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21 Ideas To Increase Your Ecommerce Marketplace Sales And ROI By Manifolds This Christmas

The centuries-old tradition- Christmas is around the corner. The people are in the high spirits of meeting the loved ones, spending time with the families, and not to forget, sending a gift to the close ones. However, the mood goes down as the Jingle season is accompanied by the stress of holiday shopping and preparations. Thanks to Ecommerce marketplaces that lift the mood and excite the people with discounted shopping. 😊

How about Ecommerce marketplaces? Are they too prepared for the coming holiday season? Are they ready with a marketing plan to wow the customers?

If yes, congrats on creating all the strategies that will brighten up your sales and profit in the coming season. If not, it’s high to plan and implement all the strategies that help you attract more customers, shoot up sales, and increase the ROI.

The Ecommerce marketplaces that have prepared or not prepared with holiday season promotional strategies, we have curated a list of 21 second-to-none ideas that take your sales up a notch.

Let’s dive in!

Gift cards come in handy

Gift cards come in handy

The gift card is a time-tested trick that has worked wonderfully in every holiday season for the customers who find it difficult to buy the right gift for the intended person. It’s a great solution to customers’ indecisiveness for product selection and store visibility improvement. Offering discounts and a little customization has helped in increasing sales.

Leverage social power

People spend 40% of the digital time on social channels, which makes investing and marketing the products on social channels during the Christmas season a great idea. With marketing social platforms like- Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, and others, the marketplaces avail social media engagement and maximize sales with improved targeted traffic.

Sell the products that are rare and bare

With thousands of Ecommerce stores selling the same product, people rave after the unique products. When the store source such unique products and use it as USP during the season, this promotional strategy brings them in the limelight and as the word about rare products’ exclusivity accentuate, the sales get boosted by a large fraction.

Execute jingle-themed marketing campaigns

From November month onwards, the festive fervor is in the air in the western world. Due to the celebration wave, people often look for Christmas season related items such as Santa-themed apparels, red sweaters, Christmas hats, Christmas trees, so you should keep such products in stock. Sort out the list of such products, come up with unique strategies to sell them, ensure quality aspect, and facilitate quick checkout, which keeps the customers in the festive spirit and let them shop effortlessly.  

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Create an urge with limited sales

Often the customers add products to the cart but don’t make the purchases. For the slow purchasers, creating a cut-off date is essential to make them purchase else it’s difficult to deliver the product at a later stage. With access to sales for a limited time, the urge to shop is instilled and the customers are pushed down the sales funnel.  

Hyper-personalized the marketing campaigns

Every buyer’s journey is unique including purchase habits, preferences, and purchase history. When the marketplace reaches out to the customers after understanding the individual journey and micro-moments, they can tap to the advantage. The promotional strategy works like hitting the iron when it’s hot (Customers’ pain-points), the chances of making the customer buy a product is higher.

Customize the packaging

Customize the packaging

Not just the exclusive products in stock, but exclusive packaging also makes shopping with your marketplace a memorable experience. When the order reaches the customers, the Christmas-themed packaging adds a touch of luxury and festive fervor while unboxing. Additionally, the packaging alleviates the need of carrying a season-themed bag or gift wrapping. You are adding convenience and delivering a wow experience with a single packaging idea.

Remarketing brings results

You may have wondered by seeing the online ads of the products that you have searched earlier but discarded for some reason. It’s remarketing that puzzle the customers but help Ecommerce stores to make the customers end up buying something from the store. It works well for the brands by showcasing the similar products as suggestions to the customers and keeping them engaged in the store for a long time.

Launch an AdWord campaign

Under the PPC campaign, it’s a great way to increase the targeted traffic and boost sales. However, during the holiday season adjusting keywords and bids is vital else you can’t get your ad displayed before the relevant customers after the cost increase. It demands a good investment of time in research and testing. 

