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How Can On-Demand Cooking Gas Delivery App Benefit the Businesses?

The cooking gas- LPG has experienced a positive effect with increased utilization across the globe. The study on the increased usage of cooking gas states that-

  • The cooking gas demand is projected to increase to 331.20 million tons by 2027.
  • The revenue from the cooking gas market is forecasted to grow to $164.36 billion by 2027.
  • The cooking gas usage varied according to the region in different segments.
Cooking Gas Delivery App

Cooking Gas Delivery App

However, physically booking the cooking gas cylinder, then waiting for 2-3 days for their delivery, and making payment in cash involves a lot of hassle. The safety risk associated with cooking gas being a combustible commodity is another headache for the customers.

Additionally, it’s critical for businesses to traditionally manage the product, cylinder delivery, transactions, and vendors. Assessing the business performance based on the customers’ data is nearly impossible. Going further, the situation is no different with drivers and the local vendors.

During COVID-19, the situation has become more difficult due to increased cooking gas usage at homes. Despite all the problems, some cooking gas businesses have performed to the notch because of an on-demand solution.

Interested in building an on-demand cooking gas solution? Here, we have explained how to build a profitable mobile application. Let’s dive in!

The business models

Independent cooking gas providers

The new start-ups or cooking gas agencies can get the app developed for the business. It ensures a precise delivery process and seamless services to the customers.

Cooking gas delivery aggregators

The person with deep pockets creates a platform for the cooking gas providers, where the cylinder delivered to the customers at their fingertips. It bridges the gap between the providers and customers like- Uber model.

The on-demand cooking gas delivery solution’s features that make the app thrive

The cooking gas delivery app works seamlessly when four different interfaces for four different stakeholders work in rhythm. Every interface is packed with a distinct set of features for smooth functioning.

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The features for the admin app

  • Vendor tracking: The admin can view and track the list of vendors that are distributing the cooking gas on a single dashboard.
  • Product management: The admin can add, modify, or remove various types of gas depending on the customers and market requirements.
  • Transaction management: The admin can view and manage the transactions against every cooking gas cylinder booking. It helps in identifying the discrepancies in the transactions.
  • Detailed reports: View the summary of all the transactions and their details like- payment due or the payment mode.
  • Performance analysis: With all the details regarding deliveries, order cancelation or postponed, and customers’ feedback reports, the owner can assess the performance and make the decisions accordingly.

The features of the vendor app

  • Central dashboard: The vendor can view the customers, orders placed, and delivery drivers on a single screen. It lets them manage everything hassle-free.
  • Driver management: Vendors can keep an eye on every delivery driver followed by their details, including attendance, orders delivered by them, and real-time location to maximize productivity.
  • Order management: The vendor can view the details of the daily orders like- order delivery is pending, ongoing, or completed in a few taps. It lets seamlessly manage the orders daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Stock management: The app enables the vendor to set the limit for the minimum and maximum stock availability, which pre-inform them for order purchase when the stock is low. It ensures the orders always fulfilled while ending the nightmare of out-of-stock.
  • Transaction history: The vendor can view the transaction detail of every customer, including cooking gas price, taxes applied, date and time of the transaction, and others.
  • Real-time tracking: The vendor can view and track the number of drivers on the road completing deliveries. It helps them make the payment to the drivers accordingly.

The features for the driver app

  • Toggle availability status: The driver based on the availability, updates the status for cooking gas delivery service in a particular area.
  • Route optimization: The drivers can make the deliveries quickly and easily when they have the best route beforehand. The app analyzing traffic congestion, weather fluctuations, and road conditions, makes the suggestions.
  • Efficient deliveries: The drivers can view the list of deliveries to accomplish followed by their status like- scheduled, pending, or completed. It enables them to complete the deliveries as early as possible.
  • Payment tracking: The drivers can keep track of the record of the transactions, payment due, bonus, tips, and others in detail.
  • Feedback management: The driver can view the ratings and reviews provided by the customers, which help him improve the behavior or services accordingly.

