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Harmopool - Innovative Swimming Pool Supplies

Automatic Dosing System & Solar Heating Products

About Us

HarmoPool is a dynamic and relatively young company with great performance and technology. HarmoPool product line is part of Zwembad, which specialized in importing, producing, selling, and distributing a wide range of swimming pool equipment, components, accessories, and cleaning utilities. This wide range includes a heating system, such as heat pumps and solar heating, spa equipment, water treatment, and automatic pool control systems. Last but not least, HarmoPool offers tile stones and reel covers. All our products under the brand HarmoPool are made in Belgium and of high-quality materials.

After gaining 25 years of experience in the chemical industry, Joetron began producing several products for swimming pools in 2009. The company continuously strives to meet the demand of consumers, by creating new ideas and developing them into high-quality and innovative products. For example, HarmoPool has developed an efficient and relatively cheap method to heat the pool water by using EPDM solar panels. In 2015, the expansion of the product range had begun by developing a new automatic water treatment control system which hit the market at the beginning of 2017.

HarmoPool has all of the products, liquids, and accessories related to swimming pools, which are essential for owners. Along with that, we also allow the purchase of separate components below the market price.


While developing this application, we came across several challenges. We had to maintain the prices and inventory stocks of the farmers in real-time. Not only this, we also had to manage all the deliveries to the restaurant’s location. Apart from that, we had to manage several other things like farmer product, account details, and offline orders.


We understood all the challenges properly and came up with the final solution that can overcome all of it. We used the socket technology that made it possible to reflect any change in the price of the product that has already been added in the cart in real-time. Our solution is also feature-rich which provides a rich experience to restaurant owners, farmers, agents, and many more.

Automatic Measuring System
Harmo Check
Harmo Pool Control

How We Planed

App UI & Developemt

An automatic measuring system does not have to measure the levels of the water manually anymore. The Harmo Check is a device which measures the PH, chlorine, temperature, flow, and level of the water automatically. The level is measured by a pin, which is located in the tube. When the water runs through the tube, the pin collects the data and sends it to a separate device. This device shows the value on a small screen. You can connect one hardware with your application. Then you get all the measurement of the water pool.

The Harmo pool control is an application that can be used in combination with the Harmo check.

By using the Harmo Pool Control application, the following levels can be viewed at any place and time:

  • PH
  • Redox
  • Temperature
  • Flow
  • Level

The Harmo Pool Control needs to be connected with the Harmo Check. After the Harmo Check has collected the data, it will be send to the Harmo Pool Control application.

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