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Field Sales Software Solution

The field sales activities are automated and digitized with our on-site, enterprise-grade and custom-built sales management and sales rep monitoring system.

Transforming industry-wide sales

Our field sales management software is customizable and flexible enough to empower field marketing and sales reps across verticals, from medical reps to insurance agents.

  • Pharma Manufacturing & Distribution
  • BFSI
  • Retail/FMCG

Enhancing Medical Rep Productivity

Simplify the marketing and sales by equipping your medical representatives with a powerful field sales app.

Assign and monitor Daily Targets

Increase lead collection, role transfer, delivery of customer service and other activities for the on-site sales agents.

Boost Sales Across Retail Touch point

Empower the field agents to promote and deliver goods more effectively by using sales rep software functionality such as e-cataloging.

How It Works?

A simple, smart and secure solution to enable field sales transformation for your digital enterprise.



Field sales reps use the app to get their daily target and task details.



You get a 360° view of all field sales activities from your office.



Data collection, analysis and leverage for actionable insights.

A comprehensive Automation of field sales solution

Get an on-site deployment of our field sales software solution with a feature-packed sales rep app and a powerful admin web panel.

The right guide for your mobile workforce

Branded mobile apps that provide you with all the information and tools you need to perform your jobs confidently. The applications allow for continuous connection and data flow between your back office and the agent on the ground.

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Native apps

Seamless UI / UX and brilliant rapid performance on both mobile iOS and Android devices.

Task Dashboard

Field reps will view and schedule their daily tasks right on the home screen of the app.

Location Sharing

Monitor the field staff's real-time GPS coordinates and track them more precisely.

Geo Attendance

Field reps, along with location validation, can check in for work from anywhere on the field.

Visit Reporting

Field reps will monitor the outcomes of visits and follow-up activities directly from the app.

Expense Manager

Simplified Employee Compensation process with automated claims submissions.

Create Orders

Instantly, field agents will take new orders from your customers on the spot.

Custom Forms

Enable your field team to collect all kinds of data using custom form fields.

Mobile CRM

Quick access to the list of prospects and clients from a different tab in the App.

Alerts & Reminders

Keep the field reps up-to-date and on board with timely updates.


Digitize sales pitches and presentations to your prospects with rich multimedia content like digital catalogs.

Reporting & Insights

Bring the most out of your field staff by supplying you with valuable KPIs.

Get complete control over your field sales activities.

With our sales software solution, local management can operate and optimize operations by leveraging information from their field team in real-time and clear operational visibility. You can set targets for different reps individually and monitor their progress and performance from the central dashboard.

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Powerful Dashboard

A sophisticated web panel for managing all aspects of any field sales.

Job Scheduling & Dispatching

Create and assign tasks to your field agents using intuitive dispatch workflow.

Real-time Monitoring

Know the location of every field member along with the key activities being performed by them.

Order Management

Collect and monitor all orders received from a dedicated section by your field agents.

Invoicing & Payments

Track the status of invoice payment for orders placed by your customers with sales reps.

Client Management

Maintain a list of all our prospects and clients with key information and the latest updates.

Field Force Management

Maintain a list of all our field agents with important details and updates.

Inventory Management

Keep your product listings up-to-date for your field agents to promote and sell easily.

Expense Management

Streamline expense approval and reimbursement workflow for your field agents.

Reporting & Analytics

Drill in detailed documentation for all activities undertaken by the field staff.

Much more with new functionality and integration.

Get more from our sales technology approach by incorporation of advanced technologies and other software systems and tools. We can create custom apps based on the unique requirements of your field sales operations.

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Chat & Collaboration

The in-app messaging feature can connect and share information with your field sales reps in real-time.

Mobile POS

Field agents can use the Mobile POS feature to receive payments for orders and pending invoices.


Make your field sales activities a little fun and enhance productivity and revenue.

Offline Mode

Let your field reps operate smoothly even in remote areas where Internet access is weak.


Effective integration with applications from third parties and with other back-office systems.

Mobile Learning

Within your field sales app, add a sales training module to provide your agents with valuable know-how.

Workflow Automation

To automate tasks assignments for your reps, create predefined rules and business logic.

Reap the Benefits of Digital Field Sales

Our field sales management software is customizable and flexible enough to empower field marketing and sales reps across verticals, from medical reps to insurance agents.

  • Increased field sales productivity
  • Better customer experience
  • Full-field sales automation
  • Higher sales and leads
  • Actionable analytics
  • New revenue streams

Do you want to digitize your field sales operations?

As a leading digital transformation partner, we are excited to offer you our sales automation solution.
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Why Choose Our Field Sales Software Solution?

A few good reasons why we are a good choice to digitize your sales activities in the field.

On-site Deployment

For greater control, customization and security, the entire solution will be hosted on your private IT server.

Branded & Customizable

You'll receive fully branded applications with customizations if necessary for your sales team.


A highly competitive price makes it one of the most value-for-money field sales software solutions.

Powerful Integrations

Expand the capabilities of the solution by connecting to third party software

Actionable Analytics

Integrated analysis into the solution providing useful information based on data for you and your team.


Supporting non-English languages to suit your team's preferences.


The app can be accessed anywhere, anytime by the agents, managers and customers if required.
The location facilities will provide a live location tracking service. This will ensure the productivity of the agent.
High Productivity, As the app gives efficient tracking and management features, the agents will find it easier and fats to work with.
As the application records every activity, this becomes easy for the agent to canvas new leads and transform them into a customer.
Complete sales automation is made possible through field sales applications.
After the experience the user can leave their ratings and reviews in the section provided for the reference of future users.

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