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10 Examples of Successful Companies Using React Native Apps in 2022

The idea of cross-platform React native apps development accelerates the process of getting the app built for different platforms. However, cross-platform development is not preferred by everyone considering it as not a good option to create native-like experiences. If you are wondering- which framework can make it done. The answer is- React Native framework.

Combining the benefits of native apps and hybrid apps, React Native enables native-like app development for both- Android and iOS platforms at the time and cost of one app development. Code reusability is cited as the main factor behind rapid development, and native-like rendering enables native-like user experiences.

That’s the reason the leading players have opted for React Native to power the application and write a success story. Intrigued to listen to the inspirational stories? If so, take a look at the success stories of 10 business giants.

11 Examples of Businesses That Have Hit the Sweet Spot With React Native Apps

Facebook- built and made the framework shine

GitHub - callstack/react-native-fbads: Facebook Audience SDK integration  for React Native

The name of Facebook as an example is certainly going to be at the top of the list because React Native framework is the result of one of the internal hackathons organized by the social media channel. In the summer of 2013, Facebook aimed to bring advantages of web development to its mobile counterpart. Initially, React Natively leveraged to power the iOS version of the Facebook application, but now, it’s leveraged for Android’s UI development too.

React Native begin its cross-platform journey with its Facebook Ads app, which was first released on the Android platform and then iOS. Facebook ads app emerged as a powerful weapon for the online marketers with the capability of allowing users to run and analyze the marketing campaigns straight from mobile. React Native is a perfect fit for building complex apps with a diverse range of features followed by outstanding user experiences.   

Instagram- makes the app stand out in the crowd

20 Best React Native Apps In 2021 - Purrweb

The photo-sharing social channel, which was created in 2010, needs no introduction today. Later, when Facebook acquired the Instagram platform, the Facebook team started rewriting the app using React Native that begins with a small feature- pushes notification. After the team experienced the significant wins with a small change, they move ahead experimenting with more features with React Native.

Moreover, when the team started adding new features to Instagram, React Native allowed the channel to implement new features at reduced time and effort to both platforms- iOS and Android. The high code reusability from comment moderation view to post promote view makes it possible.    

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UberEats- scaling up the services at ease

Another venture from Uber aimed to connect the restaurateurs with the people who want the food to get delivered anytime, anywhere. UberEats provide a platform to the restaurants where they can easily receive an order from the users and connect with delivery partners for smooth food deliveries. With the desktop version, there are three interfaces of the venture- restaurant, driver, and customers. However, translating the web to the mobile version is not an easy task.

Uber team went slowly in leveraging React Native for powering mobile apps as they did it in parts. React Native helps in building Android and iOS versions of the UberEats and expanding the services.

Airbnb- integrated React Native into real estate marketplace app

How I redesign Airbnb's in-app searching experience | by Fangyuan Dong |  Medium
real estate marketplace app

The app experiences an increase in user interactions around the holiday season that uplifts the load. Plus, the addition of new features is time-consuming that won’t allow the app to keep up with the competition. Airbnb decided to integrate React Native with their existing native apps to ship new features at speed.

The code reusability enabled components reuse and refactoring a breeze. However, the Airbnb team has faced a couple of challenges while using React Native and it’s expensive at the same time but paid off in terms of its benefits.

Shine- the mindfulness app chose React Native to keep everyone motivated

The app has scored enough popularity across the USA with a large audience base due to the inspiring and motivational quotes and articles published. The app relieving the people’s stress decided to build an iOS app due to its vital market share and at the same time, they want to develop an Android app quickly with business growth. That’s the reason the company opted for React Native.

The app was launched on the app store in 2017 and was regarded as the best app by the Apple store in 2018.  

Walmart- gained impressive success that’s inspiring

Walmart Grocery supermarket News
Walmart App Development

The retail giant generating more than $500 million in revenue every year has scored top position in Fortune 500 companies list. Walmart allows users to do online shopping hassle-free with a range of features, but implementing the same in the mobile version is a complex process. That’s where React Native stands out.

The framework has helped the retail giant to launch the mobile version with a plethora of features such as product search, online shopping, in-store price checking, Walmart Pay mobile wallet, and others seamlessly. The 95% codebase sharing in the Walmart project allowed the team to work on apps for both platforms simultaneously at half of the development efforts. Plus, the addition of incremental features at speed enables the retailer to meet the customers’ needs before the competition does.

Tesla- just did it for the best results

The leading electric car manufacturer already has a website that enables people to browse and buy cars. Looking at the mobile trend, the manufacturer has decided to get build a mobile app. That’s where React Native option they found the best.

React Native framework leveraged to build an app for iOS and Android platforms with a little-to-no difference in their user interface. The features such as horn, headlights, charging, and others work the same on both platforms.

Discord- embraced React Native even before its release

The app is popular among gamers as a text and voice chat app, but millennials also use the platform as a social channel. Initially, the platform was available as a desktop version only. Later, the company built its mobile application for major platforms using React Native framework even before the official release of React Native.

The Discord team with just two people on the board has developed the app due to code reusability and fast iteration that React Native framework facilitates. Presently, the app is available on two platforms- Android and iOS.

Discovery VR- combining the magical effect of VR and React Native

Discovery channel has unfolded unbelievable things that are beyond the reach of an average Joe. The original programs with great scripts have astounded the people. Later, the Discovery channel wants to take the experiences to a new level with VR app development. The VR app has enabled people to travel the distant places even the planets and other activities such as skiing, hiking, and others. It sounds great, but development was not so rosy.

React Native framework has helped the Discovery team remove all the thorns from the development bed. It enabled UI development that renders a seamless VR experience to the users. Now, people enjoy VR experiences with a mobile device and any VR set.

Wix- the game-changing solution for app development

The well-famous website creation tool with no coding knowledge at no cost is tried and tested by 80 million users. It scaled up a website development service with a web hosting service and web analytics feature. Wix team wants to facilitate the app development facility with mobile counterparts as well.

The team decided to go mobile leveraging React Native framework. The biggest bet that the company placed in the framework turns out to be a boon and helped the team to overcome the set of challenges they are facing. The development time is truncated by three times than usual and gets finished in a matter of six months from scratch.

Pinterest- turning to framework bring the fantastic results

The social platform is based on collaboration, sharing, and exchange of unique ideas in the form of images or videos. The Pinners continuously reshare the content and can save it to the personal folders. Most of the interaction is done by Pinners on mobile, which means pinners using the app in the bathroom, bedroom, office, or anywhere.

The mobile apps that fuel up such inspiration must be stable and user-ambient. Later, the team realized to turn to React Native for the best results. Using React Native, the team can introduce changes in quite less time due to code sharing.


The React Native app development is taking a driver seat in the cross-platform world. The viable option to native development has appealed to the leading businesses and allowed them to explore a range of possibilities. Want to bring dynamic growth and high popularity to your business with React Native framework leverage? If so, get in touch with our business consultant that will help you know- how our custom React Native development team can meet your project needs.

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