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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor Appointment App Like ZocDoc?

The mHealth app has nearly made healthcare more accessible and facilitated real-time treatment if required. With the mobilization, a lot of steps involved from appointment booking to visiting are trimmed.

cost to develop a Doctor Appointment Mobile App
Doctor Appointment Mobile App

It seems the way the mobile healthcare industry is moving, soon the days of physically visiting the hospital will become a thing of the past. Of course, nobody likes to make efforts for the things that are feasible from the comfort of the couch.

Saying goodbye to the world of conventionally booking the appointment, the doctor appointment apps have enabled booking, booking cancelations, re-booking, follow-ups, and reminders at the fingertips. The effortlessness has surged the demand for appointment booking apps, and hospitals are increasingly favoring to deploy the solutions.

The top honchos like- Practo, ZocDoc, HotDoc, and Solv are performing brilliantly and witnessing constant growth and high demand globally. It makes perfect sense to engineer a doctor appointment app. wanted to build the doctor’s appointment solution? If so, it’s a great choice because the apps can help you make bundles.

It makes you more interested in engineering the digital appointment solution. Right? Hold on! You should know the factors that influence the costs of building a doctor appointment app.

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Take a quick look at the features that impact the development cost:

Stakeholder profile

 The doctor’s profile enlisted in the app, and the users’ profile is created based on the information they provide.

Doctor search:

The doctors or clinics can be searched by name, specialization, visiting charges, waiting time, and other parameters.

Location-based search:

The patients can search nearby doctors and clinics using the in-built map.

Appointment booking:

 The appointment booked and confirmed based on the available appointment slots of the doctors.

Doctor review:

The patients can rate and review the doctors based on the treatment they received. Also, the rating and review can be used by patients to check the doctor’s efficiency.

Built-in payment:

After booking, the patients can make the payment for visiting charges ahead of the time.


 The notifications are sent to the patients so that the appointments can’t be missed.


The patients can cancel the booking anytime, or they can reschedule the appointment based on their own and doctor’s availability.

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The Cost To Build A Doctor Appointment Booking App

Finally, you know the set of features that you can keep in the app whose development cost ranges between $15k and $20k. As you enhance the app with advanced features and technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain technology, the costs would increase by double.

The best practice is going MVP way where the basic features can be included and later as the app gets acceptance in the market, it can be turned into a full-fledged solution with the additional advanced features. However, initially, you may find the investment is outweighing the earning, but at the later stages, you would find the app rewarding.

The number of platforms, UI design complexity, development partner’s region, and technology leverage play a vital role in influencing the development cost so they must be considered when you have set aside a limited budget.

That’s it! At this point, you surely want to know the revenue models that help you gain something.

Doctor on Demand Mobile App Development Cost and Features

 Here are a couple of ways to make money through the doctor appointment app:


 HCPs can be approached to allow the patients to book the appointment using the platform based on monthly or yearly subscriptions. The unlimited patients or a fixed number of patients can be facilitated under the digital solution.


You can provide the HCPs the option of getting their name listed on the top of mobile applications against some fees. The higher visibility increases the number of bookings for HCPs, and you will get extra dollars in return.

On-demand services:

Turn the app into an on-demand solution by integrating numerous on-demand healthcare services such as at-home blood, urine collection, medicine delivery, and at-home medical service with the app. You can create a consistent revenue stream with the addition of the healthcare service.

The final words

The mobile-first approach has simplified the complex healthcare system by a large fraction. The appointment booking app is one of the initiatives to accomplish the same. Its benefits such as reduced administrative burden, consultation time optimization, self-appointment management, and analyzing booking statistics are realized worldwide.

It makes perfect sense to make the most out of the lucrative opportunity. Don’t hang fire. Partner with a doctor appointment app development company to discuss your idea and get built a holistic solution.

My two cents: Discuss the development cost and the factors affecting the cost with two or more companies before signing the deal with anyone to not get cheated by the unfaithful companies. All the best!

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