mobile app testing services


Types of Mobile Application testing Services

Usability Testing:

Aimed at achieving its goals by verifying the application and getting good response from users . The mobile application is tested against different usability issues.

Security Testing:

Checks for accessing of files saved in the app by unexpected users, detect the location in testing application so that they do not receive any any malignant content.

Mobile Application testing

Mobile Application testing is a process in which a developed application of mobile is tested for its usability, functionality.

Testing of the mobile application

testing of the mobile is an elementary part of the app development process and can valuable decrease your functional costs.

Interface Testing:

It covers the validation of each button, screen, inputs, navigation flow like bookmarks, Facebook, etc.

Some of Mobile Application Tools


Free tool available for Android and iOS devices.


With this tool application can be tested across 300+ devices, comes with automated features of testing such as automated functional testing, User-Interface and performance testing.


Cross device application testing tool, from which you can record one test and perform on multiple devices and languages. Application of iOS, Android, Windows 8 can be tested with this tool.

Find Bug

An open source repository for static reasoning in Java code.

Android Lint

Examines potential bugs and performance problem.

Analyze code from Xcode

It is implemented during compilation.

Clang Static Analyzer

For iPhone code, this is an open tool for running static analysis.

Key Challenges in Testing Mobile Apps.

  • rightVariation in Mobile devices – Mobile device varies in input types like QWERTY, touch, normal and screen sizes with different hardware competencies.
  • rightDiversification Mobile platforms/OS – Each OS has its limitations, testing a single application over multiple devices on the same platform in which every platform stands a unique challenge for testers.
  • rightOperators of Mobile networks – Some operators are CDMA, some GSM, however, there are other operators, use less common networks like FDMA and etc. which in results limits the flow of information.

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