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Enable 24/7 Fuel Delivery With
On-demand Fuel Delivery App Development

Enhance your business by connecting people with fuel/gas stations without needing them to stop by at fuel stations through our fuel delivery app development solution.

Let’s get started Fuel Delivery!

The Fuel Delivery App Solution That Creates A Big Difference!

Be it’s for fuel stations or fuel/gas companies, the white-label fuel/gas delivery app is customized to the client’s business needs that enable them to enjoy the perks of moving into on-demand orbits. Also, it allows customers to enjoy the convenience of getting the tanks full at the doorstep or on the go.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery Startup

Fuel retailers are looking to mobilize the services with fuel delivery solutions but start-ups can’t afford to get built an individual app. Build a fuel aggregator network by providing a platform to the fuel retailers to connect with customers and fill the tanks on-demand.

Multiple Petrol Stations Delivery App Solution

The established petrol stations are realizing the growing demand for on-demand fuel deliveries. Now, the fuel stations can meet the customer’s fuel demand when they ran out of the fuel midway through an on-demand solution development..

Oil, Petroleum and Gasoline companies

The oil and gas companies can grow the sales and revenue boundlessly with on-demand fuel delivery solutions that directly connect the fuel retailers with the companies. Enhance the fuel retail network by supplying fuel to the fuel stations and making inroads into the B2C market with direct fuel supply to the customers..

How Does On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Development Solution Work?

Transform the traditional practices of standing in a long queue to get the car tanks full or help the customers who are left with no choice when the car ran out of fuel in the midway with no nearby fuel station via on-demand fuel delivery application. The time-savvy and cost-effective approach allows the customers to get the fuel anytime, anywhere, and even at lower prices.


The authorized drivers can log in using credentials provided by the system.


Create, view, and manage the profile, documents, account details, and others.

Fuel delivery request

View new fuel delivery requests on the app.

Toggle availability

Switch the availability status and go offline when you don’t want to work.

Request detail

The complete detail about fuel delivery to complete the refill request.

Request management

View all the scheduled and current fuel delivery booking requests on a single screen.

Seamless navigation

Reach the customer’s location to refill the tank using in-built navigation.

Delivery authentication

The digital signature from customers authenticates the successful fuel delivery.

Payment acceptance

Generate the invoice and accept the payment upon job completion.

Customer support

Contact the support staff when the issues are raised.

Driver Dashboard

View the completed jobs, earnings, and payments on a single dashboard.

Notification alerts

The notifications for every new update on the dashboard.

Easy onboarding

Effortlessly register and log in using the email id, social platforms, or phone number.

Order booking

For continuous tank refilling, the customers can set the location, fuel type, and fuel quantity.

Schedule delivery

Schedule the fuel delivery for now or at later date.

Cost calculation

Get an approximate cost of the fuel delivery before order confirmation.


Keep the tabs on the fuel delivery truck’s location.

Order history

View all the previous and future fuel refill requests.

Review and rating

Rate and provide feedback based on the quality services received.

Easy payment

The users can make payments through different modes such as cash, cards, mobile wallets, and others.

Customer support

Having any difficulty is using the app? In-app FAQs and 24/7 support will help you.

Secured access

Manage everything with secure login from the admin panel.


The centralized dashboard to view and manage all the data at a single place.

Driver management

Add and manage all the drivers’ profiles working to refill the tanks.

User management

View and manage all the registered users and their order details.

Order booking management

All the current bookings and upcoming bookings can be viewed and managed.

Fuel truck management

Add and manage the fleet of vehicles for fuel delivery.

Manual bookings

The fuel delivery requests can be manually assigned to the driver.


The categories can be created for different types of fuels and grades.

Pricing management

Add and manage the prices of different types of fuels.


The drivers and fuel delivery trucks can be tracked in real-time.

Loyalty programs

Manage the deals or discounts to offer to the various users.

Reports generation

Generate reports related to user fuel delivery requests, services offered, transactions, and revenue.

Actionable analytics

Leverage the rich insight from generated reports to make the data-driven decisions that help in enhancing the services.

Take A Massive Leap With
The Fuel Delivery Anytime, Anywhere

The customers have a lot of places to go and things to do, so let them do it all with no nightmare of running out of fuel halfway through the fuel delivery app. Earn customers, loyalty, and revenue with next-gen on-demand fuel delivery solution development.

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Custom Fuel Delivery App Development
That Works For Your Fuel Delivery Business

The on-demand fuel delivery services delight our clients and their end customers through seamless management of fleets, refueling services, and 24/7 maintenance. We accomplish the business-specific requirements with the following add-ons

Its white label

The OnFuel solution allows fuel/gas stations to mobilize the fuel delivery system and go on-demand in a week inexpensively.

Facilitate customization

Get the app rebranded under your fuel station name with a list of tailored features that meet fuel delivery business needs.

Hassle-free Integrations

Choose the preferred push notification API, payment gateways, analytics, and others, which our team will implement as you select.

Brilliant UI/UX

The UI/UX designers thoughtfully craft the fuel delivery apps that make fuel ordering a breeze and deliver amazing experiences.


The app can scale up the support for the number of customers, and other services as the fuel business expand.

Complete support

The team provides technical support from the inception of the project to the time it launches and stays alive.

How We Make Your Fuel Delivery App Development Solution Dream Come True?

Discovery workshop

The business consultant and technical lead sit with the client to know fuel delivery business needs and make the best suggestions.

Custom app development

The team works closely with the business clients to ensure the app is tailor-made with a creative twist to meet the business demands.

Server setup and backup

For data ownership and security reasons, we prefer setting up the solution server in-house. If required, we are open to cloud hosting.

Security compliance check

A security audit is performed to ensure the app meets the oil and gas industry standards and other regulations.

App store launch

The developers list the Android and iOS apps on the respective play store and Apple store while meeting their submission guidelines.

Support and maintenance

The technical team dedicatedly offers support and maintenance services 24/7 whenever required (post-development & post-launch).

on-demand-fuel-delivery-app-main Fuel-Delivery-App-Top


We are happy to know that you are exploring on-demand Delivery apps to extend your reach and grow your business. Our solution will have three main components - app for your customers, an app for your delivery fleet and a powerful admin panel for you to manage the delivery operations seamlessly.Feel free to contact our experts for more details.
We can share a cost estimate with you after knowing your solution use case and specific requirements. Kindly drop us an inquiry to get a free cost estimate.
We already have a base solution ready that we can deploy in a few weeks time. Depending on the customization requirements and new feature additions, the time to market will be more.Contact our experts to share your specific requirements and get a more accurate timeline.

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