The Untold Story: The Cost of Building an App Development in Europe 2022

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When an entrepreneur thinks about joining the mobilization race, the first question- How much does it cost to engineer an App Development in Europe? Keeps hammering their mind till they sign off the agreement with a mobile app development company.

The question is not geographically-bound. Knowing the tentative cost of app development regardless of location pops up in every human brain, be it a European, American, or Indian entrepreneur.

What would be the answer if an entrepreneur outsourcing the project to European development companies? Interested to know the same? If so, let’s understand it through facts, research, and statistics.

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Let’s dive in!

The factors that impact the cost of app development in different European countries:

  • Business environment: The national governments make additional efforts to mutually create beneficial outsourcing relationships. The flexibility in the laws helps in promoting outsourcing business.
  • Financial condition: The cost of infrastructure, employees’ wages level, taxes, and regulations define the nation’s financial attractiveness.
  • Individual skills: All the countries have a diverse set of IT professionals with varied skills and experiences. The IT people’s ability to quickly learn, adaptability to culture, mastery in foreign languages, and availability bring differences to the development cost.
  • Digital resonance: The governments strengthen the IT services with capital investment in start-ups, cybersecurity assurance, boosting IT workers’ skills, and promoting technology innovations.

According to research, when the app development of the top 20 countries in the world is analyzed, the six European countries- UK, Estonia, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Lithuania managed to make their way.

Take a look at the App Development in Europe country’s performance to meet outsourcing needs:

United Kingdom – The nation scored 8th position in the top 20 because of the digital resonance, but labor shortage making things difficult. However, the companies are trying hard to hire tech specialists but the lack of required skills brings this struggle to the table.

The situation of Germany is no different, which has secured the 15th position in the top 20 list. The country doesn’t have enough skilled workforce, and the government is trying to address the problem by posting a job vacancy list targeting non-EU citizens.

Besides, Western European countries are choosing to outsource software development to Eastern Europe, which is recognized as one of the world’s popular tech hubs. Easter Europe is also well-famous for setting up remote offices and IT development centers. What’s more? The cost of mobile App development in Europe countries is quite lower as opposed to other regions.

Why is it so?

In addition to tech giants such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Apple’s branches in Eastern Europe, there are over 2000 software development companies that are offering services worldwide.

Estonia country rocks with more than 80 IT outsourcing service providers and client-owned-and-operated service delivery centers where digital skills improvement, digital resonance, and digital society building are eye-catchy.

Lithuania shares the digital resemblance with Estonia that boasts for having 32% of the total workforce as IT specialists.

The stable business environment and the solid infrastructure of Bulgaria brought it to the 17th position in the top 20 list. The 487 outsourcing companies are accomplishing the development job precisely.

Ukraine tops the position with 20th rank as there are 4000 companies where 184500 employees are working in stable business environments.  

The factors that influence app development cost

  • Hourly rates: There is no fixed range that’s dictated by the countries. It varied from region to region. In European countries, the high fluctuation is observed in the hourly rates.
  • Tech professionals’ requirements: The app’s features, design, and functional complexity defines the number and types of professionals required. As the degree of specialization and number scales, so the app development cost will be.
  • Number of platforms: The cost of building native apps is quite higher as opposed to cross-platform apps.

Destination hourly rates

  • Eastern Europe (Lithuania, Ukraine, and Estonia) $25-$50
  • Western Europe (Germany and UK) $50-$99

Create a table for the same

The hourly rates and cost of tech specialists are quite lower in Ukraine as compared to UK or Germany. That’s why Eastern Europe is considered a sweet spot to get the quality app developed at affordable rates. On average, the mobile app development cost ranges from $25,000 to $60,000.

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