Top Best Android Chatting Apps That Have Brought The World Closer

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Two decades back, postcards were commonly used to communicate with family members, friends, and professionals. It takes from a couple of days to a few weeks to reach one location to another. However, mobile phones have bid goodbye to the concept with real-time communication through text messages followed by the most popular today’s chat applications.

With the accelerated adoption of smartphones, chat apps are warmly cuddled by people due to their ease of use. The things that have made chat apps very interesting are- compatible on desktop, enable both- video and voice chat, and don’t charge a single penny. The constant rise is witnessed in mobile chat apps’ usage across India that continues in the years to come.

What the user all require is- high-speed internet to use chatting apps. The apps work well on mobile data and wi-fi too. That’s why 95% of the Indian use chat apps for communication irrespective of the location- rural or urban areas.

However, the government has recently banned 59 Chinese apps usage in India to roll out the initiative- “Vocal for local” in full-fledge form. Don’t worry. You have plenty of choices in India for chat apps that take the chatting experience to a new level.

Take A Look At The Chatting Apps That Are Widely Accepted And In Use By The Indians:

Indian Messenger App- Indian Chat App And Social Network

Saying this app an Indian alternative for WhatsApp is not hyperbole at all. The app has gained huge traction after the announcement from WhatsApp that’s the app will share data with Facebook, which has irked the users.

Indian messenger is a social networking app with chat messenger that allows users to find, make, and meet new friends on chatting app. It allows the users to add a new story using text, images, and videos. It enables voice chat and high-quality audio or video call at no cost.

In addition to random chat, the users can lock any chat from the main screen through a password that enables secret chat. It allows multimedia sharing, message broadcasting, block users, and free video calling.

Jiochat- Not Just Rich In Messaging But Video Call Too!

The popular telecom operator- Jio made an invaluable contribution in India with new mobile applications development. The latest JioChat app is another attempt to encourage home-grown app usage by Indians. The app is downloaded by 50 million users across India on the Android platform.

It allows the users to chat one-to-one with maximum of 1000 people and create a group of 500 people alongside multimedia, files, voice notes, and emojis sharing are facilitated. Made in India stickers in Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujrati, and Telugu is an eye-candy feature of the app that enables users to express the emotions in the chat.

What’s more? The users can chat in all major Indian languages with support for Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, or Odia. The HD voice and video calls, and video conferencing is an appreciable feature.

Telegram- Simple, Fast, And Secure Application In The Indian Market!

The cloud-based instant messaging software connects people through a distributed network of data centers. The app boasts to have 400 million users stay high on the security ladder with every chat, media, and group encrypted through a combination of Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and 256-bit symmetric AES encryption.

The app is compatible with all devices that enable users to start the chat on one device and finish it on another without losing any data. The unlimited multimedia and files are shared with no memory disk space full issues as Telegram store data on the cloud.

The app packed with all photo and video editing tools helps in meeting the custom video and photo creation needs of the users. The app renders a completely ad-free experience with no subscription fees involved.

Line- Don’t Let You Spend a Single Penny On Messages And Calls

The app that has scored high popularity is known for reshaping communication across the world with its top position in 52 countries. It allows the users to create a group of 200 people and chat simultaneously. Moreover, the users can create polls to identify what most of them think to drive to the conclusion at ease.

In addition to a group chat of 200 people, the video and voice call with up to 200 people at the same time is facilitated. There is a timeline feature that allows users to share the daily moments. The range of stickers of the world’s popular characters at the sticker shop helps the users to liven up the messages uniquely.

Auto-syncing with various devices, placing international calls to mobile phones at affordable rates, and connecting with new entertainment and lifestyle apps are the latest additions to the LINE app.  

Signal Private Messenger Application

The centralized encrypted messaging service is used by millions of people for secured instant communication globally where privacy is not optional at all. The app is optimized to perform flawlessly even on slow networks that ensures quick and reliable message sharing.

The enhanced audio and video quality make the users feel as if they are communicating face-to-face. The app rendering the ad-free experience allows the users to switch to the dark theme if they want. The custom alerts are created for every contact to make the notification’s ringtone sound familiar.  

With in-built text and photo editing tool, the users can personalize the image with a creative touch. The signal app downloads are increased by 79% after WhatsApp announced its data sharing policy to roll out from February 8.

Hangouts- Lets You Send More Than Messages!

The app with around 50 million users allows people to stay in touch forever and converse with the closed ones through messages, voice calls, or video calls. It enables the users to include all the contacts in the app along with group chats for up to 150 people.

The users can sync chat across all the devices irrespective of platform and message the contacts, even if they are offline. Calling to any other hangout user globally is free. Also, the app facilitates seamless connection with Google voice account, voicemail integration, and SMS texting.

Viber Messenger- Messages, Group Chats, And Calls

With support for end-to-end encryption, the messages, voice calls, video calls, and multi-media are protected. The app allows the users to take the back-up of data from the app to drive. The users can catch up with their friends over one-to-one messages, group chat, video calls, and voice calls.

It features self-destruct your destruct chat, where after setting the timer, the message will automatically disappear from the chat after it’s read by the recipient just like- Telegram app. The limitless GIFs and Viber stickers in the Viber sticker market allow the users to chat with more fun.

The chat extensions like- access to YouTube, Yelp, Spotify, and other favorite links spice up the conversations that are very much liked by the users.

Wrap up

Proudly Indian!

After Chinese apps abandonment and WhatsApp’s new policy for data sharing, has made people move towards Indian chatting apps. A significant rise in the number of downloads of Indian chatting apps is observed and people love to use them. Top 7 applications are enlisted with a varied range of features, so choose the app that fits best with your chat app requirements. If you find any other app that’s scoring high on popularity, the number of downloads, and the list of the unique features, do let us know in the comments below. We would love to share the valuable addition to the blog.

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