How to make a TaxiCab Booking App like Uber

How to make a Taxi/Cab Booking App Development like Uber?

The high proliferation of taxi booking apps has made new entrants innovate the features and designs to gain enough traction. However, the approach is good to differentiate the app, but the market is flooded with thousands of taxi/cab booking app, which makes it difficult for the users to find which one is the best taxi app.

Wearing the entrepreneurs’ lens, the benefits of taxi apps are alluring but building the taxi dispatch app from scratch is not a budget-friendly approach. That’s where the Uber-like clone app comes out as the holistic solution to mobilize the taxi services without digging a deep hole in the pocket.

Before jumping on the android and iphone app development bandwagon, there are three things which you should make clear:

  • Planning the features
  • Possible revenue models
  • Cost of developing an Uber-like mobile taxi app

Start to use features if you want an app like Uber clone which will address and grow your business opportunities. Here can be divided taxi dispatch system into 4 modules:

  • Rider App
  • Driver App
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Fleet Panel
  • Admin Panel

Rider App Features:

Rider Registration

The rider can easily register with email, mobile number or can log in using social media accounts.

Rider Book Cab

Rider can book a taxi immediately.

Fare Estimation

Rider can get easily approximate fares by providing their pick up & drop point.

Payment System

The rider can easily Pay multiple payment options such as cash, card, and wallet to make payment.

Alerts Notification

Rider gets important alerts & updates via SMS, email and notifications.

Truck Driver

The rider can Track driver location on a map in real time.

Driver Information

The rider gets driver information which is booked a cab for pick up and drop your destination.


The rider can easily rate drivers and suggestions for service.

Trip History

Rider save the trip record in your application


The rider can set locations on an app for quick & easy booking cab.

The features aim at ensuring a hassle-free ride-hailing experience for riders.

Driver App Features:

Driver Boarding

Boarding: The simple registration process for the driver to get started.

Profile Verification: Easy to receive service requests once a profile and other documents are approved by the admin.

Availability Status: Drivers can set their status as available or unavailable to receive booking requests.

Accept/Reject Request: The driver can accept/reject ride requests.

Contact Customer: The driver can call the riders for confirmation on the pickup location

Ride Information: Check ride information for rider pickup point and drop-off point.

Navigation: Google Maps Navigation provides the best route to pick up & drop off location.

History: The driver can view the history of the trips taken to date.

Settings: Driver can easily manage their profile, notification settings, payment details, and others.

Support: Drivers can raise a support ticket from the app.

Dispatcher & Fleet Panel Features:

Admin Panel Features:

Dashboard: The web-based platform to manage all aspects of the business from a central dashboard.

Rider Management: All riders, their details, and the trips taken are managed.

Driver Management: All the drivers and the trip records along with documents are managed.

Vehicle Management: Types of vehicles and all vehicle information are managed.

Trips Management: Manage all the trip details which are completed, pending, active, expired & canceled.

Reports Generation: Get useful stats and insights to make data-driven decisions for all riders and drivers.

Track Rides: The rides can be tracked in real-time.

Payments management: Manage all types of payment history, commission, tariff rates, driver’s earnings, and others.

Booking management system: View all the incoming booking requests, driver details who have accepted the request, status, and others.

Settings: Admin manages email settings, SMS, Email templates, and others.

Driver Boarding -The simple registration process of Driver to get started.

Verification of Profile

Easy to receive service requests once a profile and other documents are approved by the admin.

Availability Status

Drivers can set their status as available or unavailable to receive requests for riders.

Accept/Reject Request

The driver can receive a request for rider accept/reject ride limited time duration.

Contact Customer

Driver Can call rider for confirmation on the pickup location

Ride Information

Drivers check ride information for rider pickup point and drop point.

Map Navigation

Google Maps Navigation provides the best route to pick up & drop off location.

Trip History

Driver Can trip history for a place in future

Driver Manage Setting

Driver easily manages their profile information, notification settings, payment details etc.


Drivers can raise a support ticket from the app.

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Above all, the features aim to increase efficiency and ensure long-term engagement with the drivers.

Dispatcher & Fleet Panel Features:

Admin Panel Features:


The platform owner gets a powerful web-based console to manage all aspects of the business from a central dashboard. Get a quick summary performance.

Manage Rider
All rider Add/Delete and all rider trip record

Manage Driver

  • All Driver Add/Delete and all Driver trip records and document verification.
  • Manage Vehicle: Type of vehicle and all vehicle information
  • Manage Trips: Manage all the trip details which are completed, pending, active, expired & canceled.
  • Manage reports: Get useful stats and insights to make data-driven decisions for all riders and drivers.
  • Track Rides: Track Ride by admin panel for all riders

Manage Payments & Booking system

Manage all types of payment history. View all the incoming booking requests, driver details who accept a request, status, etc.
Site Settings
Admin manages mail settings, SMS/Email templates

All these 4 features are important, which should be kept in mind while planning a taxi booking app development. Furthermore, you can improve the future versions of the Uber-like app based on the planned & implementation features and live market feedback.

