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A complete guide to building your own on-demand gas delivery app

 Our future is depending on the digital concept. Most of the work is switching to the world of codes and binaries. This makes the process fast, efficient with all advanced solutions. With the help of a mobile device, we can avail of all the needs.

The instant medical help, freshly cooked food item, and cab booking could be done with the help of a mobile app. Similarly, now it is also possible to have an on-demand fuel delivery solution.

There are some major challenges involved like road blockage, fuel unavailability, contaminated fuel, etc. One can deal with all these challenges using the gas delivery application.

This solution is mainly useful for the cooking gas provider and cooking gas delivery aggregator. So if you are planning to go for gas delivery app development then here it is a complete guide.

Gas App Development

Key features for the admin Panel for Gas Delivery App

If anyone is thinking to build an on-demand cooking gas delivery app then the following features must be considered

Performance analytics

It is easy to keep business performance at the fingertips. React Native App Developers must emphasize this factor so that it is easy to track the number of delivery, delivery time, delayed orders, rating, and reviews.

Managing your transaction

With the help of the on-demand gas delivery app, one can easily manage the transaction. The discrepancies in the transaction could be tracked at any time.

Tracking of the vendors:

The tracking of the vendors on the dashboard is edasy. One can check the gas distribution per vendor.

Product management:

The driver can easily manage the product regardless of the place and time. As per the requirement, one can easily add or delete the product. 

Getting the right information:

The detailed report of the transaction like payment due and received payment. So all the summary of all transactions carried out is within the app only.   

Working on the on-demand gas delivery app:

The working of the on-demand gas delivery app is something similar to the on-demand food delivery app. The basic architecture of the online gas delivery app is as follows.

  • Setup of the account: Initially a user has to set up the account and complete the profile.
  • Location setup: The next step is to set up the location for the delivery of the gas. Here you can set the address or change it as convenient.
  • Selecting cylinder size: The consumer can easily choose the size of the cylinder as per the need.
  • Choose the payment option: A user can simply choose the online payment or cash on delivery as per the need.

Is the gas delivery app really helpful?

The cooking gas delivery solution is having abundant benefits for the consumer and vendor. A robust gas delivery app could double your profit. An integration of this app can profit the professional to a high level.

Quality and safety:

If the user is making the booking of the gas using the app, it is for sure he or she would avail it safer and better. The gas coming through this process is of high quality. There are many chemical processes involved before filling it.


The application is providing great convenience to the user. Regardless of time and location, a user can easily make the booking. There is no long time standing in a queue and waiting for the turn.


As compared to the traditional method of booking the gas cylinder the on-demand leads to saving money. It is because the user can choose the type of cylinder as per the need. However, this type of facility might not always be seen in the picture. But still, if it exists it could cut down the cost for the consumer.

Enhancing customer relationship:

For any profession, customer relationship matters a lot. With the help of advanced technology, the customer relationship will also enhance. The professional could also go for the discount codes, cashback, and other offers that they could easily redeem. This would attract them.

Cost for developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery app:

The cost of gas delivery app development is depending on the different factors like data model, development team, and functionality. The cost of developing a single platform app will cost from $ 15,000 US dollars to $ 55,000 US dollars. The cost of a cross-platform app will be about $65,000 US dollars.

It is better to launch the customer app and driver app initially that contain all the basic features.

In case if you are inexperienced with ios app development you can hire the development team. The overall cost will be depending on the integration of the features. The actual cost will be all depending on the app development company.

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