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How Salon Business Operations Automation Increase Sales And Revenue?

content updated : 15-07-2021

Let’s accept it: salon trends are changing every week, which necessitates for the salon business to play a catch up with fast-changing trends in the busy lives. Yes, the life of a salon business owner is not easy. He keeps tabs on the routine tasks, simplifies the workflow, handles marketing activities, manages customers and reviews, maintains a pace with trends, and a lot more.

Presently, giving a digital-makeover to the salon business is the latest trend to stay ahead of the game.

Building a tech-friendly salon enable the salon business owner to focus on important things- customer interactions, expanding the services, proprietary product line, customer satisfaction, and ensuring superior UX. Plus, the salon mobile app features business operations automation which addresses the rudimentary problems that the salon is facing and improves productivity on another hand.

Salon Business Operations
Salon Business Operations

Source. Just keep the graph with an arrow at the top of graph (Write- ‘Growing at CAGR 7.11%’) showcasing the sharp rise from 2020 to 2025.

The spa and salon software market are fragmented across the globe. Asia Pacific region holds the highest market share in terms of revenue. The early adoption of digital services, changing lifestyle that’s focused on physical appearance, increasing disposable income, and improved advanced technologies and tools are cited as the common factors boosting salon app market.

Salon  Automation Increase Sales And Revenue
Salon Automation Increase Sales And Revenue

Take a glance at how automation through salon app development boost salon businesses’ sales and revenue:

Eliminate the queuing problem with digital appointment scheduling

Those salons are still living in the dark ages that are using phone calls to accept and confirm appointments. It involves a lot of hassle as the customers have to wait for long to get the appointment booked for now or later; the appointments are booked only during the working hours; no reminders for the upcoming booking; a dedicated resource needs to allocate that matches the professional’s availability for the schedule before confirming the appointments.

With automated appointment scheduling, the system allows the customers to book the appointments anytime, anywhere, and get a confirmation in real-time. In the background, the system performs intelligent matching where the professionals’ availability and equipment availability are checked before accepting the booking request. Additionally, the customer receives the reminder before the appointment booking date so that there will be no missed appointments.

Seamless workforce management

Like every business, in the salon business, different professionals are hired that work individually, who needs to deal with tactically, else a little conflict ruin the salon environment. Managing the employees- the most valuable asset of the salon is no easy task.

Thankfully, the beauty salon is the biggest savior. The app automatically distributes the tasks among employees based on the specialty and availability so that no one blames anyone. The performance of every employee is tracked in the form of services provided and the customers’ reviews for the same to improve productivity. With payroll integration, the employee’s wages are managed on the same screen.

What’s more? The cloud-based solutions allow salons to set up a virtual office on their mobile phones, which lets them connect with and manage the business anytime, anywhere.

CRM system implementation

No salon business can increase the appeal in the market unless the customers’ feedback is taken into the consideration. Manually, collecting every customers’ feedback and then assessing the services, stylist, and salon performance is not feasible.

With CRM integration, the customers’ data including- services are taken, feedback and preferences are collected and analyzed in a matter of seconds. The manager can connect and communicate with every customer leveraging rich insights that increase customer satisfaction and ensure a wow experience on every visit. This approach also helps in retaining customers.

Embracing accounting software for book-keeping

Traditional accounting on paper was quite tedious and tiresome to access, handle, and manage. Also, if you need the income reports for a specific month randomly, it’s difficult to generate in a few minutes. There exists the risk of getting accounting books loss, theft or tampered too.

Salon app featuring accounting software makes things done easily. The automated programs handle the bookkeeping cycle, generate reports on hand, enable tracking employees’ salary, and digitize the sales section with profit and loss sub-sections.

Make the check out easy with mobile payment

Society is now moving into cashless orbits. No one prefers to carry cash in the pocket and pay as cash. Also, the cash payment leads to long queues where the customers have to wait for long for their turn.

The long queues at the POS in the salon are trimmed or eliminated with mobile salon software that allows the customers to make pre-payment or after the service through mobile apps using mobile wallets, credit cards, debit cards, or other payment gateways.

Consolidating the data stored in silos and efficient tracking

The salon offers a wide range of services and facilities and executes multiple operations that function in silos and are difficult to track.

salon app development reinvents the salon business with a digital upgrade where a simple and responsive UI displays the broad spectrum of services that the salon offers under one roof. Besides, all the operations- billings, customer details, sales reports, support tickets, and contacts are automatically synchronized that helps in customer management and removes the chances of errors.

Marketing campaign management like a pro

Adding a new dimension to the salon business and growing its dominance beyond the local area with increased customer outreach requires a marketing plan. Promoting salon awareness with traditional means is not as effective as digital marketing campaigns.

With a salon app development, you can promote the business at the place where your customers are and spending most of the time like- Facebook, Instagram, emails, or text messaging. Marketing the business at all these places results in improving business awareness and the promotional offers or deals that can help in bringing those people to the app and book the service. 

Not to forget, the analytics also helps in finding the marketing plan performance so that the right changes are brought in the plan to improve marketing effectiveness.


The salon industry is creating waves in the market besides new cuts and hairstyles. The dynamic industry is evolving with new business practices, customer services, and new technology. The on-demand salon app is the latest addition to it, which has become the hottest trend in the industry. There are various ways the on-demand solution is automating the operations that are resulting in improved sales and high ROI. Let the technology take the driver’s seat in your salon to warmly embrace the changes and stay successful. Get connected with a mobile app development company to get things done rightly


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