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The Business Model

Do you know that uber earns from the drivers and customers then how to increase the revenue of your app like Uber app? So explore some revenue increase options for your mobile application development for taxi. let’s see here viable options:

  • Commission from the drivers
  • Ride fare from the customers
  • Ride fare from different cab categories
  • Cancellation charges from the customers
  • Combination of multiple streams

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What’s more? It’s time to move into the development stage. Hold on!

Nectarbits- the taxi booking app Development Company that enables custom development to meet the taxi business-specific feature requirements the company embraces the following technologies to make the app perform to the notch:

Geo-Location Services

Mainly Uber uses GPs services to identify the customer’s current location, show the cars in the nearby area and build the best direction of the driver. Also, the fare is calculated based on the proposed direction. Actually, The routing and GPS technology – these both are the vital elements of the application’s popularity among the users – you just press click the button and see how a vehicle approaches you.

Using Right Technology Stack Uber Cab App Solution:

Payment Intresation

Payment Integration:

An app like Uber uses a cashless payment system. You can pay via different cards through like a debit card, credit card or use a promo code. When you are choosing and accepting card payments, there are effective requirements in the US known as PCI requirements.

Furthermore, Uber chose to partner with Braintree. Braintree is one of the leaders in the mobile payment market, to accept card payments. Uber also uses PayPal’s service for credit card scanning on iOS.

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Cost of Uber-like Taxi/Cab App Development

How Much Does It Cost To Develop an On-Demand Taxi Booking Mobile Application like Uber?

This is the question that hammers most of the entrepreneurs’ minds. Here’s the answer:

Our On-Demand Transportation Apps clone script comes with an Android or iOS application for your drivers and customers. To run your taxi business online without any complexity, we at NectarBits also offer a robust dashboard so that you can manage everything from a single location.

We develop custom On-Demand Transportation applications for smart travelers. The hassle-free bookings with straightforward taxi app UI are enabled to allow the taxi businesses to take full advantage of communication and ensure better conversions. To know the precise cost, value-added features, and functionalities of the taxi app solution for passengers and drivers, get in touch for a quick chat.


But, a simple taxi booking app can cost you approx $25,000-$40,000, while the Uber-like taxi booking app packed with advanced features can go as high as $100,000-$150,000. For more information about taxi app development costs, get in touch with our business consultants.

WAIT. Are you convinced with the fact- mobile taxi revolution helps your taxi business grow at an unprecedented rate? You are just following a rat race? Do you think the huge investment in Uber-like app development increases the business ROI at the later stage? If not, read further to justify how the inclination towards mobilization will help you take the revenue northwards.

  • Boost driver efficiency: The data organization and analysis reveal the active zones where booking requests are maximum during peak hours so that more drivers can be made available in that area to complete as many rides as possible. Also, ride-sharing phenomena help in completing more rides in the same duration and distance traveled.
  • Cost reduction: Automating the taxi booking system doesn’t let the drivers sitting idle or wasting time in the search of passengers. The taxi dispatch app by establishing the direct connection between the drivers and passengers enables drivers to get more booking requests and complete more rides in a day.

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  • Improved booking frequency: The traditional taxi booking process eats up a lot of time and negatively impact the number of rides that can be completed. On the flip side, the taxi booking app enables booking in a couple of seconds with no glitches so that more number of booking requests can be accepted.
  • Vehicle scheduling: The unexpected breakdown or unknown malfunctioning potentially harms the vehicles when detected at the later stage. The app continuously checks and records the vehicles’ health status so that the right action can be taken before the vehicle’s condition get worsen.
  • Real-time intelligence: Meeting the instant gratification needs of the users is important to retain the users. The real-time tracking is a key feature that allows the users to track the driver’s location and check the route they are taking for safety reasons. Earning loyalty guarantees a consistent stream of revenue.


Mobilization cannot be an afterthought for any industry vertical in the mobile universe. How the taxi industry could be an exception? It’s time for change to stay in the market and outdo the competition.  

If you want to make the best-in-class taxi app like Uber, then NectarBits is the right place to meet all your taxi /cab booking app development related needs. We have built on-demand custom transportation apps like- Ola, Uber & Meru for different sized taxi businesses. If it intrigues you, get connected with our consultants to mobilize the taxi services like a pro. All the best!

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