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Top 11 On-Demand Delivery Business Ideas That Are Worth Try in 2021

It’s a story of entrepreneurs bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

The smart entrepreneur always likes to establish a business, that’s not capital-intensive but lets them a bath in billion dollars. The low investment business that generates optimal profits is a desirable proportion because if anything goes wrong, then it won’t take much time for the entrepreneurs to recover the losses. However, the lifeline of the business is appealing ideas, which are trickier to choose, but when executed well, it yields significantly high profits.

Thanks to the on-demand economy that has enabled the entrepreneurs to take a plunge without investing huge bucks and start reaping the benefits slowly without needing to stumble upon venture financing. Also, realizing the need for great delivery business ideas, our technical and business analysts have created a list of ideas that are booming in the market and allow businesses to seize an edge shortly.

Go ahead with handyman services

There are some services related to home such as fixing, repairing, or maintenance of AC, geyser, stove, shower tap, or roof, which hardly can fix on their own because it requires you to perform the role of the electrician, plumber, home cleaner, or carpenter. Also, searching the service providers, then checking the availability and booking them is quite a task. That’s where on-demand handyman services prove to be a good solution that makes things done in a few taps.


There are many players already making billions and, there is a lot of territories, that are not explored yet. Build a successful and trustworthy business that helps you get continuous work, ensure a consistent stream of revenue, and deliver a wow experience to the users. Give a try to the state-of-the-art handyman service solution.

Go ahead with food delivery services

The food delivery business has a lot of potential, that’s tapped after it has gone mobile. The leading mobile food delivery services such as Talabat made $66.6 million in revenue, Otlob generated $11 million in revenue, and HungerStation breaks the record with 112% growth at an average of $15 million in revenue.

It makes clear that the food delivery market can help you grow the number of orders and profits when it’s wrapped with a mobile layer. Post-pandemic, it’s found that launching an on-demand food delivery business makes great sense. However, you should get built all the right things into the mobile app followed by strategic planning.

Moreover, you can make bundles with food delivery app services by deducting the commission from every transaction that occurs on the platform for food orders, premium listing, and publishing ads and earning using CPI, CTR, and CPM.

Go ahead with grocery delivery services

Presently, grocers are not looking to expand grocery store enhancements; instead, they want to expand the footprint to mobile. The statistics are even proving the same, that’s grocery app downloads rose to 150%-200%. For instance, Instacart witnessed 218% growth, Shipt experienced 124% of growth, Walmart gets an edge with a 160% increase, and other apps have topped the chart with measurable growth in app downloads.

The jaw-dropping growth inspiring new entrepreneurs to get the grocery app built, and in the same vein, it makes shopping engaging and exciting. Grocery stores can make the money through merchandising, commissions, membership plans, subscriptions, delivery charges, and premium listing. Be an early opportunist with a unique idea that meets the pre-requisite of the market, which further lets you outdo the competition.

Go ahead with furniture delivery services


It signals the furniture industry to experience little-to-no downfall even during pandemic times because people need them. When people move, they need to either purchase new furniture or move the existing furniture wherever they are moving. That’s where furniture delivery services are the unmatched solution.

The delivery app connects the people in furniture need with a local truck owner who gets the job done quickly and conveniently. By removing all the hassles involved with furniture delivery, the easy and safe approach require the user to just enter the details (What furniture when and where they want to move), get connected with helpers to get the furniture moved, and make the payment after successful delivery.

The service is very much in demand and preferred by individuals, small businesses, and big-box retailers, which indicates it’s a lucrative business to go ahead with.

Go ahead with taxi delivery service

After the significant damage experienced due to COVID-19, the taxi market starts getting recovery with its market value worth $159.6 billion in 2020 and expected to reach $327.54 billion by 2026. That’s good news!

With growing preferences of the people for taxi services across the globe makes clear that there is still an opportunity to make bundles. The companies need to find the territories where the mobile taxi facility is not available and make inroads into it, for increasing the market share. Though competition is stiff, giving innovative tweaks to the mobile taxi option could help in cutting through the noise and get ahead of the pack. If you want to enjoy the huge revenue, that’s expected to reach US$260,159m in 2021 is a good idea. 

Go ahead with medicine delivery services

The pharma industry is the only industry in the healthcare space that remains unaffected by the unfortunate scenes and unexpected pandemics. We have witnessed the same in the recent economic downfall.

According to IQVIA research, the use of medicine globally will exceed $1.4 trillion by 2021.

Looking at the technological progress, people are preferring digital-driven medical services, that’s on-demand medicine delivery at the doorstep. This phenomenon gets a lift-up during the outbreak as it’s keeping the store open 24/7, assisting the customer every step of the way, building the brand, and much more.

