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Top 10 Spa and Salon Scheduling Software That You Should Opt-in 2022

Let’s accept it: it’s an app that creates all the differences for the business.

Salon businesses that have embraced the salon scheduling software are real-life proof of the same. They have experienced seamless appointment scheduling, smart inventory management, effortless payment, customer relationship management, and digital marketing helped them to improve salon productivity and ROI. It sounds good.

It means it’s the right time to get your salon business organized with salon scheduling software adoption. What’s next? You jumped on the research bandwagon to choose the right salon software. But the research journey proves to be more confusing. See why?

salon scheduling software
salon scheduling software

During the research, you will find the long list of salon software, which you have compared using the user reviews and the service provider claims. The salon software provider always claims that their solution is the best while hiding all the peculiarities. Plus, the one-to-one comparison is not a feasible option. What to do?

Don’t worry. We have got your needs covered in the blog enlisting the top 10 salon scheduling software. Let’s dive in!

Square appointment

The On Demand Salon appointment scheduling app solution   is booming across the USA, Canada, and Australia because of its minimalistic design, advanced functionalities, easy-to-use, and competitive price. The solution encompasses an online booking website and Android and iOS apps.

It allows salons and individual stylists to effectively manage the appointment bookings. Square also offers seamless integration with other square products like- credit card readers, POS, marketing suite, and others, which makes it a complete package for the salons.

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Also, the app facilitates free subscriptions for individuals. The advanced inventory management sends the stock alerts so that the items never run out of stock. The SMS and email reminders help the customers not forget the booked appointment, which results in zero show-up failure.

NCT -salon scheduling software
OnSalon software

OnSalon software

The comprehensive software is known for its simplicity in managing everything centrally. OnSalon is an on-demand solution that provides all the features that a salon needs to run the business successfully. The feature-rich platform packed with intuitive UI design is highly customizable. It enables salons to give the salon business a digital makeover in a personalized fashion.

The email marketing, loyalty program, appointment reminders, push notifications, and advanced inventory management makes it easy for the salon to increase the business exposure, attract more customers, and uplift the conversion. The salon can either choose to use the platform using a subscription model or purchase it.


The online scheduling app allows salons or individuals to manage work schedules. When the salon acquired the platform, they can add services to display on the front-end and schedule the services according to their time availability. When the booking requests are received, the admin can view all requests together on the dashboard and can manage the appointments. With a simple customer management module- the admin can add, edit, or delete the customer profiles.

The schedulicity software is free to use for the salons. When the salon required advanced features support, the software facilitates add-ons, including payment, reminders, package management, auto-billing, and location management. The software is a perfect pick for small businesses.


If you are looking for a digital salon solution that allows customers to schedule, book, and pay right on the page they are without much back-and-forth (Redirecting to other pages or apps), then Booker is the right fit for your business. The online platform created by MindBody facilitates online booking, online payment, and digital marketing in one package.

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With Booker platform deployment, the salon can allow customers to schedule, book, and pay right on the website. If customers browsing the salon’s Facebook page, they are allowed to book the appointment right on the Facebook page. The software allows salons to improve marketing efforts with social promotions, loyalty programs, and discounts.  


The Rosy software will make everything rosy for your salon business. The complete package facilitates multiple things in parts. The scheduling module allow salons to maintain customer appointments. Also, offer the customize auto-reminders. The simple checkout enables salons to manage all the transactions, cash drawers, gift cards, and other things. The mobile responsiveness allows salons to monitor and control the salon remotely. All the features listed above comes in a standard package that costs around $27.

The premium package includes marketing tools such as text messaging, email marketing, and so on. It cost around $37 to the salon if they had only one professional within the salon.

Simple salon

Just like the name- simple salon, the software is easy to install, easy to comprehend, and easy to use. The software provides a range of booking, payment, reporting, and marketing features, which meets all the digital requirements of the salon. The video training facilitates easy set up the software and data migration to the platform.

The software provider offers everything under a single package, but the package cost depends on the number of professionals working at the salon. If the salon doesn’t want the number of professionals-related limitations, they can choose the package that costs $99 that facilitates unlimited staff.  



The scheduling software provides easy access to salon bookings on the salon website and salon’s Facebook page. The salon owner can manage the customers and deliver the personalized experiences via tailored automated reminders, product recommendations, and loyalty programs. The iOS app counterpart availability allows the owner to manage, run, and track the business performance on the go.

The software provides various packages that meet the needs of the salon of different types and sizes. The small salon can go ahead with a scheduling package wherein they can access all the booking features. The salon wants to include retail features, they should opt for the scheduling and sell package where they get access to all scheduling features, in addition to product retail.

Acuity scheduling

Subscribing for the digital platform often limits the salon with customization. It won’t allow salons to reflect the brand in the app. Acuity scheduling is the ideal solution that allows salon businesses to customize everything without needing to compromise anywhere. It allows the salon to add uniqueness to the digital solution by branding the booking page and seamless integration with an end number of third-party tools.

Salon app CTA

Covering the broad spectrum needs of various sizes and types of salons, the software renders the best scheduling experience. It’s free for individuals and premium for the salons with several professionals working under one roof.   


The software formerly known as Schedul is available worldwide and has served more than 50,000 salons across 120 nations geographically. It’s highly known for its subscription-free facility, no trial, and no usage limits. Despite being available for free, the platform continuously upgrading to maintain a pace with the modern platform.

The open-source platform is a good fit for the salons or individuals at shoestring budget and not tech-savvy (Easy learning curve).  The Fresha marketplace helps you to get more customers to discover your salon at ease. However, the lack of customization options is a limitation of the platform that can be overlooked when we look at the plenty of advantages it offers.

Versum salon

Getting complete salon software within a small budget is tricky. That’s where Versum salon is the best pick. It covers all the salon operations and marketing activities at a reasonable price. It provides a 50% discount to the salon businesses buying or subscribing to the software package.

The software works seamlessly across the UK via an online booking website and iOS and Android app support. Under advanced features, it offers advanced inventory management, customer management, business reporting, and loyalty program.


Looking to maximize the salon business growth with the increased number of bookings, higher customer satisfaction, and better ROI? If so, it’s the right time to add spark to your business with salon scheduling software adoption. However, the software selection process is tiresome. That’s why we have got your needs covered in the blog with a list of top 10 salon scheduling software. The best pick of the salon world helps you narrow down the choice to one salon software. Read and find out which one fits the bills.


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