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Flowers And Bouquets Delivery Solution

Make bundles in the flower delivery business with custom flower and bouquet delivery app!

The On-Demand Flowers And Bouquets Delivery App Development

Inching your business services- instant flower delivery, midnight flower delivery, and uber for flower delivery services closer to the customers with on-demand flower delivery app development.

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Our Business Model

Flower and bouquet store

The white-label solution enables the flowers and bouquets delivery at the customer doorstep.

Flower and bouquet chains

All the flower and bouquet stores are managed centrally along with sales tracking of every individual store.

Online flower and bouquet marketplace

Build a BloomThat like online marketplace aggregating various flower and bouquet sellers on one platform.

How Flower And Bouquet Delivery App Improve Business Outcomes?

Modernizing the age-old trend of sending the flowers to someone special, the on-demand app has turned the table upside down for both stakeholders- flower businesses and the customers.

Benefits for customers:

  • Convenient shopping from the comfort of the couch
  • Easy access to the range of flowers and Bouquets
  • Effortless tracking of orders
  • Mobile payments
  • Get notifications for offers or discounts
  • Keep track of Flower budgets

Benefits for flowers and Bouquets business:

  • Improve visibility and brand awareness
  • Optimize business sales and efficiency
  • Its time savvy and make services hassle-free
  • Targeted marketing
  • Opportunity for better ROI

The On-Demand Flower And Bouquet Delivery App Provides

The readymade solution connecting florists and the customers who want to send flowers to their loved ones. See what the app has in the bucket to offer:

Product management

Create and manage the list of flowers, categories, and their availability.

Staff management

View and manage the list of staff members and managers for daily activities tracking.

Order management

View and manage the orders and their delivery status.

Customer management

View and manage customers’ data.

Inventory management

Track and manage flowers available, their sales, and expenses daily.

Reports and analytics

Generate reports and the insightful graph that showcase how to improve business efficiency and minimize expenses.


Send promotional notifications to the customers to engage them and increase repeat sales.

Instant support

Get connected with delivery agents to inform them of business’ updates.


The tutorial is displayed on the onboarding screen to get a quick view of features and functionalities.

Account setup

Register and login using phone number, email, or social credentials.

Search filters

The filters make it easy to find the specific type of flower or bouquet.

Order scheduling

Specify the flower type and name, and delivery date, time, and address to place the order.

Convenient pickup

Receive the flowers at the defined time, date, and address.

Real-time tracking

Track order and real-time update to know the flower delivery status.

Cost calculation

View and check the price of flowers or bouquets even before ordering it.


The notifications are sent regarding order status, offers, or discounts.

Order history

The order details are retrieved on a monthly or yearly basis.


Facilitate repeating the previous order without needing to add all the details repetitively.

Digital invoice

The e-invoices are generated for every purchase that is sent on the registered email id.

Easy Payment

Securely pay for the flower delivery service through various modes- cash, credit/debit card, mobile wallets, and other payment gateways.


Leave feedback for the product and service quality received during the order.

In-app chat

Connect with the delivery agent or store to get needed assistance for flower delivery service.


Create and manage the profile by filling the contact details, photos, and other credentials.

Delivery updates

Get instant notifications for the flower orders to deliver with up-to-date information.

Easy navigation

The in-built map helps the delivery agents to track the user’s location and get a precise path to easily reach the destination.

In-app chat

Connect with customers to get help in reaching the desired location.

Multi-store management

The multiple flower shops are managed from a single screen.

Staff management

Track and manage all the employees and vendors with a unique ID number.

Product and cost management

Create and manage the flower types, category, availability status, and the price.

Gallery management

Create and manage the content and images of the flowers in the app.

Customer management

View and manage the customers’ profiles and the orders placed by them.

Feedback management

View, manage, optimize, and respond to the rating and reviews provided by the customers.

Ads management

Display alluring ads to catch the maximum eyeballs.

Reports and analytics

Generate insightful reports packed with analysis to comprehend customer’s buying behavior and purchase patterns.

Payment gateway integration

Include multiple payment options to enable seamless checkout.


Send notifications to the customers reminding them to send flowers to the closed ones on special occasions.

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Custom Flower And Bouquet App Development That Works For Your Flower Business

The application packed with powerful features and integrations can be tailor-made to meet your flower and bouquet business needs with the following add-ons.


The off-the-shelf solution allows you to mobilize the flower and bouquet system in a week with reduced time and dollars.

Facilitate customization

Get the app rebranded under your flower business name with a list of tailored features and UI for customers and stores.

Brilliant UI/UX

The UI/UX designers thoughtfully craft the flower delivery apps wearing the customers’ lens that delivers amazing experiences.

Hassle-free Integrations

Choose the preferred push notification API, payment gateways, analytics, and others, which our team will implement as you select.


The app can scale up the support for the number of customers and other services as the flower business expands.

Complete support

The team provides technical support from the inception of the project to the time it launches and stays alive.

Technology Structure

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