Best android development services to get more results

Best android development services to get more results

Do you want to create an application for Android devices? Well, with our Android development services, you can do it. We offer you the best options for advising and developing apps so that you can present your ideas in a professional way! Are you interested? Read on.

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You may be thinking what’s the point of making an Android app. And if you already know, it doesn’t matter, we will remind you of the reasons to develop applications, beyond satisfying the user.


There are many applications that are free to download. In fact, the vast majority of applications are like that – but don’t be fooled! The creators of these apps, are making money. How? Well, there are two main methods of making money with application

  1. The first, of course, is to charge for downloading the application. Although we can integrate here to the purchase of a Premium or Pro version.
  2. The second is through advertising. That’s right, let other companies put their ads in your app and get a percentage. It should be noted that the more people download your application, the more money you will receive.

Wide market

The good thing about Android is that it is one of the platforms with the highest exponential growth. In fact, in most countries it is far ahead of iOS, its main competitor. The more people who download your app, the higher your revenue – it’s that simple!

It’s Less Strict

The app validation standards under which Android is governed are considerably less stringent than on other platforms. Therefore, it is easier for your app to get to market quickly and without so much bureaucracy.

It’s cheap

Every hour of programming is charged. The advantage of developing for Android is that it is much cheaper than other operating systems. In the end you will invest less and earn more.

Very customizable

As we said before, Android doesn’t need specific hardware to work properly. This allows developers almost complete freedom to create innovative and eye-catching applications.

How can our Android development services benefit your business?

Have we told you that with us, your applications will be a bestseller on the Android platform? However, we have not explained to you why this will be the case. Well, pay attention, because these are the advantages of choosing our react native android development services.


We are professionals in the field. Our team is able to offer only the best results and give you and your business a proper treatment.

Study of your project

Present your idea to us, we give it a form. We carefully analyze the pros, cons, and how to eradicate the latter. So we make sure that your project is fully feasible and profitable.


Our work does not end with the publication of your app. In fact, with the rapid advance of mobile devices and constant software updates, your app needs to be up to date. Well, there’s nothing to worry about, because we also take care of the maintenance of the app and the necessary post-launch reforms.

First-class technology

We, as an android development Company, have an obligation to use only top-notch technology. We are the most competent in the field, and this is partly due to the fact that we are at the forefront of technology on the platform.

Affordable prices

Our rates are flexible and very affordable compared to the magnitude of the work. Our main concern is your well-being… and that of your budget. You can expect a high ROI using our android development services.

How do we do our job?

We provide a professional and quality service. And for that we have an infallible action plan with guaranteed proven results. You need to be clear about how we act, so that it is easier for you to cooperate with us.

Approach to the idea

This step, however, is up to you, but it is of vital importance for the development of your project. Before you turn to us, you need to take a paper and a pencil and sketch your idea.

Ask yourself, what do you want to do, where do you want your application to go? Who exactly is your target audience? Are there similar products on the market? What has the competition done?

The best thing at the moment of devising a product (and this goes for any field of the market), is that it covers a need. This will motivate users to “need” the product. If the competition has already done something similar, then improve that idea.

Basic schema

Make a very basic outline of what the application will look like. You don’t need to focus on visuals or functionality, we’ll take care of that. But if it’s good to have a very clear general idea.


This is where we come in. And our first step is to define how we will make your application generate revenue. We will analyze which method would work best according to what your product will offer. So, until we find the most profitable mode(s) of monetization.


Now your application needs to look good, be eye-catching, and be downloadable. Therefore, in this first phase of design, we define the colors to be used and the layout on the screen. However, it would only be the prototype, the layout, because it is normal that this undergoes many changes during the development process.

Our team is aware that Android works on a lot of different devices. Many of these devices have screens with different dimensions. Therefore, it is necessary that the app adapts to all those screens without reducing the functionality. And we take care of that!


It is very clear that every business needs a logistics manager. We also take care of that task, so you don’t have to spend energy on the hard task of running the board.


And this is the longest part of the process. At this stage, we literally create the application. All technical aspects are under our management. You don’t need to know to program. Just give us the idea and we’ll shape it and guide you.

We will deal with the testing phase, possible reforms during development, and adaptation to different devices. And, of course, the functionality of the product, animations, links to other applications and multimedia content, etc.

Our staff is trained to develop all kinds of apps. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you need to create a social network, a service or even a game! We have people specialized in each of these fields.


Once development and testing are complete, it’s time to launch the app on the platform. First and foremost, is the positioning that your application will have in the Play Store. This is called “App Store Optimization” (ASO), and will basically make it appear among the top positions when searching the Android store.

Of course, we have ASO experts, in charge of ensuring that the projects we work on have as much reach as possible – something else you don’t have to worry about if you work with us!

Let people know about your application

The application can be uploaded to the Play Store, but users need to know that. That’s why it’s good to create ads in all possible media. Social networks like Instagram or Facebook are very feasible options.

Although it has been proven that placing ads on YouTube or Twitch gives incredible results. In any case, our market studies can guide you on this subject, so that you get the most out of advertising.

Another very profitable way to advertise today is through influencers. Contacting one or some of them will guarantee many downloads and a good start to position your project.

Post launch

We have mentioned that it was necessary to keep the applications up to date and be vigilant in case of errors. Therefore, we will keep track of everything that needs to be fixed after the release of the app.

How to get more results from Android development services?

If you’ve come this far, you probably already know that building an android app for your business can be very profitable, and can generate more revenue in many different ways.

You only have to hire our services, as we offer the advice and collaboration necessary for your project to succeed. Our action plan is infallible because we are experts in the field, and our applications always have record downloads. Want to get more results from 

Android development services? Simple, contact us!

In summary

Well, you’ve seen what we offer and how we work, so we hope you have no doubts. If so, you can ask us directly to fix the previous details. Don’t hesitate to choose the best Android development service.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.