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Benefits and Features Of Successful On-Demand Delivery Apps

For almost a decade, on-demand apps have attained a lot of prominence among business owners all across the globe. Leading brands such as Postmates, Airbnb, and Postmates have earned maximum revenue from such apps. On-demand delivery apps have disrupted the business and refined the customer experience. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the mindset of businesses and the demand for such apps has also increased. 

Even though numerous companies such as Uber are facing a lot of trouble off-recently. Still, this business model has earned profitable revenue. It is the reason why it is essential to understand the opportunities as well as benefits that the on-demand apps can offer. Let us first understand the business model.

Types of On-Demands Apps Business Model

On-Demand Apps for B2B 

This type of on-demand business app is mainly meant to focus on connecting the connect business from the business. The end-users will neither be service takers nor service providers in this case.  They would be the facilitators.

On-Demand Apps for B2C

In these types of apps, the businesses can offer services or products to the end-users. This business model is mainly employed by enterprises that can offer their service/ products directly to their clients. Dominos and Zomato are the leading examples of such models. 

On-Demand Apps for C2C

Here the end-user can connect to another end-user by using this model. The users can offer services or develop products for the other user to use or purchase.

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On-Demand Delivery Apps: Major Benefits and Features 

The main functionalities of any app are to match the demands and supplies in the best possible way. It has enlightened the on-demand delivery services: It prioritizes convenience and speed above all. 

Apart from this, on-demand delivery apps provide huge benefits for both clients and businesses. Especially, the services of on-demands enclose with following aspects:-

Fast Delivery Services

It will hardly take 10-30 mins to pull off the order, it purely depends upon the category of the service. Yet, the placement of orders can be managed with few taps. The process will be convenient as well as uncomplicated for both the service providers and the users. 

Cheap Delivery Services

The model purely relies on independent contractors. In this case, the contractors must have their mode of transportation. Hence, the business owner does not have to take care of logistics or depend on full-time couriers, unlike any conventional delivery provider. Adding to it, 80% of individuals claimed that they earned huge money on delivery. 

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Transparency Delivery

The feedback and mutual ratings given by the couriers and customers will allow the business for trust-building and better visibility. The business owners can address the issues and monitor the feedback. 

Convenient Delivery

From placing and tracking the order in real-time to making the payment, has made it easy and convenient for the users and the businesses. From the business perception, it will allow one to set an efficient and streamlined process. It will additionally remove the supplementary layers of micro-management. It will connect the clients directly with the couriers. 

Let us check some of the tired and use examples and cases of on-demand delivery apps

Use Examples and Cases of On-Demand Delivery Apps

It is widely adopted by various verticals of the industries, they are:-

  1. Courier Services

Source: Deorwine

According to this insight, the market of on-demand delivery has grown exponentially. It means the business owners can enjoy peer-to-peer services of delivery. The user has to place a request to pick their stuff from their location and send it to another. This approach has earned a lot of popularity with services such as:-

  1. The brand “Rinse” is doing well in the laundry business by employing on-demand delivery apps.
  2. DeliveryMark has done well over the past few years in the parcel delivery niche.

Source: Deorwine

The business owner can easily blend the services for personal shopper assistants. Quiqup has used this service where an individual can initiate a person to visit the store. They can purchase the items and deliver them to the doorstep.

Note:- If you want to have plans to launch such apps for your business then you must hire a proficient on-demand delivery app development company. They will add dimensions that can earn you huge profits.

2. Food Delivery Apps

Source: Allied Market Research

According to Allied Market Research, the CAGR will expand to 29.8% in the Asia-Pacific region. UberEATS or GrubHub are the leading examples of on-demand food delivery apps

This segment has been doing well off lately. It has earned a lot of prominence since its evolution especially among the young crowds. Now, one can navigate through the list of restaurants and get your favorite meal delivered with just a few clicks.

  • Healthcare 

The waves of COVID-19 have really evoked the chills like anything. These healthcare and delivery apps have been a great help to older people. These apps can connect the patients with the doctors. Now people do not have to visit hospitals or clinics to get their service delivered. 

According to Business Wire, this market was projected to grow by 41% by the end of the year 2020.

Source: Fatbit

The adept on-demand delivery app developers have opened new doors for business owners to explore and expand their business.

  • Education

This is yet another app that has independently earned the best revenue in the market. 

According to Business Wire, the market of the smart education market is predicted to expand at a CAGR of 15% in the forecast period from 2017-2021. 

So, what pointers you must concentrate on while building your on-demand delivery apps.

Core Capabilities and Features

  1. Authentication/ Login

You can implement the features of social networks, phone numbers, or n email to get connected with your potential user.

  • Orders

It will give an opportunity for your users to place an order or to manually add the orders. This section must include the basic information of the customer’s such as addresses of the pick-up and drop-up location, information of product, etc. 

  • GPS Tracking

You must use comprehensive technologies to track the current location of the package. It will give the user an idea about the time of arrival. 

  • Payment Integrations

It is always good to integrate payment options in your app. You must include payment gateways such as  Braintree, Paypal, Apple Pay, Stripe, etc. 

  • Ratings

You must ensure to introduce this feature as it can help your business in the best way.

  • Push Notifications

You can send notifications directly to your users about the status of delivery. It is one of the powerful engagement mediums. 

How Can You Establish Yourself in The Global Market?

Even though on-demand delivery apps are versatile on their own. But you must include strategies that you must consider.

  • Launch Locally

It is not at all difficult to set up and manage the process of delivery from a single location. 

  • Promote The App

It will attract early beta-testers and adopters, and get noticed by investors who are potential. 

  • Give On-The-Spot Assistance

You must provide your customers with instant solutions, otherwise, it may end you in dire consequences.

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