Schedule Social Posting

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  • Schedule Social Posting Lite- Help U to engage with social media

    App will help you manage pre planned posting through app. Do not need to remember or wait of the time to post. Add your post and time that you want to post and forget rest will be managed by app. Now no need to manage and create same post for all your favourite social network we mostly added all the framework where you can schedule your post and when time comes it will remind you where you just need to open app and everything will be done with serialised posting to all your social network.

  • Feature:-

    1) Post with images and text
    2) Manage previous posting
    3) Reschedule repeated time of posting
    4) Tracking on your post
    5) Social network like facebook, instagram, twitter,flicker ,email etc…
    6) Single touch to post all your network.
    7) Reminder for your scheduled post.

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