attendees and send out notifications in real time, publish the event description, agenda and schedule. Hubilo also brings you in contact with people who share similar interests and bond with them over chats. We can say portal that you are waiting for especially those who are arranging event.

How does Hubilo Help the Attendees?

1. Discover events according to your interests and location
2. Find out the events your friends are attending
3. Integrate your Social Networking profiles and contact information
4. Meet people with similar interests and stay connected with them pre, during and post events
5. Get a space to share your comments about the event

How does Hubilo help the Organizers?

1. Helps you connect with your attendees
2. Share info about the events through our app
3. Let’s you send out notifications and updates in real time
4. Helps you popularize your event on the social media and create a brand around it.
5. Get more sponsorships by giving your sponsors a space on our platform
6. Get dynamic analytics about your event and deal with the shortcomings


1. App will show your event with list of attendees
2. You can create your network by joining attendees
3. Send personal messages to users for quick communication and inform that you are also joining the event.
4. See Agenda day wise as well as time wise which will help you to track what is next.
5. Map give you the direction to reach at event location
6. Oh list of sponsors and speaker view can not be forget , tap to view the whole profile of each speakers and sponsors in the event.

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