iOS 9.3 coming with Night Shift mode & new 3D Touch features !

iOS 9.3 coming with Night Shift mode & new 3D Touch features!

iOS 9.3 coming with Night Shift mode & new 3D Touch features!

iOS 9 is available to download and install on iPhones and iPads around the world in September, and since then Apple has released several incremental updates to fix bugs and add improvements and features.

The latest was iOS 9.2, which brought the new News App to the UK and added new emoji.

Updated 11 Feb as new iOS 9.3 beta 3 becomes available to public beta testers.

Apple has announced the latest iteration of its iOS operating system via its own website, iOS 9.3. It includes a ‘Night Shift’ mode that’ll adjust colors based on the time of day (and location of the device), producing colors warmer in the evening to combat the issue of blue light affecting your circadian rhythms, making it more difficult to sleep at night. The warmer colors should make it easier on your eyes in the evening, and make it easier to sleep when using an iOS device just before bed (as many of us do!).

The update also brings password protection, along with Touch ID support, to the Notes App, allowing you to keep private notes exactly that – private. Many users use the Notes App to store important snippets of information and sometimes even passwords, which is extremely insecure and could lead to your personal information being accessed if your phone (or iPad, or Mac) is stolen. Apple says that with the inclusion of password and Touch ID protection, users should be free to store personal data including financial details and website logins, without worry.

Alongside this, iOS 9.3 includes a number of smaller improvements to the iOS experience, including the following:

  • The ability to switch to corresponding apps via the Wallet App
  • Landscape support for more iPhones
  • Siri support for new languages, including Hebrew, Finish and Malay
  • The ability to duplicate a Live Photo as a standard photo when exporting images from the Photos App
  • ‘Duplicate’ option in Photos App
  • Taptic feedback when accessing the multi-tasking menu via 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
  • Option to display Activity App data in the Health App
  • New Workout data section in the Activity App
  • iOS Education upgrades
  • Enhanced Apple Music support in CarPlay
  • iCloud for iBooks will sync PDFs and more

No word on the final release date of this update just yet, but make sure you keep checking back as we’ll update this with more information as soon as we receive it.

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