Progressive Web Apps The Next Mobile Application Experience for User

Progressive Web Apps: The Next Mobile Application Experience for User?

What is Progressive Web Applications?

Progressive Web Apps are web pages that are lightweight but when loaded on a mobile device, act like an app. They load faster, use less space, less data, and can even work offline. Best Mobile Application development comapny have started adopting this technology already.The concept for a PWA is simple, they are websites that feel like apps you would find in an App Store.

And they can accessed through a conventional URL with HTTPS. This makes them search friendly for search engines.

With features such as push notifications, wake, refresh and instant loading for websites; they give us the opportunity to get the best optimized experience for any device.

Progressive Web Apps are user experiences that have the reach of the web, and are:

  • Reliable – Load instantly and never show the downasaur, even in uncertain network conditions.
  • Fast – Respond quickly to user interactions with silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling.
  • Engaging – Feel like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience.

How Does It Work?

PWA uses JavaScript to make the user experience smooth by working in the background. It loads all the necessary resources when the user clicks on the icon and interacts with the app. The JS code also gives the app its ability to work offline and loads the website much faster than native apps.

Why to go with Progressive Web Application development?

Native apps have their own advantages. But here’s why PWA has its own better edge to be recognized.  In the case of native apps, a developer has to build three versions: for Android, IOS and Windows. With PWA, they have to build only one. Another major obstacle is that native apps has to pass through a long clicking process and wait time to install.

 It is estimated that, it takes a user a minimum of 6 clicks to install a native app and with each click you lose about 20% of users. While PWA can be easily done with 2 clicks. We are top application development agency that has adopted PWA. There are not only these advantages but many more like :

1) Originate

The most important thing about this feature is most native apps on your phone have their own search feature, if you want results from more than one app, you would have to go to each individual app to search it and then get the result individually. Native apps cannot be crawled by search engines. But PWA can be.

 Now, you can go about searching for stuff in Google and get results from the content inside your progressive app without going to other apps. Isn’t it a great feature towards users’ experience to lower down the different searches from different apps to find the single result from different apps? Online food delivery application development has this different search functionality to find a different menu from different apps.

2) Web Push Notifications

It is not only native mobile apps that can send push notifications. PWA also supports Push Notification API which means they support browser push notifications. Web or browser push notifications are small clickable popups that appear on your web or mobile browser when you’re online.

3) Installation

The action of asking a user to install a mobile app and the fuss of going to an app store or play store than finding the right app and installing it, is a tedious task on its own. Coupled of time with a low network connection is almost impossible. It is much simpler to get started with a PWA. It takes less than a second to install and it takes up less than a megabyte of space. on-demand application development is also indulging this technology for their new era.

4) Up-to-date

Updates are some of the most annoying and data-consuming part of any app. With PWAs, there is no such thing as updates. The progressive app automatically updates in the background with minimal data usage and without ever disturbing your in-app experience. Isn’t is a great advantage of being up-to-date without hurdles? Nectarbits, can help you building your first PWA.

5) Lower down development Cost

Building a mobile app is not always the most cost-effective thing you can do to increase customer experience. It takes a lot of time and a lot of money to build a mobile app and if it has to be popular, it has to be present on all the platforms, which further brings up the cost. We are a top mobile app development company from India that has adopted a PWA alternative is budget-friendly and can be done in a very short time. As it is progressive, it will work on all platforms without the need for further customizations.

Here is the Example of Progressive Web Apps Owned by Some of the Popular Brands around the World :
  1. Ali Express – World’s giant ecommerce company
  2. FlipKart lite – India’s Top ecommerce company
  3. Trivago – Travel comparing platform
  4. Forbes – Everyone knows this platform
  5. Twitter lite
  6. OLX – popular Indian site for classified ad
  7. Telegram –  popular mobile chat service

How does the Future of App development looks like?  

While native mobile apps are not going away, this PWA can provide the best available solution for businesses looking to build an enthralling and flexible mobile experience for their customers with cost effective solution. PWAs offer the best of both possible experience 1) with all the allocation of the web 2) all the functionality of the native app. Mobile App development company will be part of the future of application, where the native applications and the mobile friendly websites will become one.

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