NCT Tricks to Reduce App Development

Tricks to Reduce App Development Cost for Startups in 2021 -2022

The app market is becoming competitive and can be too high to settle with a low-quality app. However, a quality app does not come cheap, it is a costly affair. For this reason, many companies avoid app development completely, which in turn, can do more harm than saving the costs for them. 

The economic world is ever-changing, and mobiles are going to play a crucial role in business development. Many businesses have proved to double their sales and revenues through their mobile app. Hence, when you look at the long-term benefits, the initial investments should not impede your growth. 

Still, mobile app development costs can be high for startups as they operate with limited capital. For the same, we have listed eight strategies to help minimize the app development costs. 

Inclusion of a Prototype to the Final Product

A developer should have complete clarification of the app requirements and needful expectations to be delivered. Coming up with the preliminary work about the app functionalities and how the interface will look like should give the app developer a complete idea about the app design precisely. The inclusion of such predecessor activities will reduce the app development cost as it eliminates the redundant work processes in the final stage, which adds to the development cost. 

Simple UI/UX

Sticking on to the simple yet elegant designs is a potential method to reduce the app development cost. Startups can reap the simple UI design’s dual benefit and avoid unnecessary confusion due to complex designs and minimize the design cost. 

Here are some reasons to stick with minimal designs: 

  • UX/UI’s cost mainly depends on the number of devices, features, or OS involved in your app. Complex designs have too many features and designs, so it ends up in high costs.
  • The next area where the cost increases is the testing stage. Here, the testing has to be performed for every device, feature, or OS, which eventually adds up to the development costs. 

Have a Minimum Viable Product or MVP

For startups, MVP development is the most widely used and highly effective approach for cost-cutting. The app development can be done at an extremely lower cost. 

MVP is similar to the prototype that consists of basic designs and required features of the app. Rather than investing all the money and time developing the app at the first attempt, organizations can get an MVP developed and released. This can help in raising the money for their app and feedbacks to provide a better user experience. 

Benefits of using an MVP: 

  • The cost of MVP is comparatively low than the actual app
  • You can develop the MVP and release it publicly.
  • Aids in raising money for the app.
  • Reduces the effort of making an actual app.
  • Once you reap the benefits via MVP, companies can focus on your actual/original product.

Focus on Essential Features

 It is usual for people to be tempted to have many features in their app, but startups should realize that loading their app with excessive features is not beneficial. Additional features can only increase the mobile app development cost. 

It is not essential to have all the features in the app because, at the time, having too many features can make the whole process sluggish. 

The intent of building an app is to make your customer’s lives easier, thereby making their daily operation seamless and straightforward. If you are overburdening your app with features, it can hinder your workflow in the long run. 

Startups can save potential expenditure and time by keeping the app’s focus constrained to required features that drive secure payments and other operations.

Stay on the essential features and functionalities to facilitate operations and transactions seamlessly. 

The more time you invest in developing features, your expenses keep on increasing. So, it’s better to focus simply on the key features and functions that are essential to your business.

Regular Troubleshooting

Even after the app launch, it requires consistent improvements and fixes. Hence, regular troubleshooting can play a significant role in app development as it supports bug fixes and working on improvements even after the launch of your app. 

Choose an Appropriate Platform 

React native is an ideal platform for building mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Its building blocks can be reprocessed as native components. This can let you save a significant amount of resources and time, ultimately reducing the cost of mobile app development. This doesn’t require individual developers or separate code repositories for Android and iOS. 

On the other hand, Cross-platform app development enables you to utilize a single code base across various platforms. Thus, you can save additional costs and time. Hence, make your choice appropriately.

Use Templates and Open-Source Frameworks

Developing an app from scratch is not always the most feasible option, especially for startups due to budget constraints. Templates can be the most convenient and best approach way minimize the expenses of app development. 

Startups can utilize the free open source frameworks, which enable app developers to utilize standardized APIs and cut off potential mobile app development costs.

It is suggested to make choices from frameworks or templates that a team has already developed in the earlier project. Making use of those examples could significantly cut off the additional work and expenses. 


On the whole, involving a team of experts with good expertise and sound knowledge can incur a high expense. Hiring appropriate resources for a project is not a good option from the cost point of view. Considering outsourcing the React Native app development from a reputed and reliable service provider can benefit you in several ways. It enables you to leverage experts’ experience and skills in a highly-proficient team and can be highly cost-effective. Before you select the mobile app development company, you are required to verify if they have the expertise and skilled developers in hybrid and native mobile app frameworks as it will help in reducing the developmental costs significantly.


When the companies focus on developing the strategies to build mobile apps, it is also recommended to see the cost-effectiveness of app development. When both the factors work harmoniously, the companies are bound to develop an invincibly working app. 

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