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NectaCart Supercharge Your Online Marketplace with Exclusivity


There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can fit with varying businesses’ needs. NectaCart facilitates a high degree of freedom to tailor-made the Ecommerce store from UI design to functionalities.


Your business is certain to grow in the future. NectaCart offers a scalable infrastructure that enables your store to accommodate an increasing number of users and orders without any impact on performance.


Stepping with the changing market trends is all-important. NectaCart extensible infrastructure helps your store to get built and implement more features at a later stage.

Digital marketplace landscape

NectaCart is packed with all capabilities that cater to diverse Ecommerce business needs from startups and SMBs to large enterprises. Revolutionize your offline business with an Ecommerce extension.

Security & performance that speaks

Robust tech stack

NectaCart is built leveraging the MEAN stack and provided to the businesses in an encrypted form, which reduces the possibilities of cybercrimes. The tightly knitted library makes it impossible to hack and run the code anywhere without getting a license.

Facilitate XSS

The fraudsters also trick the websites by entering manipulative scripts in the users’ browsers. It’s referred to as cross-site scripting, which is restricted by the NectaCart platform that doesn’t allow frauds to gain control over users’ access.

Offer PCI & SSL compliance

Mostly, data are hacked in transit from a web server to browser. NectaCart engineers have perfectly taken care of this thing with the integration of SSL certificates on the server that ensures a secure connection from the server to a browser.

No SQL injection

SQL injection is a well-famous technique leveraged by fraudsters wherein they inject SQL commands as input to hack website data. NectaCart has taken all the measures that won’t allow hackers to inject fraudulent code and make changes in the application.

Prevent CSRF

The security malware makes the website vulnerable in one click and forges authenticated end-user actions. They ruin the privacy system that prevents various websites to interfere with each other. NectaCart stops this by restricting the CSRF attacks.

Avoid sensitive data leakage

NectaCart better handles sensitive data such as users’ financial data, healthcare data, contact details, and account info by ensuring no flaws in program code, encryption layer, and database. It eliminates the chances of getting users’ data exposed to fraud.

Licensing is a must

No one can set up an Ecommerce store using the NectaCart platform unless a license is provided by the system. It helps Ecommerce up the ante of security by preventing unauthorized users to access code and library file encryption.

Robust authentication

It’s common to see how easily hackers exploit users’ accounts during the session or gain access to the user credentials and manipulate them. NectaCart platform prevents vulnerabilities to steal credentials or hijack the sessions.

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