Tips for Safe & Efficient Hyperlocal Delivery of Groceries

Hyperlocal deliveries

A lot has changed in the last two quarters across the globe. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s none other than Covid-19, which has plagued the world with life losses, economic losses, and so on…

The people got tormented due to lockdown as they cannot move out, buy the essential items, and live the life the way they are living before just to keep themselves safe and healthy. A sudden pause is experienced worldwide, but thanks to online grocers who managed to maintain the pace with fast-paced customer’s life and helped them to get at least essential items quickly.

Hyperlocal Delivery
Hyperlocal Delivery

The online grocers have partnered with hyperlocal sellers to deliver the products securely and at speed. The sellers who are risking the lives for hyperlocal deliveries deserve a salute, but all of them are not necessarily taking all the precautions to ship the products safely.

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The zero-touch delivery, and face masks and temperature guns are not enough for the safe and secure deliveries. A single mistake from the seller’s side could put the customer’s life at stake and ruin the online grocers’ reputation as well. It becomes highly important to ensure the seller is practicing all the security measures before grocery shipment.

Wanted to know what are the tips that hyperlocal grocery sellers partnered with online grocer should follow? If so, reading further would justify your time investment.

Workplace sanitization - Hyperlocal Delivery
Workplace sanitization

Workplace sanitization

The virus spread can be curbed only when the items are disinfected continuously after the regular intervals. The best practice to keep yourself and the customers stay safe from the corona outbreak is to sanitize all the products once you receive from the warehouse and sanitize them again before they are shipped to the customers.

Additionally, the place in your store where you are going to store or keep the products must be kept neat and tidy with cleaning two to three times a day. It kills the virus traces if they contaminated the place anyhow and keep you, your staff, and your customers safe.

Grocery app solution CTA  -Hyperlocal Delivery

Employees training for fast hyperlocal delivery

The sellers in the user’s neighborhood do not have enough experience in product packaging and transportation, so it becomes essential to make them learn how to process the orders received through call or app.

They must be trained for the liquid, perishable items, and tamper-proof packaging so that delivery personnel won’t face any problem while delivering the products on the way. Besides, they must wear masks, gloves, and take other sanitary precautions when they are making the items ready for shipping.

Hyperlocal Delivery -Physical Inventory Audit Prep

Inventory audit

The inventory must be analyzed to know which items are more in demand and which are required less in quantity. Based on the requirements, the products should be stocked accordingly so that there will be no wastage. For instance, the perishable items such as milk, vegetables, or dairy products that are less in demand and if overstocked, then sellers have to bear the loss.

The essential items like- pulses, cereals, sugar, and other items can be stocked in large quantities based on the demand so that the customers’ needs can be fulfilled and the seller won’t run the risk of losses. The continuous audit is all-important to keep tabs on the inventory, eliminate the probability of wastage, and manage it seamlessly.

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Invoice handiness

When the multiple shipments are to be shipped in a day, then keeping the invoice printout ready for every order is essential so that the Hyperlocal Delivery agent can tally the invoice against products quickly and proceed for the delivery.

Also, the ready invoice helps the seller to ensure they are delivering the right quantity of the products to the customers. The double-check helps in mitigating the chances of returns or cancellation.

Make hustle

The local shops are providing the services in the neighborhood for a long time, but informing the people around about the online services they are offering is necessary. It’s possible only when the sellers start marketing about the new services they began to offer. The marketing also helps in increasing the number of orders from the online grocery business.

The digital marketing, social media marketing, and traditional marketing such as printed brochures or flyers would help in increasing the awareness about hyperlocal online deliveries.

Hyperlocal Delivery - E commerce On demand Grocery App Platform

Launch a Groceries web Store

This is another effort to receive more orders and increase sales directly. With website development, the sellers can make the customers aware of the store with product listing and can get the orders and schedule pickups straight on the website. It’s like converting physical store into the digital stores through website building.

This approach aids in reducing manual efforts, accepting more orders, and completing the orders in a short period. Catching the attention of tech-savvy users will become easier.  

Employ multiple courier partners – Hyperlocal Delivery

Building the fleet or renting the fleet with 8-10 delivery agents is not a smart choice as opposed to partnering with shipping aggregators that facilitates shipping with different courier partners.

It allows sellers to ship the orders at their convenience without needing to rely on third-party companies. Also, same-day or two-day delivery can be scheduled. Moreover, if one company denies for the shipment, then the seller has another option ready on-hand, which enables timely deliveries.


Hyperlocal deliveries of grocery have come into the prime focus to up the sales game amidst the corona outbreak. This trend is showing no sign to get slow down. Going online and practicing safety practices augment the chances of earning great success and winning customers. Cut through the noise and get a slice of apple pie by employing the aforementioned delivery practices. All the best!  


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