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Top best On-Demand Car Wash/Cleaning Mobile Apps to Look In 2020

A quick look at some of the Industry Stats: 

  • The market size of the car wash & auto detailing industry has grown 4.4% per year on average between 2015 and 2020.
  • The car wash and auto detailing industry in the USA is ranked at 15th position in the service industry by market size.
  • The market size, measured by revenue, of the car wash and auto detailing industry, is $13.3bn in 2020.
  • The market size of the car wash and auto detailing industry is expected to increase by 3.1% in 2020.
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It signals the on-demand car wash apps are scoring high on the popularity and usability ladder. This trend continues to surge as the people increasingly look for these services through car wash apps. The myriad of the car wash apps available on the app store that confuses the people as to find which one is the best is difficult.

Our team of business analysts got your needs covered with the research where they have created a list of car wash apps that are performing exceptionally well and exceeding the user’s expectations. Take a look at all of them:


Los Angeles based startup, Washos has an iOS and web app that allows customers to make car wash bookings and get the wash services at the doorstep. In a short tenure, the app has gained enough traction and receiving over 1,000 bookings every day.

Under the service umbrella, the app allows the users to book the car wash services for now or schedule for the later date in advance. The pre-designed packages are offered in addition to the classic car wash. Also, the packages are customizable and allow the users to customize the package and add services as per their needs. The discount and promotions are offered to improve loyalty. There will be no unexpected fees so you can rest assure for no extra costs other than services.

MobileWash- Car Wash On-Demand 
  • MobileWash- Car Wash On-Demand 

The app is a leader in the car wash industry that’s bringing car wash services directly to your home or work. The most affordable on-demand car wash app leverages service location and vehicle type to ensure the users get the best value for what’s they paid. 

The app allows the users to choose the exterior wash service or both- interior and exterior services anytime, anywhere. The add-ons such as clay bar and paste wax and water spot removal are offered when requested by the users. Maintaining complete transparency, no hidden fee is charged. The loyalty discounts such as $5.00 off every 5th wash and bundle discounts are eye-catchy.

  • Wash Doctors:

The app offers car valeting service at the customer’s doorstep in greater London just with a few clicks. The users can order a wash with a chosen Valeter and they will come to the location to provide the service from 7 AM- 7 PM, 7 days a week.  

Both interior and exterior valet services are offered where the access to unlock the car is necessary when exterior services are booked. The eco-friendly and toxic-free products are used for exterior and interior cleaning. The add-ons are facilitated under the exterior service.

  • Skkyn car wash

The car wash solution allows the users to book a wash by tagging the car’s location, providing the car details, and selecting a time when they like the car to be washed. The app offers exterior wash at cheaper rates at the users’ desired location. The trained professionals accomplish the interior and exterior cleaning in an eco-friendly manner.

Instawash- premium car wash
  • Instawash- premium car wash

The premium car wash service app provides premium car wash services from certified pro-detailers without having to travel to a car wash and waiting in a long queue. The various plans are offered to suit the users’ needs, which can be customized if required.  

The users can rest assured about the detailers at INSTAWASH as they go through the professional detailing training program to ensure they deliver just a premium standard service.

  • Keno car wash:

The premium car wash service operating in Dubai allows users to book the car wash services to the doorstep. The specially designed wash process and usage of handpicked ingredients ensure that the car would shine the way it was purchased on day one post-wash servicing.

The body wash, interior cleaning, extreme interior cleaning, extreme body wash, and interior disinfectant services are offered under the service umbrella. Besides, for doorstep services, the trained ninjas (professionals) are hired to keep the customers smiling.

Cleaning Mobile Apps to Look In 2020
  • Messy steam car wash

It’s a unique type of car wash service, where the steam vapor is used to clean the car’s exterior and interior. Steam car wash services are highly in demand due to their effectiveness and sanitizing power. The app ensures the specialized steamer machine and best-in-class polishing techniques are leveraged to enhance the car look from inside and outside.

The app provides complete steam cleaning, interior steam cleaning, exterior steam cleaning, and waxing services as booked by the users. The eco-friendly car wash service not just saves time and money, but water as well. The germs are killed in a non-toxic manner thereby making steam cleaning suitable for electronics cleaning.

  • Waves car wash

The bunch of car wash types is designed to best fit with the customer’s varying washing needs. The app allows the user to self-serve, enable touch-free wash, or offer complete Valet wash, whichever requested by the users.

Under the hood, the app provides high-tech combo auto wash, self-serve and dogwash bays, range of polishing options, valet wash, and pre-sale detailing packages in an express delivery way 24/7.

  • JustWash

As the name suggests, the app has simplified the way people book the car wash service at their fingertips. The user-friendly app allows the users to get reliable water wash or waterless wash services with several add-ons. You need to download the app and use it to explore what more the app has in the bucket to offer.

  • AutoBrix

Its auto wash service, which is offered to the customers requested at the convenience of their home, office using the mobile app. The team of professionals provides auto services using advanced tools (The user should inform the problem to get to know what tools will be required) and techniques to identify the problem and fix it on the spot.

In addition to the auto wash service, the car wash, bike services, tire services, battery services, and AC services are also offered. The good package deals and skilled workers are the major attractions of the app.


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