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The White-Label Real-Time Chat Solutions

Do you know around 72% of the people prefer sending text messages, and reading them and replying to messages within seconds? It’s a sign- text messaging is still an effective and faster way of communication. Do you want to create an instant messaging application like WhatsApp / Viber? Want to chat in a group? Want to message one on one and send voice mail?

NectarBits excels at building custom, stable, and scalable instant messaging solution for different platforms and devices such as iOS, Android, IoT, wearable, and web, and implementing the same in your existing app.

The Instant Messaging App Development

The businesses can streamline the workflow and multiply business productivity with smooth communication
and a secure chat environment. It’s all feasible when scalable chat server and robust architecture is
leveraged to best manage the growing number of users and the chat. At NectarBits, our team has built a chat
server on the grounds of WebSocket Protocol that supports all modern mobile platforms and web browsers.
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The Comprehensive List Of Features
To Simplify The Real-Time Communication

One-to-one chat

The users can converse in a one-to-one fashion, which helps a ton in business chat.

Group chat

Allow multiple users to chat simultaneously as if they are in the chatroom.

Voice Message

The users can record and send the message in their voice in a few taps.

Offline Message

The offline messages are stored locally and when the user gets online, the messages are received by an intended person.

Images, Videos, and Location Sharing

The user can share the multi-media files and real-time location detail to make the chat interesting.

Backup Chat History

The user can easily backup or archive chats in the data cloud to preserve or remove the memories.

Video Call

The users can easily have a group and personal video call with the real-time chat app.

Audio call

Irrespective of the network carrier and country, the people can get connected over the voice call.

Message broadcasting

The selected text message, image, audio, or video can be shared with multiple users at the push of a button.

Block/unblock users

Users can block any contact with whom they don’t want to chat in the future.

Online Indicators

The user can easily find the real-time friends’ presence and the message they read or not with indicators.

Last seen

The users can keep tabs on friends to see when they are least active on the app for chatting.

Push Notifications

The user’s phone will ring a bell when they receive the message on the app.

Control push notifications

The notifications sound or vibration can be turned off, depending on the user’s need.

Smileys/Emoji Support

The huge collection of smileys and emojis can make the chat a great fun and expressive as well.


The complete details of the users such as payment, subscription, and others can be viewed and managed.

Social integrations

Allow the users to easily register and login through social accounts, which further add convenience.

Sync and store

The users can easily chat on any device just by signing on the device.


With end-to-end encryption, no third party can snoop and spoof the user’s account. It’s completely DDOS attacks free.

Report conversation

The inapt chat can be reported by the users to the admin.

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