Android N may not get its ‘biggest feature’ at launch: Report

Android N may not get its ‘biggest feature’ at launch: Report

Android  may not yet have a name, but we already know a lot about it. Google has been iterating on its ubiquitous mobile OS .

Android fans wait for the 3D touch feature has reportedly got longer. Google is said to have delayed its support for Android version of Apple’s 3D Touch which was widely expected to come in the upcoming Android N version.

According to a report in Recode, quoting sources, “…the feature will not be part of the initial Android N release and will have to wait for a later release of the operating system, most likely as part of a maintenance update to the software.”

Previously, there were speculations that Google is working on Android equivalent of the 3D Touch feature that would allow developers to take advantage of 3D screens.

3D Touch is one of the key USPs of Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Essentially a derivative of the Force Touch technology used in Apple Watch, the feature offers the ability to differentiate between types of touches and taps and perform different functions. It even lets users directly jump to certain sections of the app directly from the homescreen. Users can update status, upload existing photos and videos and take photos and videos for sharing on Facebook without opening the app by force tapping the Facebook icon on the homescreen.

Recently, there were reports that HTC , which is said to be manufacturing the next Nexus handset, will be using a 3D Touch-like pressure sensitive display technology in the 2016 Google smartphone.

Presently, there are very few Android phones that use pressure-sensitive screens. The problem, so far, for Android devices with pressure-sensitive displays has been the lack of support from app developers across the board as without default OS support, apps need to be customized to every device’s technology.

Google is holding its annual developers conference I/O 2016 from May 18-20th where it is expected to reveal more about its next version of its mobile operating system dubbed Android N .

However, unlike past years, this time Google has already given us sneak peek into its upcoming operating system. In March this year, Google surprised everyone by releasing the first developer preview of Android N, allowing users early access to the new features that the mobile OS will bring.

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