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Hiring Remote Software Developers: The Best Places and Tips

How to Hire Remote Software Developer – Complete Process

For enterprises hiring offshore developers can be a great decision as it can help them improve to help them improve their business process with the right software. The remote developer is a straightforward, versatile, and cost-effective option. Outsourcing also offers a larger pool of talents to seek. Besides, they work with top collaboration and communication tools which enables them to offer the best services. But with so many talented experts available in the market, it becomes challenging to look for the right offshore development team. Therefore, in this blog, we are going to have a look at the ways to hire remote/offshore software developers and the places where you can find the world’s best software development outsourcing experts.

What is a Remote Software Developer?

A remote software developer is someone who performs the same functions as a regular developer at your firm. The only difference is that the remote developer is located in a different physical location than the entire software development team. This means that the offshore software development team may be working from an agency or might be offering the services from home.

Such remote jobs focus less on face-to-face interactions and more on virtual meetings. When one understands everything about an offshore developer, it becomes more clear what the expert is capable of doing.

Offshore software development company or agency works with computers and various other types of electronic devices, designing, and developing programs & tools that allow businesses to carry out their tasks easily. The software development services providers specialize in developing programs for many different devices.

Why Hire an Offshore Software Developer?

When it comes to hiring an offshore software development service provider, you must consider various factors and not just the offshore developer rates. Remote software development offers many benefits for both employers and their employees. And because of this, hiring a remote developer is the best choice for a working project or a new & upcoming project. Besides, offshore software development rates also play an important factor.

How to Hire a Remote Developer for Your Project?

Though hiring an outsourcing software development team is easy, if it is done correctly, the right choice will be much more beneficial. Businesses from all over the world are hiring offshore development service providers by following well-tried and time-tested methods that are proven effective. And here are some of those points that can help you make the right choice.

1. Find the Offshore Developer Talents

When it comes to hiring remote software engineers for your project, start by searching for the right talent.

● Social Searching the Right Outsource Software Development Team

Online searching or social media searching for software development talents is highly effective. As these platforms are frequented by software developers and techies who often hang out with their circle which includes social acquaintances on various social media platforms, you can easily approach them through online mediums. Some of these platforms are LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram.

● Posting Job Advertisements

Another way is to find expert remote App developers is by posting the requirement ad on different job platforms or tech publications that techies frequently visit. Some of these platforms are AngelList, CrunchBoard, Stack Overflow, and LinkedIn. When you post job ads, don’t forget to mention your remote job’s requirements.

● Freelance Marketplaces

If you want to hire an expert for a short-term app idea, then hiring a freelancer is the best choice. The offshore development rates will be much lower when you hire a freelance offshore software outsourcing developer. You can also hire such developers for long-term projects by making them a part of your dedicated app development team. Some of the most popular places to hire freelance remote developers are –


2. Start Screening the Remote/Offshore Software Developers

Once you search for the right talent and make a list of well-suited experts, the next step is to screen the offshore developers. And this is a step that might take a lot of time. Evaluate all the candidates and see which developer will be able to complete your project on time. For this, you will have to look at the skills, expertise, and experience level of all the developers. Besides, you can also evaluate developers’ accounts on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

3. Take Technical Interview

When any business is planning to hire offshore software developers, the highest emphasis is given to the technical skills of the experts. And this is why the technical interview is taken by considering two main points – evaluating the experiences of developers in the IT industry and reviewing their technical skills. This type of interview is paired with a programming session.

In this technical interview, the hiring company asks the candidate about their past software development projects, contributions, roles,  solved problems, and the logic the candidate chooses behind one technical solution.

4. Take Soft Skills Interview

Besides technical skills, while interviewing the candidate, screening the soft skills is also important. How the programmer works, how he shares the value of the firm, and how good he is when it comes to working with a team are the most important things to look for in an offshore software developer. So, after evaluating the attitude, personality, and value system of the remote developer, you can decide whether he suits your business or not.

5. Pair Programming Session of the Software Development Outsourcing Team

The final stage of hiring remote software engineers for your software development project is the programming session. Along with the technical interview, the software engineers will also have to give a test online. Here developers are given real-time access to the software development environment and they will have to show their skills by solving the test problem. And if the test result is satisfactory, you can hire the candidate for your project.

Best Places to Hire Remote Developers From With Offshore Software Development Rates by Country

Some of the top offshore software development countries where you can find the right remote candidates for your project are –

1. India

India is a country that has one of the top offshore software development companies in the world. And this is because of the talented experts in the outsourcing market who also are well-versed in the English language besides technical knowledge. Besides, this country produces more than 2 million IT graduates annually.

Offshore Software Development Rates – $20-$45

2. Poland

Poland hosts talented programmers in the software development market. As per a survey by HackerRank, Poland ranks third to share the most skilled remote developers in the world, especially in programming languages like Java.

Offshore Software Development Rates – $30-$65

3. Ukraine

Ukraine is a top Eastern European nation that offers the best offshore development talents in the tech industry. This country has the largest number of C++ developers and the techies here are familiar with the English language so there won’t be any language barrier.

Offshore Software Development Rates – $30-$65

4. Brazil

Though this country is new in the IT field, there are many outsourcing companies it has to offer. The remote developers from this place have been outsourcing for high-profile clients which makes them experts in this job. So if you are looking for creative minds in software outsourcing, consider this country.

Offshore Software Development Rates – $35-$70  


If you are planning to hire an offshore mobile app development company or an individual remote developer, checking their skills and experience is very important as there are too many considerations in evaluating the right candidate. And to make your choice easier, we have listed some remote software developers hiring points with top places that can be considered in this process.

Hire Remote Software Developer
Hire Remote Software Developer

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