Transforming The Transport Industry solution

On-Demand Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Transport Industry

If you compared ten years ago, the transport sector was totally different. You had to wait under the sun for the driver who had not arrived even after ETA 15 minutes. You’d feel frustrated and deceived. However, today, things have changed dramatically. Instead of waiting for hours to locate our cabs or buses, we can now use on-demand mobile apps for the same, thanks to the latest technology. Apart from this, it has got more manageable for the cab or bus driver to reach the destination at the right time.

Logistics And Transportation

The success of Uber primarily drove the transport industry. Every entrepreneur in the transport sector wants to duplicate this model and revamp the logistics solution by removing the intermediaries. Launching a mobile app for the same will undoubtedly boost the overall sales and the revenues of the transport company. Plus, it will remove the third parties, thus cutting up to 30% commissions charged by them. 

On-demand mobile apps reduce the cost and time to receive and deliver packages. Moreover, it forms a direct connection between drivers and those in need of the services. This means that the business model has gotten more efficient than conventional models. 

Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives. Due to technological progress, people have switched to the contemporary methods of ordering services with a few clicks on their mobile apps.

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This is where on-demand apps play a huge rule. On-demand apps help new companies boost their on-demand services on the online platforms – taxi booking, home services, food delivery, and so on. Moreover, these apps assist users avail the services whenever they need it. On-demand mobile apps are booming in services such as Uber, Ola, and Urban Clap.

Imagine using a Transit app and knowing your bus schedule already, doesn’t it make it convenient for your user to reach their bus stops on the scheduled time. These apps show real-time information on the buses exact location and if there are any delays, to alert the users so they can plan accordingly.

The following are the reasons you must consider having an on-demand app for your business.

  • Cost-effective and simple to customize
  • Better scalability and user-friendly
  • Customer satisfaction
  • More security
  • Simple to upgrade
  • Enhanced services
Transforming The Transport Industry

Features of ON-DEMAND logistics app

Dispatcher Interface

Task automation can be done with this interface. The dispatcher can assign a specific cargo to a vehicle established on parameters like the direction of the journey, load capacity, and others. 

Feedback Function

A feedback feature is required to make sure that customers can give reviews regarding their shipment. Both dispatchers and the customers must be able to provide feedback for one another. 

Real-time Job Tracking

With the GPS function, you can obtain up-to-date driver details and even make sure that the pickup time declines, thus increasing the efficiency. 

Route Optimization

With the smart routing mechanism in the on-demand apps, you can save time and fuel by ascertaining the most optimized route for the shipment delivery.

Driver logbook

Evaluating the driver’s performance based on his/her daily activities is simple, with the help of an on-demand mobile app for logistics. This allows supervisors to assess and advise the drivers and nourish their relationship.

Transforming The Transport Industry 2

Transport Problems Uber Trucking Apps Can Resolve


It’s challenging to find a productive worker who will fulfill your demands in the transport sector. Automation will remove the need for such workers, solve many problems, and use better outputs with fewer workers. Some benefits are:

  • It can lessen human errors that take place while entering some valuable information and in other situations. 
  • It can decrease transport expenses by making smart decisions based on cost, commute time, and other factors.
  • Increased customer services by offering auto pick-up, customized accounting, up-to-date tracking, and so on. 
  • It increases scalability and velocity by enabling the management of transport services under one roof.
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Improved Revenues

Around 20% of the retail economy is speculated to get controlled by eCommerce in the future. With options such as same-day delivery, eCommerce  Store needs a quicker and customized supply chain to satisfy its deliveries. This means that the trucking sector will be getting more business. Some benefits are:

  • Skipping the manual data entry due to improved warehouse management through apps.
  • Uber trucking apps enable you to find the closest delivery stops, the shortest route, and get information about the weather before time and schedule the journey accordingly.
  • Offer up-to-date information about the products to the customers and thus increase consumer loyalty.

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Manage Population Shift

With the increasing population, the business persons need to manage customers, and business needs both at a time. Uber trucking apps can help adapt to the supply chain as fast as possible. The uber automated solution has enabled the distribution centers to find favorable locations, flexible manufacturing centers depending on the population shifts, and match the increased demands easily.

Transport companies can shift into on-demand apps that will help them to affiliate internally and allot resources to meet the population trends.

Manage High Urbanization

The need for young people to work, live, and play in a properly developed neighborhood is rising each day. As couples step to become parents, they are more likely to move into a residential area.

This puts pressure on the residential infrastructure. As the population declines, the last mile delivery gets more difficult due to heavy traffic confessions and other problems. Uber trucking’s mobile apps are empowered with GPS functions; it is simple to make the last mile delivery and handle the timings and other things as well.

Wrapping up

On-demand mobile apps are undoubtedly the need of the hour. It promises to bring enormous returns if you do it in the right way. If you are an entrepreneur, consider your target audience and think about how you will make their lives easy. In this article, we discussed all the benefits of having an on-demand mobile app and what it can offer to the transport industry.

At Nectarbits, we help your organization recognize intricacies and other needs to ensure the transition to a mobile app for transport businesses is seamless and successful.

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