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The features for customer app

  • Effortless onboarding: The customers can register and sign in using their phone numbers, email id, or social credentials.
  • Order placement: The customers can raise a request and place the cooking gas delivery order by checking the cooking gas type availability in real-time.
  • Delivery schedule: The customer can either set a location pin to confirm the delivery address or manually add the delivery address to schedule the delivery for a specific time.
  • Easy payments: The multiple payment options such as cash, credit/debit card, mobile wallets, UPI payment, and others have made the checkout process a breeze. It enables the customer to make payments both ways- online and offline.
  • View order summary: The customers can view the order summary in detail, including order quantity, cooking gas price, delivery charges, additional taxes, and others.
  • Live tracking: The cooking gas delivery status is tracked right from the order is placed to its final delivery. It keeps the customer stay informed about the order delivery.
  • Push notifications: The updates about order status, new discounts/offers, new features introduced, and other things sent in the form of push notifications.
  • Connect with driver: Sometimes, the customer needs to connect and communicate with the driver regarding the uninformed delays in the deliveries. That’s where in-app chat and in-app call help in the same.
  • Promo codes to save money: The promo codes are sent to keep the customers engaged with the cooking gas delivery service, which customers can apply during every transaction and get benefits from the offer.

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How the on-demand solution benefits the cooking gas businesses?

The transition from a traditional cooking gas delivery business to an on-demand solution benefits the business in distinct ways. Let’s see the advantages received by the businesses after jumping on the on-demand bandwagon.

  • Convenience is a king!

It’s well-known that what’s right is often forgotten by what’s convenient. The traditional approach to delivering the cooking gas cylinder was right, but customers are ready to forget the same because of the convenience. The on-demand solution allows the customers to book and schedule the order at convenience, which delights them.

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  • Safety lets your business soar higher

Conventionally, it’s difficult to ensure the cooking gas delivery quality and safety because the customers have zero accessibility to the filling process through cooking gas pass through before getting filled in the cylinder. The mobile app provides sheer transparency into everything, which keeps the customers stay with peace of mind regarding quality and safety.

  • An army of loyal fans

In the fierce competition, the companies can easily capture your customers’ attention, and the loss costs a ton to the businesses. When the customer loyalty programs are baked into mobile solutions, the probability of making the customers repeat the purchase from the same service provider is higher. Under the loyalty programs, offers/discounts, promo codes, referral codes, and others implemented for the best results.

  • Payment becomes a breeze!

The only mode of payment- cash on delivery and the problems of cash exchange frustrate the customers. That’s where the on-demand solution comes in handy. It facilitates a multitude of payment options, in addition to invoicing, which makes the customer happy.

  • Win customer trust

In the age of instant gratification, when businesses can meet customers’ instant needs through an on-demand solution, the chances of winning customers are higher. Plus, the addition of value-added services makes them a great fan of your service, and they never look further.

The cost of building the cooking gas delivery app solution

At first, it’s not feasible to estimate the ballpark cost for developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery app. It depends on several factors such as the platform types, features, components of the admin panel, design complexity, and other things. Plus, it varies according to the on-demand mobile app development company’s location too.

Undoubtedly, developing a cooking gas delivery app requires a lot of experience and expertise that takes care of the entire development operations. It means the role of distinct professionals has a high impact on cost estimation. Let’s take a look at the cost breakdown.

App platform: Either Android or iOS or both.

App design: The level of complexity defines how easy it’s to grab users’ attention.

App size: The number of essential features and advanced features involved.

All in all, building an on-demand cooking gas delivery app from scratch costs you $15,000-$20,000. When you enhance the app with advanced features, the cost will surge accordingly. If you want to spend a little and want to market the app at speed, then a readymade solution is the perfect fit for you. You need to invest $5000-$7500, and the on-demand solution will be ready to launch in just 15 days.

Final thoughts

Saying the potential of an on-demand cooking gas delivery solution is hardly exploited in any corner of the world is not an overstatement at all. The unexplored territory is a gold rush for the cooking gas businesses that they must join to make the gas delivery a seamless experience rather, which is quite an arduous task for them. If you are interested in providing convenience to the customers and growing your business sales and profits boundlessly, embrace the solution now.  

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