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How Can Value-Added Services Addition to The Fuel Delivery Solution Benefits The Businesses?

In the last couple of years, the role of fuel delivery solutions has become significant in the lives of people across the globe. With the advent of technology, the fuel delivery app is enhanced, but many factors have increased the operational complexity. It has led the fuel delivery businesses to change their strategies. Let’s understand the complete scene.

Initially, the people are happy with fuel delivery services as they are saving their time, dollars, and efforts of visiting the fuel station. However, the ever-changing customers’ expectations and increasing competition has made it important for the fuel delivery service providers to add value-added services that thrive the customers and enable businesses to survive amidst fierce competition.

Take a look at what the value-added services are:

The value-added services are the set of advanced features that renders the best experience to the customers after using the products and services. There is a range of value-added services offered during the whole supply chain that binds the customers to the businesses positively. They are designed in a way that meets the customers’ demands with quality maintenance and complies with standard rules and regulations.

Saying value-added services as the wishbone of the fuel delivery mobile app development is not an overstatement at all. It’s so because the additional services increase the product demand in the market, provide additional support to the businesses to seize an edge in the market, and generate additional revenue.

Impressed? Willing to include the value-added services in your fuel delivery app development? If so, here we have explained the various types of value-added services that can make your fuel delivery business profitable.

Different types of value-added services that you can integrate into the fuel delivery business

Facilitate oil-changing services

Oil changing is an important service that vehicles need after completing a specific distance. However, the frequency at which the vehicle needs oil changing services varies according to vehicle type, vehicle’s condition, and distance traveled. The people that avoid oil changing services for a long time have experienced significant damage to their businesses. Here, moving to the specialized services deters the people oil changing. The fuel delivery solutions have started offering oil changing services as value-added services at the customers’ doorstep. The providers bring all required equipment that makes oil change a breeze.

Offer accessories to streamline the fuel delivery

The people have accessories in their vehicle that needs to get repaired after the regular intervals to extend the longevity. Also, if damaged, the customers want them to get replaced with a new one. All such things are covered in accessories-related value-added services offered along with fuel delivery services.

The fuel delivery business provides the accessories like- nozzle, fuel pipe, and others. Also, the providers sign an annual maintenance contract with the business to get the accessories repaired continuously at optimal charges. It creates an extra avenue for earning.

Give them a fuel card

Let’s accept it: the people love plastic cards everywhere, be it making payments, handling loyalty points, and others. The fuel delivery applications adopting the latest trend can offer the fuel card to the businesses as a part of the loyalty program.

The loyalty points earned by the customers on every fuel order get recorded on the fuel card. The improved loyalty points motivate the users to order the fuel repetitively from the same application. In addition, to repeat purchases, the fuel card facilitates cashless payment, security, digital invoice, no chances of the fraudster, and others.

Provide car wash services

Car wash service is an integral part of the car maintenance services that every car owner needs, but finding a reliable car wash service provider and taking the car to the service place is quite a task. Thanks to fuel delivery apps that provide car wash as a value-added service. The apps offer a wide range of car wash services using no water or harmful chemicals that affect the car body. The service helps in increasing the lifespan and usability of the car and keeps the car shining as it was purchased on day one.

Win the trust with after-sales support

You might be puzzled about what services the fuel delivery app can provide to its customers after completing fuel delivery requests. The after-sales support includes- warranty of accessories supplied, repair for the value-added services, if they are damaged, upgrading the system, and more. the customers can get the benefit of all of them.  

The Business Benefits Of Complementing The Fuel Delivery App Development With Value-Added Services

Improved customer acquisition

Undoubtedly, the value-added services deliver a wow experience to the customers and nurture relationships with the customers. The happy customers certainly share the good experience with the people in the circle, which means the value-added services encourage more people to download the app and start using the services.

Also, the app’s marketing team can use the value-added services as the USP which address the challenges that customers are facing and reflects the brand value. The customer analytics tool help in knowing which value-added services are performing to the notch and how customers are reacting to it. The data collectively helps in increasing customer acquisition.

Generate high profits

Using the same fuel delivery app with little enhancements enables the business to keep the existing customers engaged with the app and increase customer acquisition. The fuel delivery service provider can either extend the services or partner with third-party service providers that provide value-added services such as car washing, oil changing, and others. Without spending bundles, the userbase is increased, which in turn, uplifts the sales and revenue.

Ensure product differentiation

In the blood-thirsty competition, with wafer-thin margins, it’s difficult for the fuel delivery businesses to play catch up with the big fishes in the pond and stay ahead of the pack. The value-added services can turn the impossible thing to possible for the fuel delivery business.

Also, the fuel delivery business provides prime memberships to the customers that offer extra privileges to the prime members in exchange for a fixed amount. It delights the customers and creates value for the brand.

Boost customer loyalty

The fuel card kind of value-added service improves the convenience as the customers can keep track of the loyalty points like- the total loyalty points, when they are redeemed, and how much the customers have right on the mobile. It strengthens the loyalty program and builds an army of loyal fans.

The ‘something extra’ with value-added features gives a sense of getting perks at no cost. It makes the customers consistently use the app for fuel delivery and other value-added services.

Engage the customers with hyper-personalization

The value-added services can perform better if the services are offered to the customers based on the purchase history and browsing patterns. That’s where personalizing the services before offering them to the customers is a good choice.

The targeted value-added services are offered in the form of personalized offers that attract new customers and retain the existing ones. There are various ways to implement the same such as rewarding the customers or sending a ‘Thank You’ note for sharing the feedback on social channels.  

Build the brand

The value-added services help in building the brand to makes its presence felt in the market. There are two ways to make it done. First is you can interview the customers and upload it to YouTube channel to tell your brand story from the positively influenced customers, which impress other customers.

The second way is to build a community of the existing customers on different social channels and ask the community members to post the experience on the channels.

Summing it up

The world is ever-changing and technologies are continuously advancing to meet the changing needs of the customers. The fuel delivery service is the best instance of it, which have started mushrooming to meet anywhere, anytime fuel delivery needs of the customers. As the fuel delivery need is evolved, the companies are forced to meet the requirements through value-added services introduction.

Maintaining a pace with the emerging needs of the customers has helped the companies to generate extra revenue. With passing time, we expect to see more value-added services complementing the fuel delivery applications. Stay tuned to us for knowing the more additions to the value-added services.

Himanshu Patel

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