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Wellness & fitness app development company

The fitness and wellness sector has a lot to do with the rise of mobility solutions. An application designed to keep you fit sounds like a good
idea. Most people carry their handsets wherever they go.

An ideal fitness app is a gym trainer, dietician, calorie counter, and more

The health and wellness industry is potentially the biggest winner of the digital revolution. The popularisation of fitness hardware and mobile devices is a significant contributing factor to this movement. People are gradually downloading these. 1.7 billion will have at least one m-health app installed by 2020.

Fitness apps are the easiest way to stay healthy

A comprehensive mobile fitness app has everything a fitness enthusiast needs to keep himself in shape. It schedules workout, selects a diet plan, acts as a fitness coach and running assistant, even offers workout videos a person can follow when home or gym.

  • Receive fitness sessions curated by fitness experts
  • Schedule your entire fitness regime and receive alerts
  • Exercise recommendations and tips
  • In-app fitness coach and running assistant

Fast-moving A Fitness app helps you gain strength and weight loss

Whether an individual is building their body, lifting weight, training strength or just starting a fitness app brings them closer to their goals. Workout apps are becoming increasingly popular and almost every fitness enthusiast uses at least one of them. Such applications also get people excited to keep going.

  • Lose weight or gain strength
  • Fat blasting cardio workouts
  • Daily Yoga sessions at your fingertips
  • Grow muscle and improve build

Intrinsic freight The fitness monitoring software is enough to inspire you.

An activity tracking app keeps track of every activity you take. Any sequence of pushups or stomach crunches you've spent your time on. See real-time stats for runs, walks, and rides such as distance, rate, path, elevation, and more. Set goals based on measures, time, distance, calories burned.

  • Keep a tab of every fitness activity you carried out
  • Learn how far are you from your fitness goals
  • Connect 3rd party fitness hardware over Bluetooth LE
  • Tracks the route you took and the distance you traveled on a map
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Why come up with us with a fitness and wellness app?

  • Share data across the Application
  • Access the fitness app data from auto-sync
  • Progress of the session in the notification area
  • Share your fitness data with your trainer
  • Connect 3rd party fitness devices over BLE
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