World-class Mobile App development Ideas for a successful startup 2021


Mobile app development is vital to business growth, sales, and ROI- this is what commonly heard in the mobile dominated universe. Regardless of the size, type, and nation, the equation of mobile adoption is the same for every business.

As we have already stepped in the fourth quarter of the year 2020, the businesses who have not mobilized the operations or those that have already gone mobile, they are looking to rethink the businesses with mobile style either by going mobile or by optimizing the mobile apps. The former type of business is often stuck at the point of a world-class app idea because it’s all about the uniqueness of app ideas that can make or break the app’s success.

When you start searching on the internet, the plethora of mobile app ideas you will find that makes it difficult to narrow down the choice to one (The idea that guarantees profit and steps in the market trends).

That’s why our team of technical masters, business analysts, and marketers sits together and conducted research to find out the list of app ideas that are here to stay and worth investing in 2021.

Here’s the list of 21 mobile app innovative ideas that steal the show in 2021:

Ecommerce solution for handy shopping

Let’s accept it: most of us are shopaholics who love to shop from the comfort of a couch and skyrocketing revenue from mobile Ecommerce is the best evidence of the same. The life-changing app saves precious time and handles everything on people’s behalf, which ensures this trend would no longer get obsolete.

Augmented reality apps to transmogrify the reality

The AR technology works like icing on the cake for existing mobile apps or innovation for the businesses. For instance, the online M-commerce stores are adopting AR technology to allow the customers to try things such as clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, or furniture before they purchase.

Voice translation apps to end up the language barrier

Expediting to a location whose language you don’t know is the biggest nightmare for every wanderlust. That’s where real-time voice translation apps are the savior that takes local language as the input and translates them into English or other desired language. It enables people to connect with and roam in any corner of the world without any language barrier.

On-demand taxi app to say no to hailing a taxi on the road

With the Uberization of the transportation industry, booking the taxi at the fingertips has become too common. But, still, there are some locations where the budding entrepreneurs can mobilize the taxi system after researching the taxi booking system, people’s preferences, and competition (If exists).

Mall navigation maps to locate and find everything in-malls

In the digital era, people still like to go to the malls for shopping, watching movies, or spend their leisure time. That’s where creating an in-door navigation map for the mall helps in enticing the mobile users as they can easily get directions from one point to another, find the store, vacant parking slot, check the status of restaurant bookings, and level of the crowd too.

On-demand grocery app to get groceries at the doorstep

In pandemic times, the world has witnessed the importance of grocery apps where the number of download and orders were increased by multiple folds, which makes building a grocery app a good idea. Also, the people no more like to go outside to buy all the stuff when it’s just a few taps away and make things available at the doorstep.

A real-time carpooling app for affordable rides

The concept is picking up the pace in the metropolitan cities to curb the carbon footprint and enable rides at a reduced cost. The users who need a ride will post a ride request and the car moving in the same direction will accept the request, and consequently, the ride will get completed in a cost-efficient way.

On-demand healthcare for handy appointment booking

Appointment booking in the hospital is a tiresome process that’s resolved with an appointment application wherein the users can check the HCP’s availability at their suitable time and then book the appointments. Plus, the patients can upload the medical history and lab results before and after they meet, and HCPs can suggest the treatment accordingly.

Parking space finder app to effortlessly find a parking slot

We all know how difficult it is to find a parking space in high population cities. Even, sometimes people don’t prefer to go outside due to the parking problem. That’s where parking space finder is a boon for them. The app showcases the available parking space and suggests parking space during the holiday season or other special events so that users can locate and park the cars without any hassle.

On-demand home service- every service at your home

Searching for reliable and affordable home service providers such as carpenter, plumber, electrician, cleaner, and others is a tedious and time-consuming task. The handyman app turns the table upside down by providing a platform where the people can see the nearby home service providers, ask the quotes for the service, and book them in a few taps.

