How Bots Are Making The On-Demand Services Future-Proof?

This is a swipe-right world where the people want efficiency, easiness, and effortlessness in everything. Thankfully, the on-demand business model has an answer to this.

The on-demand services have become an integral part of the people’s lifestyle because of the ability to meet the diverse needs anytime, anywhere. The round of clock on-demand service also requires instant customer support for necessary assistance, which is implausible with the human staff.

On-Demand Services Future-Proof

That’s where AI chatbots catching up with the on-demand assistance trend through the amazingly high capability to connect the dots and respond to the customer’s queries in real-time.

According to research, the global chatbot market is expected to grow to USD 9.4 billion by 2024.

The cognitive intelligence and computing capability of AI bots are outsmarting the human intelligence and it costs quite less as opposed to hiring and training human customer service agents. This is the reason the on-demand services are warmly-embracing the bots.

The best practice of checking the bots adoption rate in on-demand solutions around us is finding the last time when you had a conversation with a human agent to handle your requirement and provide immediate support. The bots integration has indeed reached a saturation level where the interactions with bots appear as natural as chatting with human staff.

The constant learning has made the bots as a natural extension to the human customer support chat, which is quite impressive and appealing. The AI advancements would result in 85% of the customer relationships will be handled and managed by the bots by 2020. It’s spectacular!

Cut to the chase

The chatbot is an artificial intelligence robot packed with NLP capabilities that mimics human agents’ intellectual and decision-making capability to handle the chats, question-answers, and other conversations. This virtual assistant with disruptive potential is gaining traction in the on-demand apps. The use-cases are constantly increasing due to the self-improvement capability of the bots via self-learning.

The much-hype created around chatbots may have inspired you to integrate one of the bots available in the market, but all the bots won’t deliver business value equally. The messenger bots like- Clara, Automat, Snips, and MindMeld have gained enough popularity in terms of adoption and performance. You can go ahead with one of them.

on-demand services are investing in bots
on-demand services are investing in bots

Why on-demand services are investing in bots?

  • With instant gratification needs, the people expect lightning-fast replies with simple checkout.
  • In the peak traffic situation, handling and responding to the user’s queries is all-important.
  • Reduce operational costs as continuous investment in hiring and training the personnel is not required.
  • The bots are delivering speedy and accurate customer support, which improves the customer support level.  
  • Streamlined customer conversation results in good customer experience.
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How are the on-demand services integrating the bots in different ways?

The on-demand solutions are leveraging the chatbots in various ways for improving customer experience and business growth. They are:

  • The bot built on the top of the messaging platform when integrated with the food delivery app, it allows the customers to directly connect with the food delivery solution wherein bots accept the orders placed by the customers along with the specification of food items and delivery location. For instance, MyDidi taxi app has integrated TARS chatbot that accepts home cleaning booking services requested by the customers
  • Most of the time, the offer, or discount-related messages sent as emails, notifications, or text messages to retain the customers go unnoticed. The on-demand solutions are implementing messaging chatbots to increase the CTRs and conversions through personalized offers followed by customized chat.
  • Getting feedback from the customers is no easy task as they seldom provide it. The chances of getting reviews and ratings will surge when the customers are asked to provide the same on the messaging platforms.
  • Incorporating chatbots in the on-demand field service applications allow the employees to get the instant answer to the questions without any learning curve involved in understanding the app functionalities.
  • Instant customer support is the segment where the chatbots are highly used to answer the users’ queries 24/7 intuitively with human feel. The virtual assistants are performing great when it comes to service assistance.
  • Even, the chatbots are also providing the on-demand users the updates about order status in detail, which can be tracked anytime. The retail and grocery delivery solutions are embracing the bots to keep the users informed about the order details on the platform they are using the most.

What’s more? The Sci-Fi’s turning into reality.

Sci-Fi’s turning into reality
Sci-Fi’s turning into reality

It seems like- everything that the users can check, book, or track is now possible using chatbots, which are becoming the most preferred mode for communication. It’s great.

However, different bots are performing various tasks in different applications. But, how about if the users require all of them at once, which requires him to interact with multiple on-demand applications. It’s not feasible.

Uber’s self-driving car shortly is expected to perform different tasks on behalf of the users. The AI bot deployment in the car converse like an average Joe with distinct on-demand solutions using voice technology and enable numerous bookings, purchases, or orders.

Limitations don’t hinder the progress

The ascending smartness of bots with NLP and deep learning technology, it’s expected to outpace human intelligence and perhaps replacement to human counterparts. However, it’s merely a gimmick, which is never able to replace the human mind’s capability of empathizing. The bots hold the strength to add new dimensions to the business and put it on the top.

The on-demand solution should identify the areas where bots integration helps in enhancing productivity and minimize cost. During implementation, the UI and UX design should not be considered as an afterthought, else the bot integration won’t serve the purpose; instead, it starts interfering with the customer experience. Select- the right area where the bot can be integrated, which type of bot can be integrated, and how the bot can be integrated to turn the possibilities into lucrative opportunities to win customers, sales, and ROI.

The last word

Chatbots are the unexplored territories in the on-demand landscape, that’s gaining momentum with increasing use cases. With the unmatched ability to access and collect information, connect the dots, and provide personalized responses, the bots have transformed the way people make the purchase, get customer service assistance, and the overall buying or booking experience with on-demand solutions. Let your on-demand app take the center stage with the utmost convenience they offer to the customers through bots integration.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.