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Top 10 On-Demand App Development Companies In Berlin Germany

Berlin is known as the epicenter of the app’s innovation and a breeding ground for successful start-ups in Germany. The city with half of the population of London is home to leading on-demand app development players with a bold plan of making Berlin- the digital hub next to Silicon Valley.

The app development companies in Berlin are known for building cutting-edge apps with phenomenal UI/UX design. They are incomparable in engineering custom, personalized, and intuitive solutions that are the pre-requisite of the mobile world.

However, when it comes to partnering with an on-demand app development company in Berlin, the plethora of choices makes it difficult to find out the best company for your business project. Different development companies have set the benchmark in the niche industry but all of them can’t meet the various business needs of all industry verticals.

Our marketing pros did the necessary research and compiled a list of top 10 app development agencies that shape your million-dollar app idea into a full-fledged solution and let you enjoy the benefits of the on-demand economy galore.

Let’s dive in!

Nectarbits Pvt ltd

The company has mastered the art of developing on-demand apps as the on-demand economy is raising its stake in the market and increasingly, entrepreneurs are moving into on-demand orbits. The company has a range of white-label on-demand solutions for start-ups that want to go on-demand in a week without spending bundles.

The custom solutions are also built to meet business-specific needs with the right mix of tools, technologies, and people. The team of +30 coding superheroes guarantees to build future-ready solutions that enable businesses to step in with scalable business operations, evolving market trends, and modern user preferences.

Touching Code

The Berlin-based company specialized in developing apps for more than 30 platforms from iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablets to smartwatches and smart TV. In the same vein, they are experts in building customer-first mobile applications and web applications. The rich portfolio, bunch of awards, partnerships, and range of clients is proof of the best-in-class services they offer.

Lean Apps

The company has developed and designed more than 100 apps with exceptional customer experience. The team at Lean Apps excels at building apps at speed. They build and launch the complete solutions from conceptualization to the final submission in a matter of six weeks. They are featured by different websites like- Clutch, GoodFirms, AppFutura, and App Entwickler Verzeichnis in the list of top 10 mobile app developers in Germany.


Leveraging the power of digitalization, the traditional processes and legacy systems are digitized to create a digital experience that enthralls the end-users. The software solutions are built following agile methodology from conceptualization and consulting to the development and analysis to engineer excellence for the businesses.


It’s a digital design studio where the team of developers, designers, thinkers, architects, and analysts build solutions that bring differences to businesses. The company has worked with start-ups, SMBs, and global organizations like- YARA, SONY, Kaiser+Kraft, and others. The team gets ideas off the ground by leveraging an advanced technology stack.

Karlmax Berlin

With seven years of app development companies, the company has a track record of publishing successful apps and maintaining good customer relations. In 2018, the company is approved by Google as an Android-certified agency. The hard work and brilliant performance of the team on the project floor add strategic advantage to the business projects. The impressive clientele list makes them a reliable and trustworthy company.


The companies with more than nine years of experience in mobile and web app development and AI-based apps development get maximum projects nearly nine out of 10 from referrals. 90% of the 100+ projects are built and delivered remotely successfully because the team starts working on the project only after in-depth research and understanding of the industry and customer needs. The company has gained a 4.8-star rating for all the services offered and it’s one of the 50 companies that are Google certified worldwide.


With offices in Berlin, Tokyo, and Munich, the company believes the technology services have an answer to all the mobile-related business needs. The pool of 200 employees works hard to create a sustainable value for the businesses and their end customers with readymade and custom solutions. In the same train, the in-house and remote user testing services are offered with User Research Lab.


The two-decade-old company brings 20 years of experience in app development, design, and other technical expertise to pave the way for a successful business. The industry-proven approaches and disruptive technologies enable high-quality software development and add a competitive advantage to businesses.


IT consulting and software development is working, since 2010 to accelerate business growth and ROI through technology solutions. The apps of various industry verticals are developed in agile environments to ensure quality and security. In addition to mobile app development, the company provides big data analytics, cloud computing, and blockchain solutions.

Value Logic

The team of 70 experienced engineers has driven the company and turned it into a full-service software house. More than 30 clients of 10 different industries are served with unlocked business value. They empower startups with MVP ideas and help global brands on the digital journey with artificial intelligence implementation, product recovery, and the team as a service.


Hard work always pays off. The listing article is the best instance of it that showcases the list of top 10 on-demand ios app development companies in Berlin. Now, you don’t need to keep hammering your mind to browse and identify the right development agency for you from the millions of search results. Look at the services offered, portfolio, clientele, and team expertise before selecting any company as your ideal choice for the next business project. All the best!

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