Simple Guidance For You In Android App Development

Simple Guidance For You In Android App Development

As you open your Android smartphone, you find multiples of Android Apps swinging by the screen.

You have an app for photo editing, gaming, banking, health, and lifestyle and so on. There is no limit and certainly, there should not be. So, if you also have any such idea for Android App development then come up with the idea and build your own app. Who knows, it becomes the record-breaking app liked by all ages and genders.

NectarBits found in September 2009 with an aim to provide customized mobile application development solutions, it’s a unique software development company with offices in New York, USA, Canada, and India. We helped our clients to grow with 30% more hike compare to their previous business by providing mobile apps and integrated cutting-edge solutions to engage their customers in a better way.

But, as you could be a beginner in the field of Android application development, there might be some restrictions to face- be it software language or an idea of implementation. Therefore, here we have brought you a simple guide to start Android application development.

This guide will cover all the prospects starting from polishing the idea of designing the interface to write the code.

So, sharpen your technical skills and be ready to hit the market with your trendy Android App Idea.

Why should you choose Android App Development?

Before explaining how-to-do-it, here we would like to start with why to do it- why should you only start with Android?

Well, the answer is quite simple- Android has a global presence with the indisputable leader of the market in its hands. It has totally covered the major part of the world, including many developing as well as a developed countries. Therefore, if you come up with an app idea, there are billions of people who will actually use it. Also, as you will be consistent in developing the apps, you would have great job security as well.

Getting started- the skills to be learned

In Android App development, the first thing that comes into play is a technical skill. Yes, masteries in different Languages, using the emulator, and testing the bugs are some of these. Therefore, let us first start to understanding the technical skills needed behind your first android app development.

Learn the technical language

If you have finally thought of making an android app, the least with which you can start is learning the language. There are two languages in which you can start with Java and SQL. Let us see the brief.

Java: It is the most basic language and a building block in Android application development. In this language, you will have to learn basic concepts like listing variables, loops, controls, etc. Learning this language will help beyond just the android development.

SQL: In order to organize the database, you will require the SQL. Therefore, you should at least learn the basics of SQL like retrieving the information to and from the database and much more.

Downloading the Android Software Development Kit

To get started, first download the good Android Software development kit and install it. Then start getting used to it by exploring it.

Now, these were some of the essential parts to complete, however, there are certain other steps to make.

– Bing up your own idea of an Android App

– Draw the wireframe

– Choose the IDE and set it up

– Create your images and work on it

– Build the layout

– Write the code

– Implement the advanced functionality

– Polish your concept

– Publish your app

– Register with Android Store

We hope that you will soon come up with a good idea.

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Himanshu Patel

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