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Developing mobile apps for the education sector that maximize the output of education and training programs

NectarBits has considerable expertise in providing educational app functionality using the latest learning methods – gaming, social learning, interactive learning, and interactivity. We can create tailored apps for your unique L&D needs.

We understand that Mobile learning applications are the need of the hour. Whether you are a business looking to impart training or an educator wishing to deliver courses or appraise learner performance in real-time, our mLearning mobile applications do the job efficiently.

Our learning app development process is not just about ideation, growth, and launch. We have extensive round-- app support and maintenance services to promote new technologies and functionality. NectarBits apps will keep your eLearning solutions mobile, current, competitive and cost-effective-now and in the future.

The benefits of our informative eLearning solutions make us the best learning app development company.

Our solutions make mobile app creation synonymous with comfort and ease.

Usage versatility

Learners can view content on devices of their choice. You will run offline after you download the course as the best benefit of our educational technology software.

Greater push notification reach

Mass notification of critical information and news or updates can be posted in seconds using mobile education apps. The integration of the app with social media further widens the reach of these applications. Also, prompt push alerts and warnings about the path or services can be carried out efficiently.

Higher course completion rate

Our strategies for creating mobile learning apps encourage a far higher rate of completion than eLearning courses. When students can use their handheld devices to navigate the course in downtime, they can complete it more effectively.

Adaptability of new methods of teaching

Our mobile eLearning app solutions have varied applications, from the creation of easy-to-consume learning nuggets to immersive work aids. With new teaching methodologies, our modular, well-designed software can be easily updated so that learners can gain the full value from them.

Greater contribution & interactivity

We make open and user-friendly classes, tests, practice sessions, FAQs.

Effective performance adaptation

MLearning apps can be combined with formal training to better convey concepts. It can be used to drill into or teach different applications of a concept. Combined with a mix of learning (online and classroom) leading education application development companies such as ourselves to build mobility solutions for education that include a powerful training and evaluation tool.

Supporting tools for results review

These user-friendly, visually appealing apps can drive a complicated concept in a fun, interesting way. Hold learners motivated by cool approaches, and hold teachers up-to-date with the success of the learners. Our Education Software Solutions can be used as performance improvement tools such as fast reference guides, SOPs, ready reckoners, FAQs that learners can use in any environment.

Real-time interaction

Our educational software developers provide the learning software industry with a forum for the teachers, learners, staff and community to be linked 24/7 through our database integration and cloud services. Information on the results and material of each learner can be held online. Our applications for education technology can serve as an online pool of tools that can be reached in real-time by learners.

Increased cost-efficiency

Investing in an app for mLearning is a wise choice. It allows educational entrepreneurs to generate high revenue by entering into partnerships with digital content providers, publishers and other service providers to provide even more services to your users.

Our educational app development services suite improves corporate mLearning

The range of our solution suite makes us one of the world's leading development companies in education apps.

Training apps for companies

Our Easy to Follow Design when combined with Clients' Learned Content can create a training module that helps the team learn something new or hone their present skillset.

Induction and orientation apps

Our training app developers team is specialized in developing custom, brand-specific apps that make it easy for the HR to embark on new employees and for the candidate to feel right at home with the first swipe, zoom, and click.

Employee engagement apps

Our Employee Engagement based Education Mobile Apps have been used by Fortune 500 corporations as a platform to bring and connect all the employees.

Apps to enhance skill

Backed by AR / VR and IoT, our skill enhancement apps focus on raising employee skills through the gamification medium.

Tuition apps

Our tuition app development solutions are devised to make accessibility of education real-time and non-geography bound.

Drawing Inspiration From The World Around Us

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