How to Make an App for Cleaning Business?

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You can make more money, but not time. Time is a precious commodity that needs to handle because you can’t get back the same. The busy person knows this very well. That’s why people don’t like to invest their time in cleaning rooms, dusting, or other cleaning activities. It’s a torturous chore for them. They are willing to take off the cleaning burden from the shoulder.

This change is experienced worldwide. What’s more?

Technology has helped people get free from cleaning tasks and cleaning tasks done just in a few taps. The uber for cleaning activities have enabled getting cleaners booked at a lightning-fast speed. That’s why steep growth observed in the home service market in the last decade.


Why Is Cleaning Service App Gaining Immense Traction?

  • Accept booking 24/7

It keeps the cleaning companies open 24/7 as the customers can place the cleaning request anytime, anywhere. Depending on the cleaners’ availability, the app automatically dispatches the task to the cleaner and confirms the booking. With the improved visibility into cleaners’ availability, the bookings get accepted round the clock.

  • Serve according to needs and expectations

Irrespective of B2C business types, customer satisfaction, and customer experience are two essential things that businesses can’t overlook. With the mobile app, the company can directly get in touch with the customers and know their preferences and expectations. The seamless communication helps in meeting what the customers need and delighting them.  

  • Build a brand

The mobile app is a powerful tool in your arsenal to raise your cleaning business voice. The business’s logo on the users’ mobile app keeps the business in the sight of the users. It leads to improved brand recognition. Plus, the push notifications help in reminding customers of service status, retargeting the customer with deals, or informing them about booked cleaning activity status. It results in a higher engagement rate as well.

  • Improved conversion and ROI

The simple booking flow and 24/7 accessibility make the cleaning task activity done- a breeze. It stimulates the users to book the cleaning activity on the go, which increases the number of bookings and profits.

How To Create A Cleaning Service App?

  • Select the geographical location

When you are starting a business, decide the location where the cleaning services are in demand. Initially, begin with a small region and even on a shoestring budget, and then gradually increase the service range.

  • Conduct the marketing research

When you have selected the location to serve, it’s vital to analyze- who your customers are and what they need. For instance, private houses, flats, construction companies, or commercial offices. When your customer research is done, the next is competition research. You can analyze what the successful home service cleaning companies are doing and what’s missing. It helps you in creating a distinct niche in the market.  

  • Decide application functionality

To create an excellent solution must have basic features such as map integration, displaying active/inactive cleaners, rating system, push notifications, mobile scheduling, digital transactions, reports, and analytics. Also, the companies can introduce advanced features to differentiate the app in the market.

  • Test the app in real-world

Before going into the market, it’s better to test the water with the MVP way. When the cleaning app with limited functionality is launched, it’s called MVP. It helps to assess the users’ reaction to the app and what needs to change for better results.   

  • Create a marketing plan

The on-demand cleaning app development is a half-won battle. You can win the remaining battle when the app reaches the targeted audience and make them install and use the app repetitively. It comes with the best marketing strategy creation that includes app optimization, social promotion, paid advertising, and others.

  • Team up with the cleaning app development team

When you have everything ready at your end, it’s time to search for the development partner that can get your app build meeting the expectations. Look for the team of project managers, accounting managers, coding superheroes, UI/UX designers, QA & testers, and marketers.

House Cleaning App
House Cleaning App

What Does The Cleaning App Feature?

Three different interfaces are built under the cleaning app development, namely- user app, cleaning service provider app, and web admin panel. Let’s discuss the feature of each interface in detail.

Cleaning App For customers

  • Customers can log in and register using their phone number, email ID, or social credentials.
  • Create a profile, including- photo, name, preferences, and other settings.
  •  Apply filters or search the services by keywords.
  • The customers can view the cleaner’s profile after finding the cleaner matching the cleaning needs.
  • The customers can either ask for quotes for the cleaning service or negotiate with them.
  • AI-based recommendation system suggests the time and price for the cleaning service required.
  • Schedule the bookings after looking at the cleaners’ availability.
  • View, access, and modify the upcoming bookings.
  • Get connected with customer support to clarify the cleaning service-related details.
  • Make the payment using any payment options- cash, credit card, debit card, mobile wallets, or other payment gateways.
  • Provide the reviews and ratings for the services they received.
  • Push notifications are sent to keep the customers informed about service status, deals, offers, or new services addition.

Cleaning App For Service Providers

  • Submit all the documents required for verification purposes before registration.
  • The service providers can log in using the credentials provided by the system.
  • Create the profile including- photo, name, service they provide, experience, and ratings & reviews.
  • View and manage the orders according to their availability.
  • View, track and manage all the history of transactions for better finance management.
  • View the performance and earning report for every week, month, or year.
  • Toggle the status if they don’t want to work.

Cleaning Panel For Admin

  • Can log in using the credentials provided by the system.
  • Manage the customers, service requests placed by them, and their complaints about fast resolution.
  • View and manage the CMS pages such as blogging, ads, banners, articles, or notifications.
  • Set up the subscription fees, commission fee, and membership fee.
  • View and analyze all the reports to drive insight and make data-backed decisions.
  • Provide support desk to integrate new features with readymade APIs integration.

The Technology Stack Prefer for Cleaning App

The selection of the right mix of technologies and tools has a great impact on cleaning app development. We leverage the right tech stack that makes the app scalable, flexible, and reliable alongside a high degree of customization facility. The technologies we use-

  • APP Programming: Prefer React Native development to enable cross-platform development that renders the best experience on both major platforms- iOS and Android.
  • Front End: The latest CSS3, HTML5, and other UI/UX tools ensure minimalistic design engineering that thrives the users.
  • Backend Development: Latest PHP with Laravel Framework
  • Google map and Apple map integration for GPS tracking facility.
  • Facebook API, Instagram API, and Twitter API integration facilitate social login implementation.
  • Push notifications:, Google Cloud Messaging Service
  • Analytics: Firebase,, and FCM for making the push notification feature work.
  • Payment: Braintree, Stripe, and PayPal integration to enable digital payment.

Cost Of Cleaning Service App Development

We provide no ballpark cost or standard rate for building a cleaning app for your business. The unique app needs, feature requirements, and marketing strategies make the cost calculation for every project different. It counts on the development company’s location, developers’ rate, features list, UI/UX comprehensibility, and project management needs.

On average, if you outsource the project to an Indian company, they take 1000-1500 hours to develop the app, and when it’s multiplied by the hourly rate costs between $20-$40, the development cost goes up to $20,000-$60,000.

How Can Nectarbits Help You Build The Cleaning Service Application?

The development company selection plays a vital role as they can make or break your app’s success. We ensure your business success because we know how to get this job done. At Nectarbits, we have a team of highly skilled experts that works professionally and dedicatedly on the client’s project.

The sheer transparency in all the interactions and constant communication with the project manager allows the programmers to code in the same way the client required. The agile methodology helped us in knowing whether our team and client’s app needs are aligned or not.

The testers rigorously test the app to ensure it performs glitch-free, bug-free, and with no crashes. When the app launched, we provide all the source code to the client so that your project remains safe.

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