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How Can Turnkey Solutions Turn The Business Growth Upside Down?

The digital transformation market is expected to grow to $3,294 billion by 2025.

It showcases that the need for digital transformation is increasingly realized by businesses and growing day after another. No organization wants to sit back and wait for the competitors to see what they are doing in terms of digital innovation.

Everyone wants to leap forward. However, all the organizations are bringing digital change differently. Some are preferring employees to change, while others are preferring to change operations, processes, or workflow. But, neither of the approaches will help.

George Westerman said, “When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a fast caterpillar.”

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It means digital transformation is not about looking at digital economy; instead, it’s about how organizations are acting on digital strategy. It’s not just a switch that one can turn on with investment in digital infrastructure; instead, there are ways to execute it rightly.

Cut to the chase: there are two ways- custom way and turnkey solution way to quickly adapt to digital change. Not clear with overused jargon- turnkey solution? Don’t know what does it mean for businesses? Want to know how it’s desirable? Here’s the answer.

Let’s understand the turnkey solution in a nutshell:

Turnkey- it’s a traditional term used by manufacturing companies and contractors, but for IT companies, it’s a full-package solution that is easy to implement and deploy. In contrast to custom solutions (On-the-shelf), the turnkey solutions are quite inexpensive, address a specific need of the organizations, built on the grounds of tested and tried strategy, and enable full-scale digital transformation at speed. It’s an affordable solution that fits the bills for SMBs that don’t require much customization.

Here are more advantages that give extra reasons to embrace turnkey solutions today:

  • It’s economical

Lack of a budget? A turnkey is certainly an option for your business as it won’t require an investment in development, designing, and testing of the solution along with lower upfront cost (Recurring fees for support and maintenance services). The features come in the package meet the basic needs of the business project but you should verify whether the solution meets most of the business requirements or not. Therefore, it’s a budget-friendly approach to get things done.

  • It’s easy to implement

The turnkey solutions are easy to deploy with current business processes. Once, the solution’s installation is finished, they seamlessly function with system features such as billing, content management, or accounting.

  • It’s urgent!

When you want to quickly fix the obsolete legacy email server, then the turnkey solution is your cup of tea. The turnkey solution with ready-to-use availability doesn’t require time investment in development, designing, and testing of the solutions, so just buy and run it to immediately resolve the digitalization concerns.

  • Don’t require technical proficiency

When your business lacks the technical maestros on the floor, the turnkey solution is the biggest savior. You don’t require to hire a tech geek even for getting the solution up and running, or for support and maintenance services. Also, it eliminates the risks associated due to no tech expertise on the team.

  • Amazing customer support

The vendor provides the turnkey solution after analyzing the business processes and requirements for the solution. Post-sales, the job is not over. They are committed for providing the support and maintenance services as required by the businesses in the exchange of recurring fees. Also, the team that businesses have, is trained on how to use the solution effectively.

When any bug or crash is detected by the businesses, the team immediately provides the needed technical assistance.

  • Future upgrades

The upgrades are released for the turnkey solutions at free of cost or at a reduced cost to keep the solution stay in sync with modern technology trends. Every time, the user base will be notified for the updates rendered to the solution so that they are benefited with advanced features.


The businesses that are planning to digitally transform the people, processes, and operations, or implementing a new solution, they often stuck with two choices- build vs. buy. Turnkey solutions turned out as a perfect fit that helps businesses to digitize the required operations or people enterprise-wide in an economical and faster manner. Additionally, when easy deployment, time constraint, lack of technical proficiency, and technical support are the business requirements on the chart, you can’t afford to ignore the turnkey solution purchase from the vendor.


Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.