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On-Demand Milk Delivery App Development: The Business Model, Features, And Cost

The Comprehensive Guide For On-Demand Milk Delivery App Development

In the 21st century, milk has lately entered into the on-demand space, but when we see the roots of on-demand space, that’s subscription services which were started with milk deliveries. Surprised? Let’s dig deeper!

In 1860, UK citizens subscribe to milk deliveries for convenience that remain famous for at least 100 years, which later took the form of on-demand apps in early 2000. At first, Uber taxi has transformed the transportation industry and then digital disruption is employed by various industry verticals. How can milk delivery stay behind?

The milk delivery app has turned out as a great solution to the people worldwide juggling with work and when they need to shop for milk on the way back from home. Post-COVID, the doorstep milk deliveries gained high popularity as zero-touch deliveries meeting the dairy product needs without stepping out of the house.

The entrepreneurs have recognized the on-demand milk & Grocery delivery app development as a lucrative investment that pays off in long run in parts. Milkbasket, Milkrun, Udder Milk, Mitch, and Shatto are some of the popular on-demand milk delivery apps that delight people with fresh milk delivery and businesses with skyrocketing revenue.

On-Demand Milk Delivery App Development
On-Demand Milk Delivery App Development

It’s convincing enough to pour in efforts, dollars, and time into the milk delivery app development. That’s great. Are you unaware of- where to start, how to do it, and what to be taken care of? If so, the nitty-gritty of milk delivery app development, monetization, and marketing is explained in detail.

Let’s dive in!

Various business models of milk delivery app

  • Dedicated model

Dairy companies use this model to enable milk deliveries, and seamlessly manage business operations, supply chain, and target customers. The application expedites the delivery process including- milk production management, tracking, record maintenance, and so on. Also, it helps in improving brand awareness and business expansion.

  • Aggregator model

The platform allows the retailers and distributors to sell the milk in different areas. The customer schedules the order by prescribing its quantity and type, then the nearby retailer completes the deliveries. The owner receives a certain percentage of commission on every transaction made through the app.

  • Retailer model

When a milk retailer opts to take the business to the mobile individually, then creating an on-demand milk app makes perfect sense. It helps in generating an extra stream of revenue and gaining popularity too.

Milk Delivery App Development

What are the features you should include in a milk delivery app?

The on-demand milk delivery solution must have a range of features under different interfaces- customers, vendor, and admin interface that makes the app stand out in the crowd.

Customer interface

  • Customers can register or log in using a phone number, email id, or social credentials.
  • Create a profile by adding location and contact details.
  • Multiple searches or filter options for easy search of the dairy products.
  • Add products to the cart and then review them virtually before checkout.
  • Multiple payment methods for easy and convenient checkout.
  • Reorder the same product from the purchase history for easy ordering.
  • Track orders hassle-free in real-time to check the delivery status.
  • Schedule order by time and days through the calendar.
  • Push notifications to inform the customers about the new product launches or offers.
  • Loyalty rewards and referral rewards to make the customers keep using the app.
  • Write reviews and ratings about the products and services received.

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Vendor Interface

  • Register and sign in using the credentials provided by the system.
  • A retailer needs to provide valid documents and licenses for verification purpose.
  • Select the operating hours and can toggle the status anytime depending on the availability.
  • Manage the inventory by adding products and their prices.
  • Reserves the right to accept/reject the milk delivery request.
  • Keep tabs on the delivery personnel to ensure timely delivery and guide them for the best route.
  • Track the daily, weekly, or monthly earnings via earning dashboard.

Admin Panel

  • View and access retailers, customers, and orders from a single dashboard.
  • Send optimal routes to the delivery personnel for completing deliveries in reduced time and fuel.
  • Manage feedback to better answer customer queries.
  • Create and manage new and old subscription plans.
  • Create and manage the new and old advertisements.
  • Create and manage the push notifications to send to the customers and retailers.
  • CMS and CRM system for content management and customer relationship management.  

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How can you make dollars with an on-demand solution?

There are various ways to make money and increase the total earning through various revenue models. Here are the different revenue models that increase your profits-

  • Commission model

When you integrate the commission model, the registered retailers need to pay a pre-defined percentage of the amount as commission to the admin. It constitutes the major part of the revenue that the admin earns.

  • Subscription plans

Various subscription plans are created for the customers that ensure a consistent stream of revenue. Plus, the advance payment keeps the cash flow coming to the business and improves the bottom line as well.

  • In-app advertisement

When the app scores a certain level of popularity, it’s good to put ads on the app. When the businesses pay the amount to put ads based on the CPM, CPI, or CPA, it creates an extra income for the admin and it will surge as the customer base increases.

  • Featured listing

The retailers are asked to get listed on the home page in exchange for a fixed amount of money to improve visibility and increase sales.

How much does it cost to build an on-demand milk delivery solution?

Launching a milk delivery application is not child’s play. It requires the entrepreneur to be ready with dollars to spend, in addition to the strategic planning. Without optimal investment, you can’t think of bathing in billion dollars. To be clear, we have described the milk delivery app development cost breakdown:

  • The platforms on which the app to build- ios, android, and windows.
  • How to build the app- native, hybrid, or cross-platform.
  • The app design’s complexity.
  • The list of features and functionalities to include.
  • Third-party plugin and services integration.
  • Development company’s geographical location.

All of these factors together impact the app development cost, so depending on your budget, decide the things accordingly. Get clear with the list of features and design elements, and then consult the development company to know the cost for future proceedings.


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