The leading medicine delivery services- 1mg, Netmeds, Medplus, Practo, and Medlife have created waves in the market followed by hyper-growth and improved bottom line. It concludes that it’s the best idea to mobilize the pharmacy empire and taste the success.  

Go ahead with Ecommerce delivery services

Ecommerce sales opportunities are rapidly growing and the US Ecommerce market is expected to become a $4.5 trillion market in 2021. It’s so because irrespective of the nation- developed or developing, the people are favoring online shopping from the comfort of the couch.

The idea of international commerce is not a fancy one, instead, it has become a necessity to stand out in the market. What all the entrepreneur needs to check is- the products they want to sell under the Ecommerce umbrella must fit with the target audience, else the efforts go in vain. There are a couple of more things they need to take care of- multilingual support, multi-currency support, payment options, shipping options, and a lot more.

Use the analytics tool to research the competition and identify the markets underserved by cross-border business so that you can grab the share in the first attempt. Figure out the opportunities and take hold of them strategically to reap boundless benefits with

Go ahead with fuel delivery services

Post-pandemic, the Automotive Fuel Delivery System market growth is predicted to register a CAGR of 6.03%.

During the lockdown, as the goods and people have stopped moving around, no lines are witnessed at the fuel stations. However, fuel delivery apps played a vital role in this time. Booster has started providing refueling services in the corporate areas to meet the tank refilling needs. CAFU in Dubai has trimmed the delivery cost to encourage the people to use the on-demand fuel delivery service at scale.

It’s an environmentally sustainable idea that’s liked by the customers and keeps your pockets full with lower maintenance charges, business expansion, and an army of loyal fans. FuelBuddy, Booster, Filld, and Enoc are the popular instances of on-demand fuel delivery service providers that have hit the sweet spot. If you want to reap the rewards, start with a small and then gradually scale the business to stay profitable without any risks.

Go ahead with carpooling services

The global carpooling market is expected to grow to $20.56 billion in 2021 at a CAGR of 57.4%.

It’s so because it’s a great initiative to diminish the carbon emission problem that’s created due to traffic congestion created due to high vehicle density on the roads. The government has enforced regulations to keep the carpooling industry function seamlessly. The automobile manufacturers- BMW, Tesla, and others are also making an invaluable contribution with a huge investment in carpooling application.

The major players such as Uber, Didi Chuxing, Carma, Waze carpool, Grab, and Karos have covered the global carpooling market. After the recent economic downfall, the carpooling services have got a lift with strong revenue gains.

ahead with carpooling services


It makes perfect sense to invest in shared, secured, and stable car-sharing services as it’s favored by the people, which means people favor your business.

Go ahead with car wash delivery services

ahead with car wash delivery services


The car wash industry is very much unorganized. 70% of the US people like to keep their cars washed from the professionals because they are found considering the car as the reflection of the personality. The modernized on-demand car wash business has made the work easier by making the car wash services available wherever and whenever they want at the push of a button.

Some classy car wash service providers such as Spiffy, MObileWash, Zanway, Washos, and Vosh are providing a range of services from the car wash and detailing to inspection and oil change, in addition to waterless cleaning and eco-friendly cleaning (No soap, water, and chemical left behind).  

Do check if the area is not disrupted by mobile car wash services, then it’s a good idea to create an on-demand app where the users don’t need to Google the car wash service in close proximity; instead, they just require to browse the list and find the perfect fit that helps them get the cars washed while doing daily errands.

Go ahead with the liquor delivery business

The social distancing has bid a goodbye to all the parties in 2020, which were part and parcel of every US citizen during the weekends. After the unprecedented declines in liquor selling, the growth is expected to accelerate in 2021, but recovering to pre-pandemic levels will take at least a year or two.  

However, individuals have managed to keep the stock of alcohol full with a variety of alcohols- beer, liquor, wine, and garnishes followed by bottle openers, plastic cups, snacks, and ice. Drizly, minibar, and other on-demand liquor services are the popular instances that are allowing people to order and enjoy the bottle of wine from the comfort of the couch.

The users require to browse the type of liquor products and brands the app is providing, select the one they want, and make the payment for ordering them. You can try this business idea as it’s an evergreen business and irrespective of the holiday season or weekends, people would love to have a glass of wine.


Even before corona hits the world, the people prefer to have access and order things without leaving their houses. The luxury was more enjoyed by the people during the pandemic when they were forced to stay inside the four walls of the house. Be it, clothes delivery, food delivery, grocery delivery, emergency snacks, or adult beverages. When the world returns to post-pandemic levels, it’s expected that the delivery app idea solution would work wonders in bringing financial gains.

Jump on the on-demand delivery service bandwagon after choosing the preferred delivery business idea and partnering with an on-demand delivery app development company to get ahead of the pack. All the best!

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