how to start a car wash business in 2022

How to start a car wash business in 2022?


Are you interested to start your car detailing business? Have you realized how profitable a car wash business is in 2022? So, you will be excited to start your own car wash business. 

Before starting a car wash business, you will like to gather knowledge on how you can start your car wash business. So, we are here with this detailed guide to help you. 

Let’s dive in. 

Starting a car wash business plan 

Before you start your car wash business, it is important to plan on every aspect of the business. You will have to decide on what type of car wash services you want to offer- for example, automatic car wash, self-services, or full detailing. 

Secondly, it is also important to know the current car wash services trends and technologies used in the car wash industry. As a new car wash startup, you need to offer the best car wash services to your customers to stick in the industry and take a leap ahead of your competitors. 

The next thing you need to plan is the finances. How and from will you arrange the funds for your car wash business? The equipment required to opening a car wash business is expensive and you need enough funds to afford them. 

Another thing to plan is the marketing of your car wash business. If you will promote and market it well, then only you will get enough customers for your new startup. 

You can talk to car wash suppliers and equipment manufacturers to get in-depth knowledge of the car wash industry. 

Know Your Competition

As a beginner car wash startup, it is important to study your competitors in car wash services business. Take note of what services they offer, and what fee they charge for car wash service. Which services are in demand, and what equipment do they use? 

Analyzing your competitors give you an idea of the current car washing trends in the industry. Secondly, gives you a base idea to plan your services, charges, etc.  check out top car wash apps in 2022

Since you know what your competitors offer, you can come up with some services that they do not offer as your USP. It will help you gain new customers immediately. 

How much do i need to start a car wash services business?

If you plan to start your detailing business on small scale, you can manage the funds on your own. But if you plan to open a car wash business on a large scale, you will have to rely on funds from the market. 

You can take a loan from a bank or from a private investor. But do not rely completely on the loan amount, reserve some cash of your own. To secure funding from the investors, you will have to present your detailed business plan to them. So, plan it well and keep your presentation persuasive enough to impress the investors. 

Choose the location for your car wash business

The location can be a game changer for your new car wash venture. Choose a location that has enough car or vehicle visitors. You can start your car wash / detailing center near a mall, shopping, or a college. So, you will get enough customers to visit your service center. 

Further, you will need enough space to accommodate the car wash and service equipment. The type and number of equipment you need will depend on the type of services you will offer. If you start an automated car wash agency, you will need the latest machine and equipment. 

To start a car wash and detailing business, you will need bays, pumps, vacuum, and drying areas in the location. Also, some space for the office area where the customers can visit and sit to discuss their requirements. 

Permits and Licenses

To start your car wash business from scratch, you need permits and licenses from authorised committees. The permits and licenses for each state are different. You can contact local authorities and get the licenses and permits as per your state rules. 

The first permit will be related to the location. Before you finalize any location ensure you are allowed to open a car wash business in that location. You can check the city’s zoning regulation for this. You can also contact a real estate agent and a lawyer or accountant for legal permits. 

You will also need insurance for your car wash startup. It will help you cover the costs in case of any mishappening. In addition, you will need a sales tax license, federal tax identification number, income tax withholding, and unemployment insurance tax. 

You will also need to take care of timely renewals of all the permits and licenses to run your business in the long run. 

Purchase Car wash Equipments

Now you have a well-thought plan for your business, sales, and marketing. You have arranged funds to start the car wash business from scratch and have taken all the permits and licenses. 

Your location is also final, so now it’s time to use the location and fill it with the essential equipment required to start your car wash business. The equipment required will depend on the type of services you offer. 

A full-service detailing business will need different equipment than a self-service car wash agency. The most common equipment you need to run a car wash business is a conveyor, self-service equipment, pressure washer, mobile wash systems, etc. 

In addition, you will need some chemicals like protectants, wax, spot-free rinses, etc. Besides, compressors, pumps, dryers, blowers, vacuums, brushes, towels, etc. A water system having a water heater, boilers, water filtration, extractor, etc., is needed. 

Make sure to purchase equipment from a trustworthy supplier, as the equipment is expensive. You will need regular servicing of the equipment to run them smoothly for a long.

Develop a car wash app and a website

After setting up your physical car wash business, it is time to build a presence online. You can connect to a top car wash app development companies to get a car wash app development cost.

Why should you build a car wash app? An online car wash will help you gain more visibility for your startup. You can get orders from customers online too rather than being limited to the service orders from your locality. 

Further, the uber-like car wash app helps you automate your car wash business operations. For instance, customers can book a car wash service on their own using the on-demand car wash app. The app also maintains the details of each customer, previous car wash services offered, etc. 

So, you can get rid of the paper-pen recording of the services and customer details. Moreover, track your earnings, and check the overall growth of your business in the AI-based reports generated by the online car wash app

Market your car wash business

You can market your car wash business using many ways like flyers and posters. But the best way to promote your business nowadays is through social media. 

Create a page for your car wash business on social handles like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can add complete details of your location, contact details, services, and charges on the page. 

Keep posting about your car wash services on the page to get new customers. You can also run different marketing campaigns on the page like referral programs or promo discounts. You can also consider starting a loyalty program to get repeat customers. 

Link your car wash business website with your social accounts. You can also allow customers to book a detailing or wash service directly via the social pages. 

Hire Employees.

Whether you offer doorstep car wash services or a full-service detailing service at the detailing center, you will surely need employees. Hire skilled and efficient employees who know how to use the various equipment. Well-trained employees will be aware of the latest technologies used in the car wash business to offer the best results. 

Open Your Car Wash Business

First, open your car wash business for the first month on a trial. In the first 30 days, you will be acquainted with the nitty-gritty of the business and will feel comfortable. 

You may also make some mistakes, but don’t stop and learn from those mistakes. Once you are ready, you can keep a grand opening to let everyone know about your new venture. You can offer discounts or free car washes in the opening to create a customer base. 


The online car wash business is on a surge and booming each year. Vehicle owners are relaxed as they can get their cars washed while sitting at home. To make a unique and strong presence in the industry, you will need to offer some unique services. 
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how to start your own car washing business


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