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Ecommerce and retail divisions we provide a solution

While retail as an industry is immense and requires endless numbers of industries. Below are some of the segments to which we have successfully given a solution.

Department stores

We help department stores optimize customer satisfaction and profits, and meet rising demands in the face of intensified competition.

Discount stores

We support to maximize merchandising, increase efficiencies in the supply chain, and produce product mix forecasts for better retention.


We help optimize prices, fine-tune inventory preparation, and deploy POS systems of the next generation to enhance the customer experience.

Specialty Retailers

We help specialty retailers accept shopping's future by offering instore sales ideas and solutions.

Ecommerce and Retail Consulting & Solutions

NectarBits retail experience helps retailers turn the pressure points of today into new business opportunities, and maximize their retail operations by mixing traditional and contemporary sales content.

Resolve multifaceted supply chain issues, bringing value and reserves along their conversion journey e-retailers need to renovate their supply chains to be quicker and more agile.

Combining deep retail and system management experience with best practices to ensure the most profitable way you get the highest quality solution.

Using modern mobility and various technologies, e-commerce solutions are moving to portable gadgets we don’t dare to step out without.

Technology which defines retail's future

A series of reforms are underway in the retail market. This has more to do with technology, the cloud, and automation than with retail stores and PoS solutions.

Contactless payment

The use of RFID or near-field communication (NFC, for example, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay) is on the rise.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial retail intelligence is implemented in new ways across the entire product and service process, from production to post-sale experiences with customer support.

Augmented Reality

Retailers are riding the increasingly advancing wave of virtual reality to offer their physical and digital interactions with enhanced capabilities.

Drawing Inspiration From The World Around Us

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