Language learning app for broader life experiences

Language learning is also a new trend that people like to learn to enhance their skills and personality. The app helps the people in learning the new language from A, B, C, D, and then progress as per the users’ grasping power. The audio feature is also enabled to make the users learn the right pronunciation and let them speak confidently.

On-demand salon app for modern users

In the digital space, giving a digital makeover to the salon business is also important to make the salon and salon services available at the users’ convenience. The salon app allows the users to view nearby salons, the services offered at the salon, compare the price of various services, and book the service on-the-go.

Video editing app to enhance the videos

Everyone likes to post photos and videos on social channels but what was the last time you posted them in as-is condition. Yes, we always make edits before posting them. That’s where the video editing app turns out handy. The app helps in trimming the video and enhancing it with background sound or other add-ons.  

On-demand bus ticketing app making bookings effortless

Standing in a long queue at the bus stop to get the tickets booked is a daunting task, which is eliminated with the mobile bus ticketing system. The users can view the bus schedule, available seats, their prices, and book them with handy payment options. The bus ticket is then sent as an email to the users that they can use at the time of travel.

Supermarket checkout app to enhance the shopping experience

Realizing the importance of digital technology, the physical stores are also implementing self-checkout at retail stores to cut down the checkout lines and make the shopping experience seamless. The Amazon supermarkets are the best instance of it where the users just need to scan the product with mobile during shopping and the payment is done automatically.

Finance management app to keep you within budget

All of us are not financial gurus that make it difficult to manage the spending and saving altogether. That’s where the finance management app helps in managing the budget by specifying the unnecessary expenses that are not letting you achieve your financial goals. Plus, the app auto-remind the users for the bill payment and loan payment, and create a budget plan according to users’ saving goals.

Travel planning app for the next ultimate trips

We love to travel to an exotic place but the unavailability of enough information makes it tough to decide. The travel planning app can help you plan the vacation at the best destination by asking you to provide your budget, weather conditions, scenery you like, time of the year, and other specifics so that smart suggestions they can make. Without needing to searching for information on Google or connecting with a guide, you will get the ultimate trip plan easily.

Real estate app to buy, lease or rent a property

Finding the property on rent, lease, or purchase is a big deal these days because of a lot of paperwork and other hassles involved. The mobile app fills the void by providing a platform to all the homeowners who want to sell or rent the property, and allow the people looking for the same to get connected directly based on the needs.

Dating app like- Tinder to find the best match

The dating apps provide a platform for people to meet, make friends, and find the best match from the list of like-minded people. The app with AI capabilities auto-suggests the best match based on interest, compatibility, demographics, and other specifications. The users are allowed to view the photos, small bio, and interests of the users before they send dating requests to other users.

IoT apps to control the house remotely

The smart home concept has gained enough traction across the world where the users can control the home appliances, lightening system, lock/unlock doors and other things remotely through mobile phones. With a lot of buzzes out there, the IoT apps are picking up the pace in modern society, which makes placing a bet on IoT app development the best.

Toy exchange app- make huge savings

Your child is growing and so is the preference for toys, which means the child stops playing with the old toys, and conclusively, you will have more toys laying around in the house. The waste is turned into best with a toy exchange app where the parents can get the old toys exchanged with new toys in place of buying them. It saves the parents from the hassle of what to do with old toys and spending huge bucks on buying the new one.

The last word

The global app revenue reached $50 billion in the first half of 2020, that’s 23% up year-over-year.

It indicates react native mobile app development has become a revenue-generating machine and every entrepreneur likes to piece of apple pie. This is a lucrative opportunity but they can’t move ahead unless they won’t have a novel app idea that helps in creating a distinctive niche in the market. A long list of classic app ideas is enlisted that allows you to enjoy the success galore. Choose the one that you find the best.

Himanshu Patel

Himanshu Patel is the founder & CEO of NectarBits, a fast-growing Best Mobile App Development Company & On-Demand eCommerce Development Company. The current innovation and updates in the field lure him to express his views and thoughts on certain topics.