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Uber For Handyman: A Home Services App Development Guide for 2022

Step-By-Step Guide To Build a Handyman App Like Uber

Let’s rewind your tape to the 1990s cartoon series- Richie Rich. Have you remembered Irona- the robot maid who performs all the chores in the house?

Every one of us imagines having such a maid in our house who makes breakfast and coffee for us once we wake up, makes the house clean and tidy after we left the messy house, performs needful repairs in the house, and keeps the dinner ready once we get back to the house. It’s a great fantasy. Isn’t it?

Sadly, technology has not improved enough to meet these hi-tech needs. Well, not to that level, but technology has made something as good as Irona. Excited to know the alternative of Irona? The handyman services app can perform all the magic that possibly Irona-like robots can create in the future.

Developing mobile apps like Uber for a handyman for your business

By developing a simple Handyman Clone App, it is probable to assess your future business prospects at a partial investment. You can understand the feasibility of the app, the choice of app development technologies you can utilize, and what updates you need to make to the app. After receiving feedback from users, you can bring enhancements to the app. You can add new landscapes to make the mobile app a star. After implementing all the adequate features, the app can be set up in an app store.

If you are planning to startup And boost your existing business and thinking about building on-demand handyman apps or building an app like uber for a handyman, you must think of a distinctive way to take hold of the consideration of users. To create an app like a handyman that deciphers users’ day-to-day difficulties and makes their life calmer we can assist you to get the most excellent on-demand app for iPhone and Android platforms.

The Handyman Home App provides benefits for both the service seekers and the service providers. These on-demand apps make the consumer save their time and for the service providers they got secured and perfect payments.

If you are looking to develop a handyman home service mobile application as a product, then develop a user-friendly and high-featured mobile app with the best mobile app development company. Here we are going to look at the step-by-step guide to building handyman Home Service App Development.

 Handyman Home Services App Development Company in Europe

Let’s understand the on-demand handyman app in detail:

The Custom Handyman Home Services App model has bridged the gap between the users looking for uber for handyman home services and home service providers by connecting them on a single platform. There are several home services such as cleaning services, home maintenance services, installation services, pest control services, and repair services, which are possible just with a single tap on the app.

The service seeker just needs to install the handyman app, browse the available services, and then send a quote to the service provider for the home services required. The service provider receives the service request on the app and can provide the quote for the same. The admin has access to all the master data to view and manage everything from the web panel.

The on-demand app solution helps service providers to extend the reach to the customers, make the most out of the opportunities, and easily get the payments done. The customers can save time, money, and effort in searching the reliable service providers and get the services at their convenient schedule without needing to take the appointments.

It’s benefitting both- the service seekers and service providers. Timely services, round-the-clock availability, and easiness in domestic qualms are the perks of the Handyman App Development Services that gear up people to leverage them.

The handyman app falls under the category of on-demand home service app, which is expected to witness a growth of 18.91% and reach USD 1,133.40 billion by 2026.

Geared up to build an Uber for handyman / Home Services App Development? If so, then take a peek inside the interfaces to create and the features to include:

SHEGHARDY On-demand Home Services & Home Projects

For service provider

  • Create or update the profile to inform the user about the services.
  • View the list of jobs requested by the people.
  • Accept or reject the services based on availability.
  • Get the user’s details post-request acceptance.
  • Update task status to show the occupancy on the app.
  • Receive the ratings and reviews for the services provided.
  • Track the order history anytime, anywhere.
  • Manage the service status and the cost.

For service seeker (Users)   

  • Easy onboarding with social credentials or phone numbers.
  • A long handyman listing.
  • View handyman statistics to analyze the performance.
  • Schedule bookings for the services required.
  • Track the handyman’s location to help them arrive using the shortest path.
  • Instant chat with the service provider once the service booking is done.
  • Real-time alerts to notify the users about handyman status.
  • Easy payment through wallet, credit/debit cards, or cash.

For admin

  • View the customers’ and service providers’ details, and the jobs are done on a single dashboard.
  • Access and manage the reviews posted by the customers for the different service providers.
  • View and manage the service providers’ services.
  • View the bookings detail and booking status.
  • View and export the daily, monthly, or yearly reports.
  • Integrated analytics to find hidden insights.
  • Manage the earnings, fees, and commissions.
  • The data is stored in the cloud for data security and improved performance.

All the features comprising the handyman app are illustrated. You can decide on the features you want to include initially and later, scale the app with more features.  

The technology stack for handyman Home Services App Development

Technology is the backbone of what the users will be seeing on the front end. For the glitch-free performance of the handyman application, the decision of the technology stack is very crucial. Proficiency in technology is all-important to narrow down the choice of technological tools, APIs, and a lot more.

In the event, you are not a tech-savvy guy, it’s highly recommended to consult a development team and then decide on the technology aspect.

on Demand App Solution CTA

The cost to develop Uber for Home Services App Development

To make the Sci-Fis a reality like Irona, you have to build a handyman app for the target audience. There is enough room to grow in the unexplored territory. But, the cost of handyman app development is the biggest roadblock, which deters the budding entrepreneurs in the first step.

Don’t fret! The on-demand mobile app development comes to the rescue. The off-the-shelf solution allows you to get the app up and running in a matter of days without spending bundles. However, it comes with a set of limitations.

In case, you are capable enough to build the app from scratch, then developing a handyman app for Android and iOS platforms costs you around $10-$15k individually. The set of features, design, platform, technology, and the development partner location had a huge impact on the final cost. So, get the estimate from the Handyman Clone App For Android and iOS app development company and then make various decisions that suit your budget.

Still, if you have any queries regarding shaping your handyman app like uber idea into reality through the Custom handyman services app solution or custom handyman clone app development from scratch, then feel free to connect with our business consultant.

Wrapping Up: App for Handyman Home Services App Development

Launching an app like Uber for Handyman Home Services App is an extremely profitable business idea, at present. With the growing demand for on-demand services and the increasing aspiration of users to get access to solutions, conveniently, launching an app connecting them to service providers is a great idea. If you are also planning to realize your dream of becoming an entrepreneur through the app route, this might be your best chance of succeeding.

Our expert consultants can help you refine your idea and transform it into reality by using our past experience and tech expertise. We have helped several startups in launching dedicated mobile apps like Uber for handyman services App in the past making us capable of enriching your idea with useful insights. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our experts today.


What will it cost to develop an on-demand handyman home service app?

Building a basic featured app like an urban company will cost you between $10,000 to $35,000. And, building a highly advanced featured app, will cost you between $55,000 to $85,000.

handyman home service app cost may vary depending on the platforms you wish to target, the technology you use, and the developers you hire to develop the app. The cost varies depending on the hour invested in building it. The time varies as per its specifications, functionality, and cross-platform single-platform compatibility.

How much time will develop an on-demand handyman home service app take?

The time of developing the on-demand handyman home service app depends on various factors. It depends on the technology, specifications, device compatibility, and so on. It probably takes about 7-8 weeks and goes up to around 20-24 weeks depending on several factors.

Are you looking to start the on-demand handyman home service app? We have an offer for you!

Provide the world with easy access to what seems impossible. We will assist you in developing an app for it. We are equipped with highly trained professionals who are passionate about apps and their development. Join us and let us bring a change together.

What type of business can adopt the on-demand service app services platform?

Through an online platform, the business that allows or wants their customer to offer services like ordering, payments, delivery service, etc., through online platforms can adopt the on-demand apps. For example, grocery stores, food stores, ride-sharing businesses, taxi booking businesses, home care services, health care centers, and others fall into these categories of business ideas.

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