How Cross-platform apps solution can help you to chase your dreams

How Cross-platform apps can help you to chase your dreams for eCommerce solutions?

According to one research, a market of cross-platform engineering will reach more than $80 billion by 2020.

Have you ever thought of running a successful business with a throng of customers?

Since the last decade, there has been a dramatic rise in the demand to develop eCommerce mobile solutions. Each day, startups are coming with eCommerce business concepts and with the rise of smartphones selling, they target mobile solutions first and then the website.

eCommerce mobile applications can help you to chase your dreams with global exposure though you don’t need to go in the market to sell your brand at the doorstep. We eCommerce application development company develops cross-platform solutions that save your time as well as the expense for the solution.

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What is Cross-Platform Solution and when to use?

Cross-platform solutions are developed under one IDE and only one language is used which is surrounded by native code and then it is deployed to different platforms. In the market, such platforms like React Native, PhoneGap, Xamarin are the instance of best cross-platform solutions which reduces the expense of customer and development time of the developer.

Here we cross-platform application development company, assist you to develop eCommerce solutions using React Native framework which will enhance your business. The React Native framework now became a rising mobile solution which is considered as the future of cross-platform mobile application solutions.

What is React Native Framework and why you should choose to develop your eCommerce application?

With the minimal investment to develop lightweight and smoother eCommerce application, React Native app development Framework is the best option. React Native framework is an open-source framework that allows you to develop a mobile application by using JavaScript so the developer doesn’t need to develop different platform applications like iOS and Android. 
React Native was introduced by one of the software engineer of Facebook ebook with the purpose of better user experience and simpler development. The distinguishing feature of this framework is that it gives the same user experience, functions and UI like native iOS or Android applications therefore, it has more advantages as well as it has drawbacks too.

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Why you should choose React Native Framework for your eCommerce solution?

  • Community Driven Technology

React Native is an open-source platform available for all system environments which means all resources are available free of cost so there is no need to purchase any license for it that’s why it is a great advantage for using a community-driven technology.

  • UI Simplification and Code Reusability

Overall, the best advantage of using React Native is, you can reuse the code from any solution written for mobile apps development. Developers do not need to write separate code for the Android and iOS applications and also React Native holds such unique features that help the developer to create UI for all Android and iOS devices.

 Furthermore, companies developing mobile applications, React Native is best for them as they can use maximum code from web app written in React.

  • Plugin support

There are lots of native third-party plugins available for the React Native framework which can be linked to your React Native application. Also, Java Script plugins widely support some features like a native so there is no exception in support for the third-party plugins.

  • Lightweight application

Mobile applications developed with React Native framework, are very lightweight in terms of size because only specific platform related frameworks will be used. Many giant eCommerce businesses have adopted React Native because of its smoothness and response speed.

  • Time and Cost saver

When companies are planning to develop an eCommerce application, they always consider the time frame and cost for the development while on the other side, the customer always wants their solution with minimum cost and the investment so the React Native framework is the best tool which saves and cost for both developer and the customer.

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Why React Native Framework is out of the expectation of users?

  • Lack of native features and updates

Cross platforms generally use native features but it can’t give support like a native

iOS and Android have. Many times it happens that due to lack of native features support, the functionality or features has to be postponed. 

While sometimes it happens that, when Apple or Google adds new features to their operating system, it can not be expected instantly in the cross-platform. Such features like 3D touch or face detection features of the native system may not work properly in the React Native framework.

  • Integration Problems

Integration problems are major issues in cross platforms, sometimes when there is a need for a third-party library or have a requirement of local settings or preferences, it is not easy to integrate with the React-Native app.

  • Deficient user experience

It is a big concern for every native platform which is deficient user experience. In most of the cases, the functionality or screen layout does not behave as native does for all devices and platforms. Recently, Facebook came to know user experience deficiency when they shifted from cross-platform to native.

How Nectarbits help you to develop eCommerce Application using Custom-Platform solution?

Nectarbits, which are known for custom mobile app development in India and USA has got expertise in providing many solutions for eCommerce concepts based on Cross-platform app development.

If you want to know more about eCommerce app development using cross-platform solutions, get a free consultation to hire our developers at a very cheaper price.


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