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10 Brilliant Ecommerce Store Design Examples That Appeals The Users In 2022

Let’s accept it: if you are not online, you don’t exist for your customers. If your website can’t catch the eyeballs, at first sight, you cannot steal the show.

The Ecommerce store can interpret it like- launching an Ecommerce store that’s both- technically and creatively sound. It should be beautifully designed because it’s an extension of a brick-and-mortar store where customers expect an exceptional experience. Let’s understand it another way round.

There’s a physical retail store with broken windows, dirty shelves, a messy storefront, and no product display. Would you like to buy something from such a store? Of course not. Ecommerce stores are the virtual store for your customers where broken functionalities, poor performance, and clumsy design won’t leave a positive impression on them when they visit the store.

That’s why leading players make a huge investment in crafting the attractive Ecommerce design and optimizing it for high performance.

Here’s the list of 10 Ecommerce stores that has engineered the best digital design like painting and never let the paint dries, which inspires the users in 2021.  

The dockyard social

Scotland-based restaurant website complemented with Ecommerce store functionality sells comfort food and drinks, in addition to vouchers and gift cards. On the home page, the users can view the food and beverages alongside vouchers/gift cards. The restaurant designed the web uniquely, where a parallax effect and a hip color effect are triggered during scroll, which makes the website stand out from the multitude of websites just displaying the menu, location, and contact details. The small restaurant business displayed how originality can make your brand different in the crowd.

Wannabe toys

The Ecommerce store sells a range of action figures such as dragon ball Z, laurel & hardy, or fandom, and other collectibles. The store has brilliantly designed the product pages, where the products are arranged in grid view. Each product is arranged on the top of the square in a way they are poking up out whenever the user hovers the cursor over them. It seems as if the products are in the hands of users. Going beyond the product presentation by straight lines, the grid view is subverted.  

Die Arbeit

The German band has created the website to inform the fans about the shows and events and get them booked. The web design is filled with music and videos. The Ecommerce store is added to merchandise that increases the revenue through t-shirts and record selling. They have designed an e-store in a fashion that showcases Ecommerce designing as an effortless endeavor.  


Stepping in with modern technology and tech-savvy customers’ needs, UDX sells fat-tired, electric bikes. The bikes are best for those dynamic users who want to hit the dirt with a single button. A similar motion could be seen in the website design. All the blocks of content having a dynamic effect with the parallax effect, horizontally shifting text, and bike images coming out in the foreground. Besides, the bike images display the toughness and sleek sophistication embedded with electric motors. There is a long scroll with dynamic ornamentation and animation that makes the scroll intriguing.

Roots catering

People on a vegetarian diet often make mistakes by assuming that a plant-based diet is limited. The catering provides a variety of vegan dishes along with takeaway or home delivery options. To inform the same thing at scale, the homepage design is filled with a broad spectrum of veggies, from fresh vegetables in meals to carrots in the logo. The design conveys the message that they aimed at delivering meals that are free from animal products.

The Nuff

Creating a website is one of the best approaches to make it find and order by the people searching for it. The Nuff book’s owner did the same. The book unfolding the story of a unicorn and her self-esteem journey. The design gives a child-like feel, but the elements are intelligently conveying the story message that children can understand. The contextual content makes the buying decision easy for the parents. The easily visible call-to-action makes the purchase a breeze. The animated opening of the book page delivers a great experience while going beyond standard practice.


The company selling masks and scarves that not just provides protection, but improves the look as well. The items that the website is selling are a kind of medical product but the web design is as up-to-date as their products are. Avoiding the sterility of the websites selling medical products, the Ecommerce platform is a good proof of design that keeps the people engaged.

Standstill tea

The website gives no clue of an Ecommerce store with a perfect design. The landing page of online tea seller at first greet the users with a message and after a moment, it takes users to the landscape of tea. After a little scroll, the motion with a parallax animation opens the story of a tea company. There are many design elements such as gentle parallax, scroll that trigger zoom in on the photos, zen-like calm, and horizontal left-hand navigation adding a unique touch to the website.


Are you about to celebrate the occasion in the coming days? Looking for cans of brew customized according to occasion theme? If so, Eliqs is a perfect choice that provides a tool to create a custom beer design. In the same way, their website design is amazing. The design illustrates the actual cans, their colors, and the quality they have delivered so far. It showcases how great they are at what they do. The playful background gives a sense of celebration too.


The parents like to make the children eat fruits and vegetables more in some other forms that are both- healthy and tasty for them. Faves brand did the same with the unique products- candies made from fruits and vegetables. The product looks and tastes good with web design as well. The website design is full of big text, images of candy wafers manufactured, and bright colors that tell the purpose. Also, the brand’s motive of reducing food waste is nicely displayed, which’s less often considered.


Now, you know one of the secret ingredients to make your Ecommerce store perform up a notch. The unique, mobile-responsive website design matters the most, which you should give credence from start to finish. The examples of beautiful Ecommerce website designs taught you a lesson, but that’s one-of-a-kind. You should strive hard to craft a design that stays in sync with your business, appeals target audience, and meets the latest design trends. Also, if required, don’t hesitate in taking the opinion of Ecommerce experts. We would love to help you in every way.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.