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Give credence to charity

Supporting a social cause or donating to charity helps in tapping the customers’ emotions. It helps in building the network and improving brand awareness boundlessly. It can be done by donating some percentage of the product purchase to charity, donating some amount of money for a specific product purchase, or giving an option to the customers during checkout to contribute something to charity.

Offer the discount as a surprise

Everyone loves surprises. When the customers are provided a guaranteed surprise coupon after completing the shopping, it stimulates them to make a purchase. After shopping, provide a link to the customers that redirect them to a website where they can digitally scratch the coupon, know the discount coupon, and redeem it.

Keep the content clean, concise, and contextual

Content is a king but only when it’s created thoughtfully and meaningfully. You can shout loud with small taglines that catch the mind at the first sight. The innovative taglines, animated videos, or GIFs when posted on the Ecommerce store, social channels, and other channels, it makes the customers take interest in.

Provide giveaways that entice

In addition to offering some dimes to the customers to purchase from the store itself, you can capture the customers’ attention with guaranteed small gifts. It helps in retaining the customers and increase sales.   

Sell the solution, not the product

The product-oriented marketing won’t work in the customer-focused Ecommerce stores. The people don’t like to be sold; instead, they need a solution that solves the problem. Don’t just display the Christmas-special products, showcase how they improve the lives of the customers, and save the time, which entices the customer to take interest in and purchase the same.

The age-old email marketing still works

The traditional digital route still helps in drawing leads when it’s used tactically. You can leverage email marketing to inform them about flash sales, unique product launches, or privilege access to limited sales, which immediately turn the customers’ heads to Ecommerce and make them end up buying something. To bring Christmas spirit, the imagery must be changed in the emails.

Free shipping is loved by the customers

“Worldwide free shipping”- this tagline works wonder in attracting the last-minute buyers. The stores absorb the shipping price in the product price but it’s often overlooked by the customers and they consider as an incentive. It’s an intelligent tactic to boost sales but you must ensure the express ensure to enable deliveries as promised.

Add stopwatch to create a sense of urgency

You may have observed that a graphic animation helps in engaging the audience when the website takes time to load the page. Another way round, displaying- “1 hour left for the sales to end” is a sure-fire strategy to draw the customers’ attention, and increase sales at speed because the customers buy the items in the fear of sales may get the end.

Optimize the Ecommerce website and app for the holiday season

The history witnessed the cases of website crashes during the holiday season due to the unexpected increase in traffic to the app and website. It hurts the sales, bottom line, and reputation too. Get the website and app ready to accommodate and handle the increased traffic to the store to get the benefit of high sales.

Keep the images up-to-date or enhance them

Creating festival vibes and making the customers feel the festive vibes is all-important to communicate to the customers that the festive promotion is on. It’s done by changing images on the website, social media channel’s cover page and profile photo, and the banners. It keeps the customers in the Christmas spirit and wishes to purchase the products.

Improve mobile traffic with app-only deals

Many Ecommerce marketplaces struggle in driving mobile traffic to the store. That’s where launching app-only discounted deals that are redeemed only on the mobile app helps in rising the sales through the app. It gives reason to the customers to shop from the mobile apps and may turn them into mobile shoppers at a later stage if app UI and UX convince them.

Introduce Ecommerce flash sales

Flash sales have become a buzzword in the Ecommerce marketplace. As it went viral, the customers start flocking to the store. By putting flash sales, you can make the customers drive in masses and escalate sales. Catch your customers’ attention and drive them through all the deals and discounts of the festive season.


eCommerce app development idea is when turned into a reality, the next step is to accentuate the sales. Christmas is the best occasion to boost sales and earn maximum ROI. It requires the implementation of the best marketing tactics just like the technical tactics introduced during eCommerce Store website development to create a buzz in the market and generate high profits. In the piece of content, the different tricks to tap more customers, make them purchase, and amplify the revenue are enlisted, which you can try to make the most out of the golden opportunity. Plan and measure to rest assured with the benefits.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.