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On-Demand Beauty Salon App Development- Know Everything From In And Out

Presently, the people are up to their neck in and their instant gratification needs have created zero tolerance for long waiting times and inconvenient appointment schedules. The case is no different with people trying to book a salon or spa manually. Playing catch-up with the vacant slot for the beauty services, long waits for the service providers to get free, exorbitant prices, and unawareness of the deals that the beauty salon is offering are some of the cons associated with traditional development On-demand beauty Salon service applications.

What is thinking about people seeking beauty salon booking services App?

Realizing the unmet need of the people seeking On-Demand Beauty Service Mobile App, Uber has created ‘Uber for beauty- the beauty salon iOS mobile app that provides salon services such as facial treatment, hair-cut, make-up, masseuses, nail-art, and others at the customer’s home. Just the way, the On-Demand Salon Service has made the taxi, food, grocery, and other offerings get available at the doorstep in a couple of taps,

Later, a slew of on-demand beauty salon android apps such as Glamsquad, Housejoy, Priv, Vênsette, and Soothe are built that have brought the two- the beauty service seekers and beauty service providers together. It has helped the people to get the beauty service with the utmost convenience and provided a lucrative opportunity for the service providers to Build a Custom Beauty Salon App Development Company in USA, and Europe online presence and expand the service in a time-savvy and cost-effective manner.

Revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market amounts to $26,907 million in 2020 at the growth rate of 6.7%.

The fact has proven that creating Custom On-Demand Spa and Beauty Salon App Development Services for Your Business is a good idea, which lands the beauty salons on a high ROI trajectory along with the array of opportunities to catch maximum eyeballs, increase conversion, and augment customer loyalty.  

Want to disrupt the traditional beauty salon business with mobilization? If so, it justifies your time investment in reading the next section.

The Key Features of Salon Booking App Marketing Place Software

To make the app serve the need of both the customers who are looking for the Cost of Developing a Beauty Salon Service according to their time preferences and the beauty specialists who want to earn in their spare time, the app has two different interfaces with a distinct set of features. Additionally, there is another interface for the admin panel to manage the stylists, users, bookings, transactions, promotions, and other things, but, it’s not mandatory to implement.  

For the customers:

  • Registration: It allows the users to easily authenticate and onboard the journey.
  • Login: The users can sign in using the credentials or through social channels.
  • View salons: The users can view the list of salon professionals with specific beauty skills in the nearby region.
  • Search salons: The advanced filter enables the users to search the salon professionals matching their beauty service needs.
  • View salon profile: After selecting the salon professional, the users can view their profile including services offered, prices, available timings, and contact information.
  • Booking history: The previous bookings and visits to the users can be viewed to check the experience and reviews.
  • Appointment booking: Just a single tap on the ‘Book now’ button and the services for the specified timings can be booked. The pre-booking feature can also be enabled.
  • Easy payment: The payment can be done easily with multiple payment options such as cash, credit/debit card, or other payment gateways.
  • Push notifications: The users’ attention can be captured by sending notifications about the latest offer, incredible discounts or deals, or the launch of a new service.
  • Rating system: The users can provide feedback for the services received, which other users can view before booking the appointment.
  • In-app chat: The users can communicate with professionals within the app regarding the request for the changes in time, the professional can inform about the delay due to traffic jam, and more.
On Demand Beauty Salon App Development Company

For Beauty Professionals:

  • Registration: This form allows the professionals to onboard the journey within the app.
  • Profile builder: The stylists can provide all the information such as the services offered, appointment availability, experience, previous bookings, and others.
  • View user request: The user request can be viewed and assigned to the service specialist by the salon owner.
  • Schedule appointments: The stylist has the complete liberty to accept or reject the booking request as per their availability.
  • In-app chat: The professionals can chat with the customers when required.
  • Cost management: The service pricing is variable, which can be increased or decreased by the service provider based on the season or peak hours.

The business benefits of building an On-Demand Salon Booking App

  • The number of bookings will be maximized, which means higher earnings.
  • The professionals can make the most out of the time that increases productivity.
  • Getting the preferred service according to the user’s interest in their schedule turns the users into loyal fans, which implies the user will re-order the service again.
  • It’s a great opportunity to increase awareness of the services and inform the alluring deals that the salon offers.
  • The feedback system helps in identifying the areas where improvements can be done.
  • The app works in both- online and offline mode 24/7.
  • It creates some monetization opportunities like- advertising, featured listing, or turning the app into an e-store where various beauty products can be browsed and purchased.

Technology Stack For Salon Booking Services Apps

  • Push Notifications –, Firebase, APNS and FCM
  • SMS, Voice/Phone Verification -Twilio, Sinch, and Nexmo
  • Data Management – Datastax
  • Accepting Payments – PayPal and Stripe
  • Powerful Programming Mandrill – GWT
  • The Universal Operating System – Debian, Macintosh, Ubuntu, and CentOS
  • Database – MongoDB, Hbase, Cassandra, and Postgress
  • Cloud Environment – AWS and Google
  • Real-time Analytics – Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Rink, Cisco, and IBM

How Much Does It Cost to Develop On-Demand Beauty Salon App?

