How Your Dating App Got , 2 million downloads without spending any money

How Your Dating App Got , 2 million downloads without spending any money

In the digital universe where everything has gone mobile from the people’s lifestyles to business operations, the love space is no exception. A few decades back, meeting and dating with a stranger online was unimaginable, but now, mobile dating has become a part and parcel of nearly every love relationship that has started or exists.

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With universal acceptance, the matchmaking industry is transformed into a business of love (Dating apps) with billion-dollar market size and revenue. The instant gratification needs fulfillment to find love beyond the geographical reach or social circles and private chat are the top reasons for the dating app’s popularity. Besides, the meteoric success is gearing up the slew of new entrants to make a big hit and reap the rewards.

However, the market is oversaturated with steep competition from rookie players and making the app stand in and stand out the competition is an easy task. Whether you are looking for a foodie partner, a companion with a thick beard and mustache, or a lover who loves cats, there’s an app for everything.

Oops! What to do now? Do you have a unique dating android app idea? Want to rack up a large number of users and dollars like the top honchos? If so, you have to learn everything from top to toe, which separates a successful iOS application for dating from the rest.

Let’s dive in!

  • Decide your target audience

Mobile dating start-ups should decide the audience that the app will target. It’s not essential that your app can gain over the mass market in the first attempt. Creating the datingmobile app development that targets specific audiences is a good option to gain huge traction from the users and build an army of loyal fans. Farmers Only, Twin dog, Grind, Bro, and Swipe are some of the instances of audience-specific dating apps.

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  • Do the necessary competition research

Conduct research on popular dating apps such as Tinder, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, or OkCupid to identify the list of features, advantages, and weak points, which help you, make a great app for people. Based on the research, we have found a couple of features that enables the biggest dating apps thrives the users. Let’s see:



  • Top picks: To increase the paid members, the feature facilitates the best possible matching with a curated list of users. Places: Introducing location-based feature the app has enabled matching with similar interests such as sports, cinema, or dog-walking.
  • Bitmoji integration: After hooking up Tinder’s accounts and Snapchat accounts, the customers can access the Tinder app by logging through Snapchat.
  • Feed: Allow users to share the visual experience while chatting with their loved ones. Swipe surge: It signals the users when they are on a peak of Tinder usage. A notification is sent informing the users that they are highly swiping in the area.


  • We met: It’s an initiative taken to turn the online dating into real dating and long-term relationships where the app asks users if they went on a date and like to meet again after exchanging the phone numbers.
  • Most compatible: To increase the chances of setting up a date in the real world, the new algorithm is applied that analyzes user’s preferences, likes, and pass to find the exact match.
  • Your turn: Most of the communications ended up unintentionally. That’s where a reminder is sent to the users to provide the response on-time.
  • Matchmaker: The awareness of friends who are also on the Hinge and suggest the best match for them.

Coffee Meets Bagel   

  • Notifications: When the users receive a message as notification when offline, then they can reply from the notification itself.
  • New feed design: The new view to like or Pass the users in the suggested list is designed.
  • Profile commenting: Allow users to comment on different pieces of profile before chatting.

These are just a couple of upgrades that these apps have used to cut through the noise and stand high on the popularity ladder. You can come up with a set of basic features and advanced features that set your app react native development apart but don’t copy them. Move ahead with a list of features.

  • Perform utility testing

Once, you have decided on features, it’s necessary to test the utility for the users while finding the love. Mainly the weak points such as user convenience while dealing with the feature, loading time, and the visual appeal of the page (Creating any confusion with so many elements on the same page) are identified. Later, affinity mapping is done to better weigh user feedback and possible pain points.

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  • Synthesize everything in a single package

With utility tested features list ready, it’s essential to check the performance in the real world, which is possible through prioritization and task flow creation.

The app needs prioritization is done to determine whether the features add value to the users and businesses or not. Different personas are created to identify the issues that the audience faces when dealing with the app. The multiple task flow creation enables visualizing the actions that users can take so that their solutions must be kept ready.

  • Create a prototype

The prototyping helps in visualizing the future app behavior like- how the navigation on the account page and chatting page performs. The low-fidelity mock-up is a cost-effective approach to check the look-and-feel of the app, reflect changes in the plan, and simplify the navigation structure, which helps in increasing conversion rate.

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  • It’s time to validate

This is a step to validate the prototype design and check the app’s usability wearing the end user’s lens. When the user interactions with any of the app elements are found distracting, the prototype will be iterated and tested again to ensure the app performs as expected with no glitches. Validation is done repetitively unless the prototype is considered as a perfect fit by the client.

  • Gain a competitive advantage with extraordinary features addition

The list of features you have created will work as a base for the app, but including a unique feature that works as a USP of the app must be put a laser focus on. The core feature will differentiate your app in the crowd and can position the app on the top. Extra attention, efforts, and time must be given to the feature to make it special, and thus your app.

  • Ensure security

The users’ data protection comes by default in the dating apps. What you should focus is on creating an environment where the users will be comfortable while finding love and chatting with the mate. The important steps must be taken to eliminate the abusive attitude, assaults, and other things that may negatively impact the app’s credibility and reliability.

  • Launch social campaigns before the app launch

To engage the target users ahead of the app launch, create an app’s social network page, post unique content including news about the app, and establish an emotional connection with them to build an initial user base. When the promo materials go viral on different social networks, your app will be blessed with thousands of users on the day one of the app launches. Viral marketing is leveraged by many dating apps before launching the app or bringing a new update to the app to bring a sense of excitement to the users.

  • Launch the website

Organic traffic is a true bliss for dating apps, which can be generated by creating a landing page and continuous blogging. Saying it as a complete dating app marketing solution won’t be an overstatement at all.

Creating a landing page with a registration form is a good approach to collect the user’s emails and keep them informed about the app launch. The landing page gives a clear idea about the app and future updates before the app hits the app store. Once the app is launched, the links to download the app from Google play store and the Apple store should be placed.

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The blogs prove to be efficient in telling the app story and connecting the users with the app emotionally. The engaging content should be written around the dating app that includes how the app solves the target audience’s needs.

Note: Undoubtedly, you can’t forget ASO for dating apps to make the app top the charts, but the efforts you made to populate the app with thousands of users through the landing page and blogging won’t bring results unless they are SEO optimized. Make certain to SEO optimize the website by using the right keywords, and then making them fit into URLs, meta descriptions, title tags, images name, and blog posts’ texts.


The matches are made in heaven. Do you think it still holds true in the mobile dating world? Of course not, online Love has become a multi-billion dollar business where the matches are made on mobile in a couple of seconds and the people can start dating with the soulmate. The new start-ups are trying the hands to gain a good share of dating industry revenue, but it has brought fierce competition from new upstarts in the same hand.

What to do? Promoting the dating app is vital to earn enormous success. Before the app promotion, you should make important decisions for the target audience, the list of features, USP, prototype, and validation. Later, the social marketing campaign and the website can be launched ahead of the app launch to gain organic traffic, and bring enough attention and users to the app on the day one of the app launches.

Finally, launch the app. You certainly receive the optimal user attraction, if everything is done rightly. All the best!

dating app solution

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