Top Mobile App Development Company in the USA

Top Mobile App Development Company in the USA

Before going into the topic of the custom android app development company in the USA, we need to have a good understanding of mobile app development, what makes it unique, its services, mobile web application and a lot more.

Let’s begin by defining mobile app development.

What do we mean by mobile app development?

Mobile app development can be said to be the process by which an application is developed for mobile devices.

By mobile devices, we mean it covers all devices which run on some kind of mobile OS, devices like phones, smart wristwatches, tablets, etc.

Mobile app creation originated from traditional software development, and in the end, it intends to make use of the special features and hardware of mobile devices.

Mobile app development doesn’t entirely mean developing an app for just the mobile. Mobile apps can be developed for mobile devices and can as well as be a web application entirely.

This may be the future of mobile app development because of the advancement in the technology of mobile devices.

A web application is a software which runs on a remote server. It is different from other apps because it does not need to be installed. Several companies hire healthcare app developers to design such apps.

Web applications can be accessed by using web browsers over a network like the Internet. Examples of some web apps are Facebook, Mibbit, etc.

Web apps are well known because the majority of computer OS have web browsers. An advantage of web apps is that programmers can change a web app easily and the users do not need to install new software or upgrade to see the changes.

What are the major mobile app development platforms?

There have been different platforms for mobile app development, a few, actually. But in recent times, it has not been popular and it didn’t even have a main platform. Things changed when the iPhone was introduced in 2007.

Today we have various platforms, out of which, we have two main contenders, which are:


iOS was developed by Apple and it only runs on Apple products. When it comes to main app development platforms, iOS can be argued to be the ‘big dog’. This is because iOS is the platform that introduced mobile app development to this modern age by changing the idea of mobile software and mobile device totally.

iOS core is based on Darwin (BSD) and OS X and its core is very much so Unix-like.

As a reputed .iOS app development agency, we say that for developers, Apple provides tools and libraries to develop compatible apps. The main thing is to have a Mac running OS X to develop your app.

Objective-C and Swift are the programming languages usually utilized in building iOS applications.


Android was first released in September 2008. It is the other contender in this space. If a device isn’t run by iOS, then it’s probably run by Android.

Unlike Apple, Android is backed by Google and it’s open. An Android device can be developed by anyone, and it is intended to run on various hardware platforms and devices. Custom mobile app development. is a prominent feature carried out in the Android app development industry.

Java is the native development platform for Android OS application.

Most of the world owns a mobile device. There are approximately 2.53 billion smartphone users in the world, and by 2020 the number would grow to 2.87-3 billion users.

The Android OS has the largest market share, with a whopping 76.03% and iOS has 22.04%, while the other mobile devices have just 1.93%

Technology has made life unimaginably better for humans through various advancements.

These advancements have caused smartphones to evolve and will continue to do so. Every day, smartphones become more integrated into our daily lives, syncing more and better with the human physiology and psychology, putting the best the world has to offer literally at our fingertips. You can say smartphones are becoming smarter.

Mobile app development has increased in recent years. We, as an iPad app development company,and an Android app development company have also seen an increase in our clients and their requirements.

From taxi-booking applications to informing applications, shopping, applications are adding ease to our day by day lives and creating enormous incomes consequently.

Mobile app development is now going ahead at full steam, and the IT industry awaits the evolution of this sector anxiously.

We understand what mobile apps are.

Software applications intended for use explicitly on tablets, cell phones, and other cell phones.

They are downloaded through an application store explicit to the mobile OS, for example, Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

These apps range from the utility, shopping services to games and even dating, such as Tinder Clone The success of a mobile app is known if it adds to the users’ convenience and quality of life, that an iOS app development agency like ours can provide.

In 2015 mobile phones downloaded about 10 billion gigabytes of information.

By 2020, smartphones are anticipated to be worth roughly 189 billion U.S. dollars through incomes from application stores and in-application ad.

Likewise, as indicated by Statista, as of March 2017, there were 2.8 million accessible applications at Google Play Store and 2.2 million applications accessible in Apple’s App Store, the two driving application stores on the planet.

Top Mobile App developers in the USA

1. Utility

  • Specializing in custom mobile app development and web software with innovative partners, from startup ventures to Fortune 500 brands.
  • Utility was established by digital leaders from organizations like Major League Baseball, and McCann Erickson. Utility is worked by people that have been on the opposite side of the table. ‘We’re comprised of computerized item strategists, client experience architects, and top-level programming engineers.’ according to their about page.
  • Some of their clients are the NBA and Airbnb.

2. Consagous Technologies

  • A mobile app development company with expertise in iPhone, Android, Windows, and Hybrid app development.
  • The company has over 10 years of experience, providing services and solutions to clients all over the world. It has offices in Texas (USA), Melbourne (Australia) and Madhya Pradesh (India).
  • Core Competencies include Emerging Technology, Big Data and BI, Blockchain Development, AI and Machine Learning, Dynamics 365, Salesforce.
  • Mobile solutions for corporate and commercial use, Native iOS Android apps.
  • Cross-platform apps on Xamarin, Apps for Wearables, Enterprise Apps, Demand Services Apps, Fintech Applications, Chatbots, and AI, Health apps, Mobile Payment apps, Progressive Web App (PWA) High-performance web-based solutions, Enterprise web solutions, Portals, E-Commerce, Content Management (CMS, ECM, DAM, DMS).

3. Cubix

  • Cubix is a leading mobile app and enterprise development company.
  • A leading expert in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions. Their services include UI and Front-End Development, AI and Machine learning, iOS and Android App development.
  • Some of their clients include PayPal, Suzuki, and Walmart.


NectarBits is a top custom eCommerce mobile app development company with a team of experts.

Designs are made by passionate coders who work to bring your ideas to reality instead of relying on the application to design. They offer services in mobile app development, web application development, UI that is intuitive and responsive and delivery of the best user experience (UX), graphics designing.

We’ve provided outstanding services to hundreds of startups, individuals, and enterprises.

Winning the Clutch Top Mobile App developers; Top Economic Developers award in ‘17, NectarBits is a top-rated developer in the world and has developed over 230 apps.

The delivery of quality services is always guaranteed.

As an affordable development company with expert teams and operations in New York (USA), Canada and India, NectarBits deliver products that are 100% satisfactory, coupled with a 24/7 support, and 6 months ongoing support after development.

NectarBits has an interesting portfolio, having worked with innovative companies. This just further serves to speak of the quality of services provided.

Some of their previous works include PhotoMontage, Sheghardy, PostArt, MeetVit, BreezyMeal, Harmo Pool, Picolag, PreciseHR amongst others.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.