Undoubtedly, there is no definite answer to this question. It always depends on the number of features, UI/UX engineering needs, third-party API integration, back-end, and complexity involved, which are completely variable. All these factors together define how many working hours and the time will be consumed in the on-demand app development. There are a couple of factors that significantly impact the Custom App Development timeline and the budget:

Mobile App Development Platforms:

Developing the app for two different platforms- Android and iOS, means double the time, effort, and resources will be required, which certainly uplifts the cost. Building a native app for the Android platform using Kotlin, Flutter, or Java programming costs around $15,000, and iOS app development using the Swift language costs around $12,000. When the hybrid approach is used to build the app for both platforms, then the app will get developed in reduced time and reduced cost ($20,000).

The number of screens:

The increasing number of screens in the application implies the developers have to invest an increasing number of hours and efforts in building the app. Building a native Android app increases the efforts because of the device fragmentation issue that exists with the Android platform. The developers have to develop and test the app that works seamlessly on various screens of different sizes and resolutions. It automatically impacts the development cost. That’s why the Android development cost is higher as opposed to iOS app development.

Design complexity:

The unique design that thrives the users comes at a cost. The designers use CSS3, HTML5, and other technologies and tools to visually represent the app in the best possible way. Also, the minimalistic design stays at the heart followed by interface animation and A/B testing to grab maximum users’ attention. So, as the design complexity moves from simple to out-of-box level, the designing cost will surge from $3000 to $6000.

Third-party integrations:

The payment gateway integration, push notification functionality integration, and other types of third-party integration make the app development easier, but the more the number of integrations, the cost will increase accordingly. The cost ranges from $2000-to-$3000.

Support and Maintenance:

The app development is not a one-time job; instead, the app requires continuous upgrades and maintenance. The ongoing support and maintenance services when provided by the team, charge extra for this service at a later stage or are included in the package. It generally ranges between 10 to 15% of the total salon app development cost.

Final cost Approx. Cost for Salon app development

There is no ballpark cost for salon app development because there is no one-size-fits-all need that salons have for mobile app features, UI, and other integrations. To get an exact picture of the development cost, get connected with business consultants to know which parameters fit best with your app requirements and how they impact the overall cost.

My two cents: The app development cost varies in the different regions of the world so choose the app development agency that offers optimal services like- NectarBits and whose hourly rates suit your budget.

Take a glimpse of the success stories of Beauty On-Demand Startups

The success stories of the start-ups are a great source of inspiration and let us know how the companies have managed to overcome all the obstacles that came in their way to incredible success and how they stand out in the crowd with the right strategy. Here, we have enlisted a few start-ups that have scored immense success in a short span and you may see them as your future competitor:

  • Glamsquad

Moving ahead with a unique strategy of allowing the user to choose a specific service and then followed by professionals’ appointment booking app, carves a distinctive niche in the market. With a revolutionary concept of building an eCommerce store website for beauty products, the app also allows the users to choose even the products’ brand for a particular salon service.

  • Priv

It offers both- the mobile and web interface to the users to get beauty services from talented, skilled, and top-rated professionals. The business is offering its beauty services to 33 cities across the USA and Canada after a merger with BeGlammed.

  • Prete

The start-up has stepped up the last-minute blowouts service game in beauty salon services by partnering with high-end salons offering five-star blowouts. Within a five-mile radius, the users can easily get a booking for the blowouts.

  • The Glam app

The app offers a broad spectrum of beauty salon services that are available under pre-booking and last-minute booking structures. Just name it, and the experienced stylists will be ringing your doorbell to get you to look gorgeous.

Summing it up

The astronomical usage of the on-demand apps and the huge revenue it is bringing to the businesses is a sign of how lucrative an opportunity the on-demand app development is. The on-demand beauty app helps the users to get rid of the long waiting, unavailability of the preferred booking time, and unawareness of the better deals related to bookings at the traditional beauty salon.

It’s just a matter of a couple of taps and the users will have access to the salon services across the region and can book them at their convenient time and place. End up all the hassles involved with beauty salon services and get the maximum bookings with on-demand beauty Salon app development right away.

Our Custom On-Demand Beauty Salon App and Web Development Solution works well across a wide range of industries. With 11+ years of learning and experience, we have incorporated top-of-the-line features like real-time tracking, route optimization, fleet personalization analytics & reports, live chat support, and more.


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So, before we end, we decided to take some time to answer some of the most probable questions that are on your mind along with the cost to create an app like Urban:

How much does developing an On-Demand Beauty Salon App Cost?

Answer: The development of an On-Demand Beauty Salon App cost varies depending on different factors, including your location, expertise of the development team, budget, the technology used, licensing, time requirement, and many other factors. So, consider all these factors to develop an On-Demand Beauty Salon App.

How much time does it take to develop a Beauty Salon App?

Answer: It depends on different development teams how much time they are going to consume developing it. Besides, it even depends upon the complexity of the project and how many hours are actually required to build an app. Generally, it takes around 190 hours to develop a salon app.

How much does it cost to make a Beauty Salon App?

Answer: If that is the case, then the estimate of developing a Beauty Salon App Development cost in India will come out to be in the range of USD 30,000 to USD 40,000.

What is an on-demand Beauty Salon?

Answer: Beauty Salon on-demand service apps work just like Uber, but for offering beauty services. After a user downloads the app, he/she can easily book a local stylist from among the options listed within the app.

Can you build a custom solution specific to our business requirements?

Answer: Definitely! We have been offering customized solutions specific to business needs since the start. Our dedicated teams ensure that every customer receives customer solutions, which accurately match their business requirements.

Himanshu Patel

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