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ShopKart allows you to make data-driven decisions with Ecommerce store performance result analysis.

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Customer statistics

ShopKart allows you to view the number of users landing on the Ecommerce store daily and monthly. Also, the admin can drill down the customer details- name, contact details, and location.

Orders placed

View how many orders are placed to date along with the statistics of orders placed daily and monthly. Learn about pending, delivered, canceled, refunded, and in-progress reports in the pie chart.

Sales report

View the details of transactions occurring on the Ecommerce platform on a monthly and daily basis. Transactions help you know peak ordering season so that you can focus on marketing accordingly.

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Better customer understanding

Design & launch product/services

Make informed

Minimize marketing

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Product reports

As an Admin, ShopKart allows you to view and manage product ratings that enable users to easily make purchase decisions. The top-selling product report illustrates which products are sold the most during a period so that they are stocked accordingly. The reports on low stock products help in placing fact-based orders to the suppliers.

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Service provider report

Shopkart enables the admin to view the detailed report of the subscribers that enlists which subscribers along with their contact details have subscribed to which subscription plan. Also, the inquiry report for the service inquiries raised by the customers illustrates the percentage of customers interested in which type of services and their specialty.

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Intuitive reporting to keep tabs on commission

Seller commission

The report showcases the earning of every seller for a specific period and the commission earned by the seller and admin.

Admin commission

It includes- how products are ordered, the amount paid by the customer in addition to selling fee, fixed fee & GST, and the amount paid to sellers.

Commission on category

It displays total sales, sellers’ earnings, and admin commission earned on a specific category of the product during an interval

Commission on products

By applying filters, the admin can view the report on products that determine sellers earnings and admin commission on every product.

Make better marketing decisions with ShopKart

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Inventory profit/loss

The profit/loss feature helps the marketers to plan the marketing strategies that bring winning outcomes to the store.

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Coupon report

The report helps in learning which type of coupons are used most by the customers and the total sales they have generated to customize them accordingly.

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Gift cards

It provides detail into which gift card issued the most during which season that helps in maintaining their stock during maximum requirements.

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Admin can view the performance of offers created for a specific category of products, which helps in updating their status.

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